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Callum Millward and cupcakes
Cupcakes is not the name of Callum Millward's dog, but rather a funny interview series. Enjoy his chat and cupcake eating effort with Liz Blatchford. 7.23.14
Commonwealth Games tri
It is an invitation-only athletics festival limited to nations that came under the umbrella of the old British Empire; the Commonwealth Games triathlon has prestige, historic champions and no cash on the line. 7.23.14
Ivan Raña is a three-tool Ironman
Raña took a significant step with his third-fastest ever Ironman-distance winning time at Austria – even more important was his fast Ironman bike split that answered questions about his chances at Kona. 7.22.14
2014 Challenge Roth - awards etc
The awards and the volunteer party of the Datev Challenge Roth take place the day after the race, and we were there to capture images from these two events. 7.22.14
AGs move closer to draft legal
The most impactful event on the sport of triathlon in a generation occurred last week. Maybe. (We'll see.) The ITU announced that the Sprint WC for age group is now draft legal. 7.21.14
The Weekend Box Jul 20 2014
While Challenge Roth was the marquee race of the weekend, the Weekend Box brings you tales of races in England, Wisconsin, Geneva, Minnesota and Kansas. 7.20.14
2014 Challenge Roth - race
The 30th edition of the Challenge Roth is slowly coming to an end but we wanted to share a gallery of today's racing action. Please enjoy these impressions from Roth. 7.20.14
Bracht, Carfrae rule Roth
Timo Bracht ran down fellow German Nils Frommhold to capture the 2014 Datev Challenge Roth. Mirinda Carfrae earned the women's title in her first appearance there. 7.20.14
2014 XTERRA Beaver Creek
Josiah Middaugh defended his Beaver Creek title while Chantell Widney of Canada held off Emma Garrard at the XTERRA Mountain Championship. Photo gallery by Timothy Carlson. 7.19.14
2014 Challenge Roth - day 4.2
Even more images from the 2014 Datev Challenge Roth bike check-in, with many Pros arriving during that segment. But we do not just feature Pros. 7.19.14
2014 Challenge Roth - day 4.1
On this Saturday 3,500 individual athletes and 650 relays checked in their bikes into T1 at the Europakanal for the 30th anniversary Challenge Roth. 7.19.14
A 2014 Challenge Women gallery
Today was the second edition of the Challenge Women 5k run and walk and around 1,600 women took part and appeared to have a great time. 7.19.14
2014 Challenge Roth - day 3
We stumbled upon gadgets, bikes, people and more on the Friday before the 30th edition of Challenge Roth. That also means only 2 days to go before the big event. 7.18.14
The brand new Shane Niemeyer
Shane Niemeyer was a regular customer in prisons, addicted to drugs and suicidal - but triathlon has turned the life of this man around completely. 7.18.14
2014 Challenge Roth - day 2
The expo at the 2014 Datev Challenge Roth opened its door today and about 5,500 athletes started to pick up their packages. Plus the big Erdinger party was tonight. 7.17.14
Jamie Whitmore wins ESPY
Jamie Whitmore, an XTERRA world champion struck by a rare cancer in 2008 who became a paracyling world champion, won the 2014 ESPY Award last night for Best Female Athlete with a Disability. 7.16.14
The Don takes the long road
Tim Don has had some of the greatest days in Olympic distance triathlon – including wins at 2006 ITU Worlds and the 2010 Hy-Vee Elite Cup; now he’s making a splash in 70.3s. 7.16.14
2014 Challenge Roth - day 1
This year marks the 30th edition of Challenge Roth and we arrived a day earlier this time to check out the action leading up to this popular event. 7.16.14
Breakfast with Bob in Roth
The legendary Bob Babbitt hosts his daily Breakfast shows from Challenge Roth again, but he is no longer part of Competitor Group. He is the man of Babbitville. 7.16.14
2014 Boulder Peak 5i50
On perfect blue skies, mild summer day in and around the Boulder reservoir, Helle Frederiksen of Denmark and Matt Chrabot of Colorado Springs won the classic Boulder Peak 5i50 Triathlon. 7.14.14

