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 We Noticed: Pebble, XLab...
In this issue of What We Have Noticed we look at the Pebble steel watch, the XLab cage pod, Ortlieb's Velocity pack, awesome Brit bicycle art, and much more. 4.22.14
 A day with Tyler Butterfield
Tyler Butterfield won the 2014 Abu Dhabi Triathlon and you can now experience a day with this fast Bermudian and family - through the lens of Timothy Carlson. 4.22.14
Boston comes back strong
The world celebrated the peaceful return of the Boston Marathon; Meb Keflezighi broke the U.S men’s losing streak, Kenya’s Rita Jeptoo broke the women’s race record, triathlon’s Lisa Bentley was 5th master’s woman. 4.21.14
 Tahoe gets bigger, easier
Ironman Lake Tahoe deftly solved a difficult problem, difficulty being the problem. Tahoe was too hard. Ironman introduced a 70.3 on the same day as the IM, and took the steep hills out. 4.21.14
 The Weekend Box Apr 20 2014
This Easter we cover Challenge Taiwan, a University triathlon in Brazil, triathletes racing a Boston 5k, tragic hits on cyclists, and much more. 4.20.14
 2014 Challenge Taiwan pics
Kiwis Dylan McNeice and Britta Martin captured the 2014 Challenge Taiwan titles and here is a stunning gallery from the race courtesy of Darryl Carey. 4.19.14
 Up close with Eric Hinman
Eric Hinman is the fast age grouper who inspired Dave Mirra to pick up the sport, but he is actually fairly new to the sport himself. We checked in with him to learn more. 4.18.14
 It is acquisition time in Spain
Ironman announced yesterday that they acquired Triton Spain SL, the owners of Challenge Barcelona and its half distance sibling, and also hinted at another race in Spain. 4.16.14
 We Noticed: Frank, Eric ...
In this issue of What We Have Noticed we feature Go Fund Me pages for the families of the tragic accident victims, Eric's Big Day, a new Challenge race in Denmark and more. 4.14.14
Starky, Frederiksen win PR 70.3
Andrew Starykowicz and Helle Frederiksen earned repeat victories at Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico; both winners did it with sizzling bike splits on a hot and windy day and energy sapping day in San Juan. 4.13.14
 The Weekend Box Apr 13 2014
The Weekend Box brings you 70.3 races from Malaysia, Florida and New Orleans, a memorial race to a triathlon star struck down too young, a long course duathlon in Holland, and a fancy new race in Cannes. 4.13.14
 Stoltz, Riveros in NZL
South African Conrad Stoltz took the win at the 12th annual XTERRA New Zealand Championships and Chilean Barbara Riveros captured the women's title. 4.12.14
 Sitting down with Lisa Ribes
Lisa Ribes Roberts has been accepted into the Timex squad this year and quickly rewarded that trust with a fine runner-up spot at Ironman Los Cabos. 4.11.14
Deadly accident in NOLA
New Orleans news station WWL-TV reported today that a group of cyclists was struck by a motorist and one of the cyclists has died, while another was taken to a hospital with critical injuries. 4.11.14
 Watch out for Lionel Sanders
Lionel Sanders is a talented young Canadian who has already impressed many with a superb win in Muskoka, but at 70.3 Texas his dreams were deflated. 4.10.14
Ironman Maryland!
