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O’Donnell, Hoogland win Calgary 70.3

Written by: Timothy Carlson
Date: Sun Jul 31 2011

Timothy O’Donnell of the United States and Tenille Hoogland of Canada won the men's and women’s elite titles at Calgary Ironman 70.3 Sunday.

O’Donnell combined a 2nd-best swim, race-best 2:10:16 bike and 2nd-best 1:18:14 run to finish in 3:56:24 with a 6:13 margin of victory over runner-up Jordan Rapp and 7:03 over 3rd-place Brian Fleischmann at Calgary 70.3. O’Donnell’s finish time was 56 seconds slower than his 2009 course record.

After a race-best 26:37 swim and race-best 2:26:15 bike established an 8:45 lead over fellow Canadian Sara Gross, Hoogland held off Gross's furious finishing charge by six seconds to take the win in 4:34:21.

Gross's 2nd-best 1:29:05 run fell just short of hunting down Hoogland's survival-slog 1:38:00 run.

Mackenzie Madison of Eugene, Oregon took third, another 2:25 back, with Canadian XTERRA star Danelle Kabush taking 4th, a further 26 seconds back.

Viterra Ironman 70.3 Calgary
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
July 31, 2011
S 1.2 mi. / B 56 mi. / R 13.1 mi.



1. Timothy O’Donnell (USA) 3:56:24
2. Jordan Rapp (USA) 4:02:37
3. Brian Fleischmann (USA) 4:03:27
4. Graham O’Grady (NZL) 4:04:09
5. Trevor Wurtele (CAN) 4:04:50
6. Paul Attard (AUS) 4:10:08
7. Monty Frankish (AUS) 4:15:12
8. Paul Tichelaar (CAN) 4:16:15
9. Adam Jensen (USA) 4:16:41
10. Jeff Krar (CAN) 4:22:19


1. Tenille Hoogland (CAN) 4:34:21
2. Sara Gross (CAN) 4:34:27
3. Mackenzie Madison (USA) 4:36:52
4. Danelle Kabush (CAN) 4:37:18
5. Sarah Piampiano (USA) 4:43:21 * W30-34
6. Lisa Ribes (USA) 4:49:42
7. Michelle Barnes (CAN) 4:54:24 * W30-34
8. Janine Willis (AUS) 4:55:51
9. Jenny Fletcher (USA) 4:58:59
10. Lorraine Churchill (CAN) 5:05:28 * W40-44


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