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The Irresistible Force Meets the Immovable Object, Spencer Smith and the ITU

: The amount of 19-norandrosterone present in Smith's urine, reportedly calculated by UCLA's drug lab at an estimated 11 nanograms per milliliter, is above, according to most involved in the drug ...

Frank Day recalls Ironman 1978

: 15 people in the world can say that they have taken part in the very first Ironman triathlon in Hawaii, but only 12 can say that they finished the event. Slowtwitcher and Power Crank inventor Frank ...

The first Kona Ironman: A retrospective blog (Part III)

: The final entry of Monty's retrospective blog, recounting the first-ever Hawaiian Ironman contested on the Kona course.

The first Kona Ironman: A retrospective blog (Part II)

: Monty's 1981 Kona retrospective continues with the lead up to the starting gun.

The first Kona Ironman: A retrospective blog (Part I)

: Mark "Monty" Montgomery competed in Kona's first Ironman, in 1981. His story parallels that of many of triathlon's pioneers. Here is Part I of his "blog" (26 years after the fact) recounting Kona's ...

2007 Interbike Preview

: Interbike sneaks up on us every year. This year we snuck up on it.

Skip Gilbert interview


Mark Sisson says training is no guarantee of health.

: You can race fast, and you can live long, but are achieving both goals a reasonable expectation?