Up close with Susanne Davis

: Susanne Davis is a fast and accomplished triathlete, but it's not all about her. She is also a wife, mother, coach, and the guide for Amy Dixon.

Canyon's Roman Arnold Speaks

: Canyon's Roman Arnold has, via one degree of separation, a particular historic tie to Slowtwitch and its readers. Here he answers questions for Slowtwitchers.

Zaferes talks about Rio selection

: The third slot on the 2016 U.S. women’s Olympic triathlon team was awarded to the obvious choice - Katie Zaferes. She talked to us about the process.

Talking with Zibi Szlufcik

: After grand announcements fizzled (North America, Triple Crown) we asked Zibi Szlufcik easy and tough questions about THECHAMPIONSHIP.

Spencer Smith to coach Ghana

: Three-time ITU World Champion Spencer Smith has signed on to be coach of the Ghana Triathlon Federation starting this week.

The Wildflower Streak

: Jesse Thomas says his six wins in a row at Wildflower is due in large part to luck - and a predilection for tough courses with lots of hills on the bike and run.

Sarah Lyall on Miller Story

: Ms. Lyall is the author of the explosive piece on Julie Miller in the New York Times. She answered questions about the story from the perspective of the Times.

Bakersfield boy makes good

: Jason Middleton evolved from a teenage pro triathlete to adventure racer to private jet charter boss who, with his wife, was moved by personal tragedy to create a charity for grieving parents.

Skipper on Jet, pink hair and PB

: The British (Manchester) long distance triathlete just earned a 2nd at Ironman NZ. Our microelectronics editor asked about Joe's Jet, his hair and his peanut butter.

On the spot with Laura Siddall

: Laura Siddall finished second at Challenge Wanaka ten days ago and is now getting ready for IRONMAN New Zealand. Learn more about this fast female pro.

With Dave and Gerard on 3T

: I spoke to ex-Felt product manager Dave Koesel and ex-Cervelo president Gerard Vroomen on what both are cooking up now that they're together at 3T

Up close with Ultraman Rob Gray

: Rob Gray won the 2016 Ultraman Florida this past weekend and he had a chat with us about these 3 long days of fun in the February sun.

Watch out for Jake Montgomery

: You may not yet be familiar with the name Jake Montgomery, but maybe ought to. This talented and fast young Aussie pro looks to have a great future.

The spirited Agnethe Bergsaker

: Norwegian Agnethe Bergsaker is fairly new to triathlon and has already done several extreme events including Norseman and Lofoten X. She is not afraid of the cold!

Up close with Zachary Carr

: Wisconsin native Zachary Carr joined team EMJ last year and quickly made an impression with several great results. Here is our chat with this fast age group athlete.

The passion behind ÖTILLÖ

: Michael Lemmel and Mats Skott are the founders and race directors of ÖTILLÖ and we had a few words Michael about the sport that has grabbed the imagination of many.

Calum Neff - the WR stroller man

: Canadian Calum Neff moved to Texas 3 years ago and recently broke the Half Marathon Stroller World Record in 1:11:27 at the Katy Half. Here now is a chat with the fast man.

Kikkan Randall talks Pregnancy and Training

: Kikkan Randall is the most successful American women's cross-country skier of all time. But this year, she elected to sit out the racing season in order to start a family.

Introducing Abdulla Attiya

: This 17-year-old from Bahrain is just getting started in triathlon, but with the help of the Bahrain Endurance 13 development team he is fast improving and is aiming for the stars.

The fast and restless Adriel Young

: Despite only starting triathlon in 2012, Adriel Young has been to Kona twice and finished Norseman in 13th place. Now he is off to Greece to volunteer as a rescue swimmer.

Post race 70.3 Dubai interviews

: The 2016 IM 70.3 Dubai was won by Jan Frodeno and Daniela Ryf, and here are various post race interviews from the finish line courtesy of Bob Babbitt.

Talks with Bozzone and Steffen

: The 2016 IRONMAN Dubai is almost upon us and here are interviews with Terenzo Bozzone and Caroline Steffen, courtesy of Bob Babbitt and Babbittville.

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