It's a phoenix raised from the ashes of what was Chesapeakeman. The WTC quickly, and shrewdly, turned disaster into a windfall for its own brand and for triathletes living in the Mid-Atlantic. 4.10.14
 Dave Mirra impresses again
Most folks know Dave Mirra because of his BMX Freestyle exploits and his Rallycross skills, but now Mirra is focused on triathlon, doing well and loving it. 4.09.14
 Weekend Box Apr 6 2014
The first weekend in April had a very global flavor as we bring you tales of competitions in the South Pacific, Europe, South America, Africa and the American regions of Southwest, Southeast and the unique state of Texas. 4.06.14
Drone injures triathlete in race
Aussie Geraldton news reported today that the wife of Courtney Ogden was struck in the head by a drone while competing in a triathlon, and subsequently fell to the ground and had to be taken to a hospital. 4.06.14
Stimpson rules WTS Auckland
Last year’s ITU World Triathlon Series runner-up Jodie Stimpson dominated a tough field at the opening round of the 2014 WTS in Auckland, topping Anne Haug of Germany by 25 seconds. 4.05.14

 Alison Tetrick's Felt F1
TWENTY16 rider Alison Tetrick won the KOM and Sprint titles at the 2014 Winston-Salem Cycling Classic, and here is your chance to see her Felt F1 race bike. 4.21.14
 The Wilier of Travis McCabe
Travis McCabe who races for the SmartStop / Mountain Khakis team earned the win at the 171km UCI WS Cycling Classic. We looked closer at his Wilier Cento1Air setup. 4.19.14
 Shelley Olds' Cipollini Lógos
American Shelly Olds who races for the Italian Alé Cipollini team took the Winston-Salem Cycling Classic with a perfectly timed burst and we looked closer at her bike. 4.18.14
 State of Tri
A lot of those in our industry, manufacturers, retailers, RDs, have been asking me if the sport is flat, up or down. I began to gather stats on this last year, here's the fruit of my investigating. 4.18.14
 Barry Roubaix Recap
We follow up on our intro to gravel racing with a short video, recap, and race report from the 2014 Barry Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race. We talk tires, gearing, and more. 4.18.14
 70.3 St. Croix is calling
Devashish Paul has added more details and information to his guide of racing and logistics for the Ironman 70.3 St Croix triathlon. Are you ready? 4.17.14
 Run shoes in 5 years
In the series wrap I'll predict what run shoes will be like in 5 years, features that will advance and recede, and possible changes in the trajectory of several leading companies. 4.17.14
 Run shoe levers and footbeds
Running has never seen this kind of divergence in technologies and theories, from barefoot all the way to hyper-structure and custom footbeds. And everything in between. 4.16.14
 Good times at Club Med
What comes to your mind when you hear Club Med is likely dated as a few years ago they changed course from a singles vacation place to a family oriented sports resort. 4.16.14
 New run technologies
The king (minimalist running) is dead. Long live the king (supportive running). This is the first of a series on how new running technologies will transform foot and lower body extremity health. 4.15.14
 Future of Run Footwear
The features that matter in technical running footwear are different now than they were a decade or two ago. That's a good thing. Footwear is going to look a lot different in 5 years. 4.15.14
 Newton 5th lug
Now your 5 metatarsals do not have to fight over Newton's lugs. Its new shoes provide a lug for every toe. But this is not the only difference between its 4- and 5-lug versions. 4.14.14
Bike handling
You could be forgiven for thinking that cycling is simply a grunt, brute force sport, since you can go from beginner to winner in 6 months. But to truly excel, you need more than brawn. 4.14.14
The TRS guide to Twitter
The Real Starky has opinions on quite a few topics and they don't always revolve around triathlon - but they usually relate to that topic. So here are his thoughts on Twitter and its use. 4.12.14
Swimovate Poolmatelive
In my search for the all-inclusive wrist-worn device - to me the holy grail of sports watches - I've lighted on an interesting entry: this watch is most at home in the water, but almost admirably amphibious. 4.07.14
 Shimano debuts new 105
Hot on the heels of new 11-speed Ultegra and Dura Ace groups, Shimano will offer a 3rd-tier 105 groupset with that extra cog. What does this mean for your next tri bike? 3.31.14
 A fine day with Zipp
Well, on a not so fine day in Indianapolis we got to enjoy a great tour of the fairly new Zipp facility a bit north of this passionate speed crazy town. 3.29.14
QR unveils a new mold
Quintana Roo's latest tri bike is the PR6, and the attempt is to make a bike that's easy to work on, easy to travel with, fits well, hits the high notes, but is still competitive aerodynamically. 3.28.14
 Hed revises iconic H3
Today, Hed officially announces a new, wider version of the historic and successful H3. Dubbed the GT3, it features optimized shaping for wider tires than the old version. 3.26.14
 Gravel Bike Details
We provide an overview of a relatively new category of bikes: Those purpose built for gravel roads and gravel racing. What makes them unique? Do you want one? 3.24.14