ÖTILLÖ Isles of Scilly images

First impressions are important and the brand new ÖTILLÖ Isles of Scilly SwimRun made a very good impression right out of the start gate with a challenging course and unique fast changing scenery. The Isles of Scilly are chain of island on the southwestern corner of Great Britain and seem ideal for such an event of man versus nature. Below are images and a video from the race.

The sights along the course were diverse and historic, but not all folks had time to snap pics.

Blue skies were overhead when the teams started the event surrounded by spectators.

Racers were still very close together in this early water segment, and that made an impressive line.

Once out of the water it was not all so simple and folks had to deal with some slippery surfaces.

A pace line in open water.

Despite space not being an issue here, a mixed team and a male team battled here in very close quarters.

On a narrow nature path to the next swimming segment.

Hello, where are we here?

All out running is not always possible. Sometimes scrambling is the best that can be done.

Good trail running shoes were certainly appropriate and appreciated here.

The sun came out in spurts and smiled upon the spectators.

Running along the coast surrounded by stunning vistas.

There were even some paved sections on the course.

Smiles for the camera and the spectators on course.

As these teams climb up this section it is obvious that others have been here before them.

The tether was a fairly common sight here and not only during the swim.

Captured by nature.

A female team is pushing up this section.

Young fans get an early introduction to this very unique sport as two mixed teams come by.