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XTERRA Maui press conference
Top men and women pros speak their minds on the eve of the 19th XTERRA World Championship which will be held Sunday on a rugged course on the northwest shores of Maui. 10.24.14
Cupcake finale - Michelle Vesterby
The final Cupcakes in Kona episode almost got lost in translation but was saved for us to enjoy and Michelle Vesterby was a delight after her Kona race. 10.24.14
Random AG Jason McFaul
Every year upon returning from the GoPro Ironman World Championships in Kona we grab a random age grouper on the flight and this time it was Jason McFaul. 10.23.14
We Noticed: Polar, Magpies...
This week we noticed the Polar M400 watch, Magpie attacks, a fast LG suit, a gourmet triathlon experience, Timo Bracht's Mercedes Benz connection and more. 10.21.14
Valkenburg men's race images
Dutch champion Lars van der Haar was the top man on the home soil in Valkenburg with Belgian Kevin Pauwels the runner-up. Enjoy these pictures. 10.21.14
A few words with Robin Schneider
German age grouper Robin Schneider has won two Ironman 70.3 World Championship titles already and is now looking forward to step up to the Pro category. 10.20.14
Valkenburg women's race images
American Katie Compton won the opening round of the 2014 UCI Cyclocross World Cup in Valkenburg, Netherlands after troubles early on, and here are images from the race. 10.20.14
The Weekend Box Oct 19 2014
Post-Kona, racing picked up globally. We present a 70.3 in Oz, a Challenge in Spain, a World Cup in Korea, weddings in Maui and New England and a charity tri in La Jolla. 10.19.14
Rinny reflects on 3rd Kona win
With her win at the Ironman World Championship, Mirinda Carfrae now has three Kona titles, the course and run records, and the record for the biggest deficit overcome in the sport’s biggest race. 10.17.14
Frodeno looks forward to a rematch with Kienle in Kona
Jan Frodeno had a very good first full year of long course triathlon – 3rd at IM Frankfurt, 2nd at IM 70.3 Worlds and 3rd at Kona. Lessons learned make him dangerous for 2015. 10.16.14
2014 Kona age group impressions
Age groupers make up the bulk of the GoPro Ironman World Championships field and here is a selection of images from the annual big day in Kona. 10.16.14
Knowing when to seize the day
Ben Hoffman had a breakthrough runner-up finish at Kona, 5:05 behind Sebastian Kienle and 1:09 ahead of Jan Frodeno. It’s been a long steady climb since he turned pro in 2007. 10.15.14
Heather Jackson on Cupcakes
American Heather Jackson did not race in Kona this year, but she found time to have a chat with Callum Millward about racing, training, hockey and more. 10.14.14
The 2014 Kona Aftermath
The race was over on Saturday and folks leave this magic island now daily and it starts to look a bit different here. We captured a few images before departing. 10.14.14
Those Slowtwitch Deals?
