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We Noticed: Kask, TrainingMask...
This week we are thankful to have noticed the Kask Infinity helmet, the TrainingMask, the 3T Illumina line, the Fontus water system, MOs and gators and more. 11.25.14
A tie at Laguna Phuket
Italians Massimo Casadei and Alberto Casadei decided it was too darn hot to race to the finish and finished together as Laguna Phuket Triathlon dual winners; Parys Edwards won the women’s title. 11.23.14
2015 Men Of Triathlon calendar
You have been waiting for it all year and you can now pre-order the 2015 Men Of Triathlon calendar, and best of all - you could actually be in it too. 11.21.14
Random AG Glenn Cook
We bumped into Glenn Cook at an event with Hunter Kemper and Glenn was a super chatty Cathy. But it all changed when the spotlight of an interview was on him. 11.21.14
Even more 2014 IMAZ Pro images also had Kerry Yndestad on the ground in Tempe and here are his fine colorful impressions from the 2014 Ironman Arizona Pro race. 11.20.14
Up close with Brent McMahon
Brent McMahon did his first Ironman in Arizona and made it a memorable one with a sub-8 hour time and fine win. He chatted with us about a variety of topics. 11.19.14
Ironman Arizona 2014 AG images
2731 athletes started the 2014 Ironman Arizona and most of them were age group athletes. Here are images of these hardened souls who spent up to 17 hours on course. 11.19.14
The Challenge Bahrain Pro field
The inaugural Challenge Bahrain is almost upon us and the announced field is very impressive and will make it an exciting race for the $500,000 purse. 11.18.14
11 MOs of Triathlon updated
We announced the top 11 Men of Triathlon Movember fundraisers last week, and much has changed since then. Here now is who is currently leading the charge. 11.18.14
The very fine day of Dan Benjamin
Dan Benjamin raced Ironman Arizona and made two volunteers happy with a kind gesture, and despite an encounter with an elbow he considers his day to have been epic. 11.18.14
Ironman AZ 2014 Pro images
The 2014 Ironman Arizona saw some great performances and here now is a gallery from the Pro race by our shooter Eric Wynn. Sit back and enjoy. 11.17.14
McMahon, Kessler top IM Arizona
Brent McMahon smashed the race record with a 7:55:38 time and Meredith Kessler dominated the women’s field at Ironman Arizona; Jordan Rapp set a bike record and finished 3rd. 11.16.14
The Weekend Box Nov 16 2014
A beautiful race on Hamilton Island, a muddy affair in Belgium, the NBC Kona broadcast and a very talented artistic Pro triathlete filled our Weekend Box. 11.16.14
Raelert, McQuaid win Ballarat
Michael Raelert of Germany continued his comeback to winning form with a fourth straight 70.3 victory and Melanie McQuaid of Canada topped the women's field at Ironman 70.3 Ballarat. 11.15.14
Amberger and Luxford prevail at rainy Challenge Shepparton
Josh Amberger outpaced Brad Kahlefeldt and Annabel Luxford outran Radka Vodickova, but most memorably Belinda Granger wrapped up a 20 year pro career with a 4th place finish. 11.15.14
Hoods or drops when in the draft?
It makes a lot of sense that being in the drops on your road bike is more aero than being on the hoods. But is that also true when riding in the draft? 11.13.14
Meet 11 MOs of Triathlon
Men Of Triathlon are raising Movember money again for testicular and prostate cancer and other men's heath issues. You can join the team too and or donate money. 11.12.14
Marathon winner disqualified
31-year old Tabatha Hamilton was disqualified from the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon when officials noticed that chip data did not support the 2:55:39 finish time. 11.11.14
A tale of two seasons
Flora Duffy reflects on the road she traveled to get from 3rd in 2013 to 1st in 2014 at the XTERRA World Championship in Maui – and how off road triathlon can coexist with and improve her ITU career 11.11.14
We Noticed: Lexxi, Roka...