Felt for 2015
If every bike company was an animal, Felt would be the Wolverine. It's not the largest company, but it's tough and it always punches above its weight. That's not changing for 2015. 7.23.14
Cervelo features in Porsche commercial
Cervelo started at the little bike company who could. Now it's a feature coop partner in a new online Porsche commercial. 7.23.14
Anne Haug's Canyon Aerorad
We took a closer look at the custom painted Canyon Aerorad CF SLX of German ITU Pro Anne Haug. We also got to see a trick new integrated stem from Canyon. 7.21.14
Impatience is certainly not cool
It is clear that most of us are competitive by nature, but there is a time and place for that. At a carbo loading dinner there is no need to race for the pasta. 7.19.14
Michelle Vesterby's new Slice
At the 2014 Challenge Roth we noticed the brand new Cannondale Slice of Danish athlete Michelle Vesterby, and well, it is a difficult bike to overlook. 7.18.14
Introducing the Scott Plasma 5
Scott Sports introduced a Plasma 5 and a Plasma 4 at the UCI headquarters in Aigle, Switzerland today and here is a closer look at the higher-end Plasma 5. 7.14.14
blueseventy Helix
blueseventy wetsuits are 20 years in the making. If today's tri wetsuit brands stand on the back of QR, it's with a big assist to this brand as well. 7.14.14
The Felt IA FRD of Tim Reed
Aussie Tim Reed won Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake with a great performance and here is our look at the Shimano equipped Felt IA FRD of this budgie smuggler. 7.10.14
WaPo columnist anti-cyclist rant
Many of you know about, and maybe have read, Courtland Milloy's anti-cycling rant in the Washington Post. What bothers me most about these all-to-frequent rants is probably not what you think. 7.10.14
Andreas Raelert's Cube Aerium
The Raelert brothers signed up with the German brand Cube this year and here is a look at the race bike of Andreas Raelert as he had it for Ironman Frankfurt. 7.08.14
T1 by De Soto
The entire wetsuit world sits on one side. De Soto sits on the other side. Can De Soto be right? Here's our analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of 2-piece wetsuits. 7.07.14
Linsey Corbin's Austria race video
Passion usually shows and that is clearly the case with the beautiful short film made about the Ironman Austria winning day of Linsey Corbin. 7.07.14
Badwater to Mt. Whitney summit
Don Bowie raced from Badwater in the Death Valley to the summit of Mt. Whitney in just over 17 hours. A very impressive feat to say the least, but Bowie is not done. 7.05.14
Smooth miles with Kona
We review a unique endurance road bike from the Kona brand. With a full line of models made for tarmac, gravel, or whatever you desire, these are not your typical road bikes. 7.03.14
An old school company that's lived with glue & blindstitch construction over a 40-year history of making just these kinds of suits. Aquaman was around at the beginning of tri wetsuits; it's still here today. 7.03.14
Introducing the Cannondale F-Si
If you are into XTERRA racing or just love mountain biking in itself, the new Cannondale F-Si may be the perfect steed for you. Light, agile, fast and a 29er of course. 7.03.14
Zone3 Wetsuits
This is a wetsuit brand founded by British racer James Lock. This brand may be the most successful yet of UK-based wetsuit makers, does this brand deserve a larger place in the U.S. market? 7.02.14
Hed Jet Plus review
We review the latest super-wide wheels from Hed – the Jet 6 Plus and Jet Plus disc. With a staggering 20.6mm internal width, these wheels may be re-writing the clincher playbook. 7.01.14
ROKA Maverick
No triathlon wetsuit company has stormed onto the scene in recent memory with a bigger bang than Roka. It's ROKA's second year, we've had a year to noodle them, is the fanfare justified? 7.01.14
A new Felt and more for Rinny
Mirinda Carfrae has a new Felt IA FRD and she went to Mat Steinmetz of 51Speedshop to fine tune the fit. We have her numbers and much more in our hands. 6.30.14