Our weekly newsletter has been the source of news for many of you. We're expanding its utility to include discounts and the ability sign up for races not otherwise available for entry. 10.13.14
The Weekend Box Oct 12 2014
The Weekend Box brings you a World Cup in a downpour in Colombia and a Beer Mile in Hawaii, plus a few other items noticed in Kona. 10.12.14
Cupcakes in Kona: The Pier
Javier Gomez, Mat Steinmetz and Jesse Thomas assist Callum Millward in this episode of Cupcakes in Kona talking to random folks at the pier before the race. 10.12.14
Kienle, Carfrae take Kona
Sebastian Kienle proved that a German can win it on the bike and Mirinda Carfrae proved yet again that no lead after the bike can withstand her mighty run as they won the Ironman World Championship at Kona. 10.11.14
2014 Ironman Kona - race day
Sebastian Kienle showed supremacy on the bike and held on for his first Ironman World Championship title. Mirinda Carfrae defended her title from 2013 and has now 3 of them. 10.11.14
2014 Ironman Kona - day 6
Friday in Kona during the Ironman World Championships week usually only means one thing - a relatively quiet morning followed by the big bike check-in. 10.10.14

Patrick Evoe's Blue Triad SL
Austin, Texas based Pro Patrick Evoe has a very fine main sponsor with Little Caesars and he races on a Hed and Shimano equipped Blue Triad SL. 10.24.14
The exciting life of Alex Ryan
Life is not easy as an upcoming Pro and that is true for mountain bikers and roadies too. Alex Ryan races Pro MTB and cyclocross and he let us peek into his life. 10.24.14
The Felt IA of Kelly Williamson
Kelly Williamson won the Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas this summer and we had a chance to look closer at her Felt IA FRD race bike in Kona recently. 10.22.14
Winners and Losers: Components
Shimano won big in Kona, off a huge increase in electronic groups, and also to a change in how Shimano product gets from its factory onto your bike in your garage. 10.21.14
Zoot Solana
Very nice upper, even more impressive midsole. Many things right with this shoe, but, one fit issue disqualifies some customers for whom this shoe is otherwise ideal. 10.20.14
The Shiv of Dan Stubleski
Dan Stubleski was the overall age group champion at the 2014 GoPro Ironman World Championships and we looked closer at his Specialized S-Works Shiv. 10.20.14
The Boardman of Amanda Stevens
Doc Amanda Stevens was first out of the water in Kona in 54:25 and then charged up the road with Jodie Swallow. Here is a look at her Boardman Air TT 9.4 10.19.14
Timothy O'Donnell's custom Trek
The Captain America themed Trek Speed Concept of Timothy O'Donnell is an attention getter and we looked closer at this Campy equipped custom bike. 10.17.14
Eric Hinman's fly blue Dimond
Syracuse, NY resident Eric Hinman raced M30-34 in Kona and had a 9:38:59 finish. A few days before the race we checked out his custom blue Dimond race bike. 10.15.14
Winners and Losers: Bike Brands
Many go to Kona hoping for a win, and they’re not all athletes. Who came out of Kona smiling? I'll try to answer that question this week, and for starters let's look at bike brands. 10.14.14
The Specialized Shiv of The Hoff
Ben Hoffman had a spectacular race in Kona and finished second overall with a final time of 8:19:32, and we looked closer at his Specialized Shiv race bike. 10.14.14
The power of Kyle Buckingham
South African Kyle Buckingham was the fastest age grouper in Kona in 2013 and returned this year as a Pro - here now is a power data comparison of those 2 events. 10.14.14
Tim Van Berkel's Giant Trinity
Aussie Tim Van Berkel finished 7th in Kona and made folks around him aware that he needs to be watched. We grabbed his bike during check-in to get details. 10.13.14
The Scott Plasma 5 of the champ
Sebastian Kienle won the 2014 GoPro Ironman World Championships with a race best 4:20:46 bike split and a solid performance all day. And here is his Plasma 5. 10.12.14
Caroline Steffen's custom P5
Caroline Steffen is a Swiss powerhouse and thus the Swiss themed new Cervelo P5 makes a great match for this 2014 GoPro Ironman Worlds contender. 10.09.14
Rinny's new Kona Felt IA
The 2-time Ironman World Champion Mirinda Carfrae is an obvious favorite again this year and we looked closer at her fresh custom Felt IA in Kona. 10.09.14
Slowtwitch: A refuge from insult?
A harmless comedic device delivered can, in mid air, turn into an offense. That we didn't mean it doesn't mean we didn't do it. In my judgment, in this case, a race of Americans had a right to be offended. 10.08.14
Diamondback Serios unveiled
Diamondback came to Kona to introduce the world to Serios, their new TT bike. The Serios makes a very fine first impression and here is a look at the range. 10.07.14
Linsey Corbin's Kona Trek SC
Several Trek sponsored Pros showed up in Kona aboard brand new custom painted Speed Concepts and it was tough to walk past Linsey Corbin's one without a closer look. 10.07.14
The Kona Cannondale Slice launch
Images of the new Cannondale Slice have been trickling out with several Pros already racing on these new machines, but today in Kona the actual bikes were launched. 10.07.14