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The prerace scene at Jakes
Want an intimate triathlon with a laid back vibe in a Caribbean paradise? Jakes Off Road Triathlon in Treasure Beach Jamaica. Photo Gallery by Timothy Carlson 4.17.15
The roots of Jakes Triathlon
Jakes Off Road Triathlon began 20 years ago and race director Jim Curl had been at the helm of the Jamaican one-of-a-kind triathlon for the last 15 years. 4.17.15
2015 Sea Otter Classic day 1
Another Sea Otter Classic has arrived and this is now the 25th edition. Thursday is usually the calm before the storm and the weather played along nicely. 4.16.15
Rest in peace Steffen Liebetrau
Steffen Liebetrau passed away in early April and several pros who knew him and raced against him kindly shared their thoughts about this man who enjoyed life. 4.15.15
It is on for Dave Mirra
Dave Mirra has been in triathlon for 2.5 years and looks now at Ironman Lake Placid to get to Kona. We chatted with him about training, racing, qualifying, gear and cars. 4.14.15
Team Marsh Fearless Fundo ride
On Saturday folks gathered to ride the Team Marsh Fearless Fundo to raise money for Amy Marsh's battle with cancer, and here are some impressions from the event. 4.13.15
A few words with Rachel McBride
Canadian Rachel McBride is getting ready for the 2015 Wildflower Triathlon and started her California campaign with a 6th place at 70.3 Oceanside. 4.13.15
The Weekend Box Apr 12 2015
The Weekend Box offers triathlon action from the Pacific an Ironman in Taiwan and XTERRA off road contests in New Zealand and Guam in the northern Marianas. 4.12.15
Jonny Brownlee rules Gold Coast
Jonathan Brownlee joined a small bike breakaway and held off Mario Mola with a race-best run to win his second straight WTS race of the year, the Gold Coast World Triathlon Series event. 4.10.15
Gwen leads a 1-2-3 US sweep
Gwen Jorgensen set more WTS records and led fellow U.S. women Sarah True and Katie Zaferes to a 1-2-3 sweep of the podium at the Gold Coast World Triathlon Series event in Australia. 4.10.15
Hugo retires at top of his game
South African XTERRA star Dan Hugo just won 9 XTERRA events the season before he turned 30 and yet he retired for a job with Specialized Global Marketing. 4.10.15
A long South African swim
Brit Jane Hardy will do the 7.5km Freedom Swim from Robben Island to Bloubergstrand in South Africa. Sharks are in those waters, but Hardy is realistic and prepared. 4.10.15
A fine day with Dave Mirra
Dave Mirra is passionate about triathlon and this former BMX superstar is now in his 3rd year in the sport. We followed him around for a day in Greenville, NC. 4.08.15
Don, Frederiksen win Brazil 70.3
Helle Frederiksen of Denmark smashed the women's field and Tim Don of Great Britain defended his 2014 title with a race-best run to win the $20,000 top prizes at Ironman 70.3 Brazil. 4.05.15
Bilham, Passuello win Putrajaya
Emma Bilham of Switzerland dominated the women's field while Domenico Passuello of Italy had an equally decisive margin over the men's field to win the elite titles at Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya in Malaysia. 4.04.15
Two more rising U.S. women
Kaitlin Donner and Renee Tomlin dueled to a 1-2 finish at the New Plymouth World Cup, joining a crop of rising U.S. women stars on the ITU circuit. 4.03.15
David McNamee on the long road
David McNamee has been competing in ITU events until last year, but this year he stepped up to go long at Challenge Dubai and even longer at Ironman South Africa. 4.02.15
We Noticed: Ryders, Specialized...
We noticed antiFOG shades from Ryders Eyewear, Specialized going Dutch, American Farm to Feet socks, the Koster SwimRun in Sweden, ALB-GOLD cyclist pasta and more. 4.02.15
UCI considered wheelie-bars
The UCI's (Union Cycliste Internationale) technical committee held conversations on mandating wheelie bars on certain riders' bikes, according to sources 4.01.15
From France to Saudi Arabia
Christophe Sargis is a fast French age grouper who resides in Saudi Arabia and has settled there. He shared some thoughts what it is like living and racing there. 3.31.15

Recon Jet in the Flesh
It's finally here. Pre-orders of the Recon Jet are being filled. This has been one of the most anticipated releases of a sports microelectronic in recent years. How well does it work? 4.17.15
Gwen on the Bike
America's brightest triathlon star is a fish in the water and a deer on the run. But on the bike? Not so much. Is that changing? Maybe so. 4.17.15
Is SRAM tri-ready?
How relevant is SRAM in triathlon in 2015? Shimano has made it tough, but the scrappy Chicago company still has a lot of game for multisporters. 4.16.15
A Shimano Di2 Scott Plasma 5
Every Scott Plasma 5 we featured was equipped with SRAM Red components. Folks have asked about a Di2 version, and now Andres Douzoglou of Beyond Aero delivered. 4.16.15
German power2max drops prices
A strong US dollar allowed German brand power2max to lower their pricing and thus bring more power to the people, with the popular Type S now as low a $899. 4.16.15
Womens Access
It should be obvious to anyone that access begets prosperity. The success of the U.S. women in Olympic-style triathlon is a story about access. Let's talk about how this impacts Ironman. 4.14.15
Shimano for 2015
Shimano's groupkits for use in triathlon are overviewed here. Mostly, your choice for tri is Shimano versus SRAM or Shimano versus another Shimano group. Here's how we parse it. 4.13.15
Wildflower: A Camping Primer
Camping at Wildflower can either be a grind or a pleasure, depending on whether you planned and prepared wisely. Here are my tips. 4.10.15
Guide to Wildflower: Intro
There are 3 triathlons not to be missed to understand the sport in its historic entirety: Kona, Roth and Wildflower. Today begins our guide to this 32-year old venerated behemoth. 4.09.15
A new Venge for Javier Gomez
At the beginning of the year we grabbed the S-Works Tarmac of Javier Gomez but just before the WTS event in Auckland he received a new Venge. 4.06.15
Pioneer drops price
Pioneer's very highly regarded power meter has a new, aggressively low, price. The crank-based power meter will now sell for $999. (And, Quarq responds.) 4.02.15
What Happens When Errors and Values Collide?
Over the last year our publisher (me) used an inappropriate reference to those of Islamic faith; then we hosted a video insensitive to Native Americans; and we stepped in it again yesterday. How does Slowtwitch view these mistakes, and does it value? 4.02.15
Ryf's unique dancing shoes
Daniela Ryf stormed to a big win at the 2015 Challenge Dubai, and during the bike segment she was wearing unique ballet slipper looking shoes. 4.01.15
An error admitted and regretted
Late last night our editor-in-chief uploaded an interview with a female pro triathlete and while he regrets a question asked. 4.01.15
70.3 Oceanside shoe count
At the 2015 accenture Ironman 70.3 California at Oceanside, David Jewell of did an extensive running shoe count and shared it with slowtwitch. 3.31.15
SRAM and the American Psyche
A components company, like a poem, should not mean, but be. Nevertheless, here is not what SRAM is (that's later). Here is what SRAM means. 3.30.15