This week we noticed a world record bike ride, the Lexxi AeroSmartSuit, the Roka SIM shorts, delicious wafers, a boss of a pencil and more. 11.10.14

 Compex Puts Some Muscle Behind the 6th Annual Rappstar Charity Challenge
The next awesome prize up in the 6th Annual Rappstar Charity Challenge is the top-of-the-line Compex Sport Elite muscle stimulator. Simply put, it's the best training and recovery tool on the market. Get a chance to win one while making a difference with World Bicycle Relief 11.26.14
The gift or burden of a manager
Some Pros manage themselves while many use an agent or manager to sort through the business end so they can focus on racing and training. But what makes an agent an asset? 11.24.14
 Michellie Jones Backs Rappstar’s 6th Annual World Bicycle Relief Charity Challenge
The legendary Michellie Jones talks about her continued support of World Bicycle Relief, where she's been a great supporter of both the organization on its own and Jordan Rapp's annual fundraiser. 11.21.14
 Rappstar’s 6th Annual World Bicycle Relief Charity Challenge - Silca SuperPista
Josh Poertner & the team at Silca talk about supporting this years fundraiser with their beautiful SuperPista pump & Hiro chuck. 11.19.14
Why I chose the Gulf Coast Tri
With so many races out there it is getting harder for athletes to pick where to go and tough for races to survive. Here is why I signed up for the Gulf Coast Tri in May. 11.14.14
What Lies Inside of You
Here is your opportunity to read Jordan Rapp's closing remarks from 2014 Ironman Arizona's opening ceremony. Maybe his best since, "When the Shite Gets Brown." 11.14.14
Darker and Stormier
Part 2 of USAT's board war. Ten years ago, to the month, USAT faced the same board crisis it's facing now: an expensive and exhausting coexistence between elite and general directors. 11.13.14
Jarrod Shoemaker's Lawsuit
If you want to know why this lawsuit was brought, read here. There's a more robust, historic argument the suit omits, but which morally bolster's Shoemaker's case. 11.13.14
It Was a Dark and Stormy NGB
Since October, 2012, USA Triathlon has been an organization at war with itself. In this 2-part series Slowtwitch explains the war, which has cost the federation in time and treasure. 11.12.14
 Rappstar’s 6th Annual World Bicycle Relief Charity Challenge
It’s that time of the year again! For the sixth year in a row, it is time for the annual WBR fundraiser that puts bikes into the hands of MANY well-deserving folks around the world. 11.12.14
The budgy smuggler Felt IA FRD
Tim Reed was second at Ironman 70.3 Mandurah, but this fast Aussie budgy smuggler had one of the fastest bike split on his Shimano equipped Felt IA FRD. 11.09.14
Litespeed T5 gravel bike
Dan Empfield had Litespeed make him a gravel bike and he dubbed that bike Freedom. Litespeed has pushed it even further and offers it as the T5 gravel. 11.06.14
CHP talks to Slowtwitch
Are laws designed to protect cyclists being used against them by officers who don't like cyclists? This might have happened last week, and we interviewed the California Highway Patrol. 11.04.14
Bob Mionske on the 3-foot law
Following a report that an officer in California might be misinterpreting the state's new 3-foot law, we interviewed the dean of bicycle attorneys, former Olympic cyclist Bob Mionske. 11.04.14
The 1-hour record Scott Plasma
24-year old Austrian Pro Matthias Brändle scorched the Swiss Aigle track with a record breaking 1-hour performance aboard a Scott Plasma with a 51.852 km distance. 11.03.14
Winners and Losers: Helmets
Rudy wins in Kona! No surprise there. How does this comport with the real world use of helmets by triathletes, or at least by Slowtwitchers? 10.28.14
Am I an Ironman?
If a company's athlete wins Ironman, can it say that without paying Ironman? Can the athlete say it? As with winning an Olympic medal, the answer is yes and no. 10.27.14
Eric Limkemann's Specialized Shiv
Eric Limkemann's season was perfected with the birth of a baby daughter, but the man also has to race hard now to provide. Here is his Specialized Shiv. 10.26.14
The exciting life of Alex Ryan
Life is not easy as an upcoming Pro and that is true for mountain bikers and roadies too. Alex Ryan races Pro MTB and cyclocross and he let us peek into his life. 10.24.14
Patrick Evoe's Blue Triad SL
Austin, Texas based Pro Patrick Evoe has a very fine main sponsor with Little Caesars and he races on a Hed and Shimano equipped Blue Triad SL. 10.24.14