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Slowtwitch.com live from Beijing - day 2

: Another update from the Olympics in Beijing courtesy of our embedded reporter Hector Fernandez. Hector checked out the women's marathon and ran into a few triathletes a bit later.

Slowtwitch.com live from The Olympic Games

: Slowtwitch.com heads to Beijing for some coverage of the Olympic Games. Embedded reporter Hector Fernandez checks in with this update from the first week in China.

Cervelo Presents The Road To Beijing: Part 5

: In part five of our series, the Olympics are just around the corner. Canadian Colin Jenkins is packing his bags for Beijing and putting the final touches on his preparation for the Games. And, of ...

More from le Tour 2008

: Part four of Jay Prasuhn's latest and greatest from le Tour. New and custom shades from Oakley, Bell's new lid, FSA goes asymmetric, white is the new black, and more...

Round Three of Jay Prasuhn's 2008 Tour de France Photos

: Jay checks in with even more photos from behind the ropes at the 2008 Tour de France. Snapshots of Ridley's new Noah road bike, which looks to challenge Cervelo's Soloist and Felt's new AR1 in the ...

Continued Coverage of the 2008 Tour de France

: Jay Prasuhn checks in with more of the latest tech from the 2008 Tour de France. Pictures of new saddles from Fizik, the new Giant TT bike, and more as we report live from the Continent.

Slowtwitch.com at the Tour de France

: Absent the shackles of an office and desk, I opted to grab the laptop and camera, hit the road and make a visit to France to catch the start of the Tour de France, with the debut, a road stage ...

From Junkie to Ironman

: In 2001, German triathlete Andreas Niedrig finished second at Ironman Roth and seventh at Ironman Hawaii among many other results. Very few people though know that he was a serious heroin junkie ...

Cervelo Presents The Road To Beijing: Part 4

: In part four of our series, ITU swim-bike specialist Colin Jenkins punches his ticket to Beijing!

Supplement Testing: Who is Watching Out for the Athletes?

: This is the third article in our series on nutritional supplements testing and certification programs. The author is Jonathan Toker, an elite-level triathlete and a Ph.D. in organic chemistry.

In Los Angeles, USAT gets what it needs

: The Los Angeles Triathlon has known one RD since its inception. But a group of Angelenos and triathlon's national federation have teamed up, and are hoping for a change.

The Road To Beijing: Part 3

: In part three of this series, Colin gives us some insight into the preparation and training behind his efforts to qualify for the 2008 Canadian Olympic Team.

The Road To Beijing: Part 2

: Our ITU athlete-in-the-field Colin Jenkins made his way over to Japan for the Ishigaki World Cup. He shares his experiences in the Land of the Rising Sun with us in part two of this series.

Cupajoe's Guru Crono

: The winner of our design-our-logo (that thing on the upper left hand of every page) contest is Slowtwitch user Cupajoe. We promised him a new carbon bike for his work. We asked him to blog about ...

Where do those little pills come from, anyway?

: Slowtwitch asked elite triathlete and Ph.D. biochemist Jonathan Toker (the popular SaltStick brand of products is his), to write on how and where nutritional supplements are made, with attention to ...

The Road To Beijing: Part 1

: The first part of a new series following Canadian ITU athlete Colin Jenkins on his quest to make the Beijing Olympic team. This week, Colin reports from Mooloolaba, Australia.

You are what you eat; does the FDA care?

: We asked Jonathan Toker, elite triathlete and a biochemist, to write on supplements and FDA guidance. Jonathan received a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from The Scripps Research Institute in 2001. The ...

Still cancer after all these years

: Neither the Lance Armstrong foundation nor the purple-jerseyed TnTers who fatten multisport's starting lines formed the first intersection between triathlon and cancer.

The State of doping in triathlon

: As doping scandals savage the sport of cycling, and track & field reels from a positive test by a world record holder, many triathletes wonder about the state of drug use in their sport.

A Global Warming Reading List

: "What does global warming have to do with triathlon?" you might ask.

When commerce and governments collide

: It didn’t take Skip Gilbert long. For the first time in 16 years USA Triathlon’s board of directors has approved a deficit budget.

Are objects in USAT's rear view mirror closer than they appear?

: Though competition is not always healthy in the short term, the market works itself out in the fullness of time.

The Curious Case of Bicycle Sports

: This is not an obituary. John Cobb’s Bicycle Sports is still in business.

The Art of Product Management

: Yes, your favorite companies' product managers were all over in Taipei working on next year's bikes. They're working hard, no-doubt, but are they designing and spec'ing good bikes?

The bike biz

: With Interbike right around the corner I thought I'd write a bit about how the bike business works—not everything about it, but the nuts and bolts of how a bike gets from the "paper napkin sketch" to ...

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