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MBE is back on the winning track new

Mary Beth Ellis was discouraged after a disappointing Kona and a less than stellar start to 2015. A change of scenery and a new/old coach led to her first World title.

If not for bad luck… new

Dede Griesbauer was within range of earning a place on the Kona start line when she was struck by a truck at Ironman Coeur d’Alene; now she faces another longshot comeback.

The lessons of Lionel Sanders new

Talented Canadian Lionel Sanders has learned valuable lessons during a string of impressive performances this year and we had a chat with the man in green.

Always Finding Your Way Out

What is it like to be a gay man living, traveling, training, racing, at the leading edge of triathlon? Here's Brandon Del Campo's story, in his own words.

Kennett Peterson is on a mission

Pro domestic cyclist Kennett Peterson recently raced in his second triathlon and finished 9th. We talked to him about that transition, doping, careless drivers and more.

Steel City man Chad Holderbaum

Chad Holderbaum races with a pro license but manages a full time job and family too. Last year in Chattanooga he finished 7th and that was a positive step for him.

Andreas Dreitz is on the throttle

German Andreas Dreitz is the new fast riding man from Germany and this year he grabbed the 70.3 Mallorca and 70.3 Raleigh titles, but you can expect much more from him.

Sara Gross Questions Empfield

The shoe is on the other foot. Pro triathete and TriEqual President Sara Gross interviews Slowtwitch Publisher Dan Empfield on whether he, and the site he runs, is gender-tolerant or not.

The passionate Andrew Duggan

Andrew Duggan is passionate about triathlon and races and trains like many other age groupers. He also supports pro triathletes trough his Equal Earth solar brand.

Zoot Stormtrooper Bryan Dunn

Bryan Dunn is a fast age grouper who resides in Arizona, and in addition to triathlon he also is passionate about his family, Star Wars and science fiction.

An epic come from behind win

Lesley Smith was in 9th place, 9 minutes behind when she started the run at Challenge Knoxville; with 200 meters to go, she spotted the last woman ahead of her.

The new world of Andrea Fisher

Former pro Andrea Fisher has her hands full with a coaching career and two daughters, and now this Austin resident is trying to get back to the promised land - Kona.

A chat with Mark Bowstead

Mark Bowstead has a first pack swim, is often the fastest cyclist, and has won a few half Ironman events. Now this young Kiwi pursues a commensurate run.

The passionate Kirk Noyes

Kirk Noyes is heavily involved with his family, the Texas triathlon scene and various other hobbies and interests when he is not on the road traveling for his job.

Soaring high with a broken wing

Brian August of Team Every Man Jack crashed hard during Ironman Texas and broke his elbow. He finished the bike and run, placed and will now go to Kona.

On the trail with Shannon Coates

Shannon Coates is on the Timex Team and she now can add smart detective to her resume. Meet the Florida native who now resides in Portland.

Derek Garcia 3 years after cancer

Derek Garcia got a pro triathlon card in 2012 and learned that summer that he had testicular cancer. All signs point in the right direction now and he is racing strong now.

Lauren Goss St. Croix champion

Lauren Goss won her 9th victory as a pro at the classic Ironman 70.3 St. Croix, joining a roster of champions who have gone on to great success in the middle distances.

Digging deep with Cody Beals

Cody Beals is in his second season as a pro triathlete and has some very fine results to show. This gear meticulous Canadian races hard on a very simple lifestyle.

Flying along with Davide Giardini

Davide Giardini has a passion for fast sports - swimming, skiing, kite surfing and most recently triathlon. At 70.3 Texas he surprised many with a superb sub 2 hour bike split.

A meteoric rise and very hard fall

Sjaan Gerth was the top amateur at 70.3 New Orleans in his 4th triathlon, but a terrible hit and run accident likely ended the endurance sport aspirations of this fast Canadian.

The new life of Brad Williams

Brad Williams left the military last summer and turned pro early this year. He talked to us about racing, training, marriage, the pro card, bike splits, rumor mongering and more.

Swallow on Bahrain Endurance 13

Jodie Swallow is part of the Bahrain Endurance 13 team and we had a few words with her about Bahrain, racing, qualifying, equality and much more.

Big changes for Sergio Marques

It was late 2007 when we last interviewed Sergio Marques and much has changed for this Portuguese pro since then. Find out more about these changes within.

The rise of Christopher Borden

Chris Borden was the top age grouper at Ironman Chattanooga and his focus is now on Kona. But 5 years ago he was single, smoked and weighed 50 pounds more.
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