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Swim Climb

: As part of their global signature event series, Red Bull offered 300 racers a unique endurance challenge called Swim Climb.

How the top Americans fared at ÖTILLÖ

: Swimrun remains a sport dominated by Swedes, but as it grows in popularity throughout Europe and elsewhere around the world, the competition is heating up. So, how did the top American team fare at ÖT ...

Faris Al-Sultan talks about the 2016 ÖTILLÖ SwimRun

: IRONMAN World Champion Faris Al-Sultan partnered up with fast Swedish age grouper Peter Oom to race in the 2016 ÖTILLÖ World Championships in Sweden and here are his post race thoughts.

Before and After - KMD IRONMAN Copenhagen

: Stine Sophie Winckel captured amazing portraits at the recent 2016 KMD IRONMAN Copenhagen from the same Danish athletes prior to the swim and then again after crossing the finish.

Borås Swimrun

: Swedish endurance legend Jonas Colting puts on his own Swimrun event in his hometown of Borås in the lead up to the ÖTILLÖ.

Delzer Sets Guinness World Record

: Over the weekend, triathlete turned ultra marathoner Ronnie Delzer set a new Guinness World Record for greatest distance in 12-hours on a treadmill.

Awesome SwimRun USA drone videos

: The crew of New Wave Swim Buoy was present at the inaugural SwimRun USA at Casco Bay Islands, Maine and captured amazing drone footage of the teams in action.

The 2016 SwimRun USA Casco Bay Islands

: The first island to island style SwimRun race hit US-soil on Sunday in Maine’s Casco Bay Islands off the seaport city of Portland. 121 two-person teams started out over the 4-miles of swimming and 10- ...

A Tour of Mont Tremblant

: In this episode, Eric Lagerstrom and Magali Tisseyre showcase their new surroundings in Mont Tremblant. And take their new drone out for a fly.

The 2016 Rockman SwimRun

: The Rockman SwimRun is another unique and tough Norwegian event, inspired by Norseman and ÖTILLÖ, but clearly also different and inspiring.

Sebastian Kienle's Day In Hell

: IRONMAN World Champion Sebastian Kienle surprised many folks when he showed up at the "Rad am Ring 2016" individual TT event. But was it heaven or hell?

A hard, cold and stunning day

: Herbert Krabel's passion for unique endurance events is well known, but he finally was able to experience one from within - the ÖTILLÖ SwimRun Engadin.

Inside the lead bike pack at WTS Hamburg

: Eric Lagerstrom had his GoPros rolling in Hamburg and invites everyone along for the ride.

The man behind Alaskaman

: Race director Aaron Palaian explains what rugged adventures are in store for triathletes who sign up for the 2017 Alaskaman triathlon.

2016 Challenge Roth check-in

: Athletes from around the world checked in their bikes for the 2016 Datev Challenge Roth this afternoon and we noticed a variety of very fast machines.

2016 Datev Challenge Roth day 3

: The passionate town of Roth is bustling now as most of the athletes have arrived. Final workouts, expo visits and race package pickups kept everyone busy.

2016 Datev Challenge Roth day 2

: The expo at the 2016 Datev Challenge Roth opened today, and so did the sky. Another highlight on Thursday before the big race is the Erdinger Urweisse Hütt'n Gaudi.

2016 Datev Challenge Roth day 1

: There are still 4 days until the 2016 Datev Challenge Roth, but athletes and fans are arriving in big numbers in this famous Bavarian triathlon hot spot.

A 2016 Breca SwimRun report

: Passionate German SwimRun athlete Markus Rössel shares a detailed race report and superb pics from the 2016 Breca Buttermere SwimRun in the UK.

Norway delivers again with AXTRI

: Many unique, tough and scenic events come out of Northern Europe and the Aurlandsfjellet Xtreme Triathlon in Norway delivers along those lines.

A Swissman Gallery

: There is comfort in numbers. Xtreme isn't interested in numbers, or comfort. Only 238 took part, though almost 1000 hoped for a spot in the race.

A stunning Isles of Scilly video

: Sometime drone footage can be overdone but that is not true with this ÖTILLÖ Isles of Scilly #SwimRun video by Skyhawx. Sit back, enjoy and get inspired.

Challenge Aruba

: Is this the Challenge race North Americans always should have been going to? Maybe so. You decide. It's first edition will take place on October 23rd upcoming.

ÖTILLÖ Isles of Scilly images

: First impressions are important and the brand new ÖTILLÖ Isles of Scilly SwimRun had it all, a challenging course and unique fast changing scenery.

Ben Kanute's Trek Speed Concept

: Olympian Ben Kanute tested himself at one of the world's premier non-draft races. His Trek Speed Concept carried him to the 2nd top bike of the day.

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