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CGI to sell Velo and TriRock brands
Competitor Group announced the goal to become the world’s greatest running company and is exploring opportunities for the Velo, VeloPress and TriRock brands. 7.31.14
SportieDoc breaks through
Dr. Tamsin Lewis, a physician with deep knowledge of neuroscience, psychiatry, eating disorders, athletic fatigue, nutrition and heart damage in endurance sports, just won her first Ironman. 7.31.14
Outlaw Triathlon in Nottingham
This past weekend the 2014 Outlaw Triathlon took place in Nottingham, UK and here is a nice selection of images from this full distance race. 7.30.14
The speedy Sebastian Kienle
70.3 World Champion Sebastian Kienle recently won the Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt and now he is getting ready for the crazy season. 7.30.14
Cupcakes with The Don
The entertaining Cupcakes with Callum Millward interview series features a chat with Tim Don this week. Plus as the name suggests, there are cupcakes too. 7.29.14
On the early road to Kona
The early 2014 KPR chase is now over and 45 men and 30 women can now sleep a bit better. But it is not all written in stone - things can still change. 7.28.14
What happens in Lake Placid...
When Macca once told a casino owner that he earned $125,000 for winning in Kona, he was mocked. And that is at the heart of the 7th place Lake Placid story. 7.28.14
The Weekend Box Jul 27 2014
The Weekend Box is full of contests from North America, Europe and Asia. They include a mixed relay tussle, an Olympic distance-Ironman double, a Chinese World Cup and Canadian long course action. 7.27.14
Mooloolaba beckons in 2016
Ironman has announced that the 2016 Ironman 70.3 World Championships will take place on Australia's Sunshine Coast - a place rich in triathlon tradition. 7.26.14
Mirinda Carfrae works on the core
Working on the core strength is important for many Pros and the 2013 Ironman World Champion Mirinda Carfrae is also thinking along those lines. 7.25.14
Brownlees reign at Glasgow
Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee, Olympic gold and bronze medalists, became the first Englishmen to earn triathlon medals at the Commonwealth Games with a 1-2 finish over South Africa’s Richard Murray 7.24.14
Stimpson rules Commonwealth
Jodie Stimpson is back from mid-season injuries and outdueled Canadian Kirsten Sweetland to win Great Britain’s first Commonwealth Games triathlon gold medal at Stratchclyde Park in Glasgow, Scotland 7.24.14
Commonwealth Games tri
It is an invitation-only athletics festival limited to nations that came under the umbrella of the old British Empire; the Commonwealth Games triathlon has prestige, historic champions and no cash on the line. 7.23.14
Callum Millward and cupcakes
Cupcakes is not the name of Callum Millward's dog, but rather a funny interview series. Enjoy his chat and cupcake eating effort with Liz Blatchford. 7.23.14
2014 Challenge Roth - awards etc
The awards and the volunteer party of the Datev Challenge Roth take place the day after the race, and we were there to capture images from these two events. 7.22.14
Ivan Raña is a three-tool Ironman
Raña took a significant step with his third-fastest ever Ironman-distance winning time at Austria – even more important was his fast Ironman bike split that answered questions about his chances at Kona. 7.22.14
AGs move closer to draft legal
The most impactful event on the sport of triathlon in a generation occurred last week. Maybe. (We'll see.) The ITU announced that the Sprint WC for age group is now draft legal. 7.21.14
2014 Challenge Roth - race
The 30th edition of the Challenge Roth is slowly coming to an end but we wanted to share a gallery of today's racing action. Please enjoy these impressions from Roth. 7.20.14
Bracht, Carfrae rule Roth
Timo Bracht ran down fellow German Nils Frommhold to capture the 2014 Datev Challenge Roth. Mirinda Carfrae earned the women's title in her first appearance there. 7.20.14
The Weekend Box Jul 20 2014
While Challenge Roth was the marquee race of the weekend, the Weekend Box brings you tales of races in England, Wisconsin, Geneva, Minnesota and Kansas. 7.20.14

The BH Aero of Eneko Llanos
We checked out the race bike of Eneko Llanos last year in March, but the fast Spaniard has changed many components on his BH Aero, and we took a closer look. 7.31.14
Bek Keat's Trek Speed Concept
Rebekah Keat is on the Trek Factory Racing team and we got a hold of her Campagnolo equipped Trek Speed Concept race bike while she got ready for Roth. 7.29.14
The bike choice of Rachel Joyce
In 2012 Rachel Joyce won the Challenge Roth and after a year away she came back in 2014 to fight for the title aboard this Shimano equipped Cervelo P5. 7.28.14
Hoka Clifton
The Clifton is the highly anticipated sub-8oz shoe that still retains a lot of its height and plush. How did Hoka carve amost 4oz out of the Bondi, and at what cost? 7.28.14
The Canyon of Nils Frommhold
German youngster Nils Frommhold finished second at the 2014 Datev Challenge Roth after a supreme effort aboard his Canyon Speedmax CF. 7.26.14
Jodie Swallow's Scott Plasma 5
Jodie Swallow recently got on board with Scott Sports and while we were at the 2014 Datev Challenge Roth we took a closer look at her Scott Plasma 5 race bike. 7.25.14
Cervelo features in Porsche commercial
Cervelo started at the little bike company who could. Now it's a feature coop partner in a new online Porsche commercial. 7.23.14
Felt for 2015
If every bike company was an animal, Felt would be the Wolverine. It's not the largest company, but it's tough and it always punches above its weight. That's not changing for 2015. 7.23.14
Anne Haug's Canyon Aerorad
We took a closer look at the custom painted Canyon Aerorad CF SLX of German ITU Pro Anne Haug. We also got to see a trick new integrated stem from Canyon. 7.21.14
Impatience is certainly not cool
It is clear that most of us are competitive by nature, but there is a time and place for that. At a carbo loading dinner there is no need to race for the pasta. 7.19.14
Michelle Vesterby's new Slice
At the 2014 Challenge Roth we noticed the brand new Cannondale Slice of Danish athlete Michelle Vesterby, and well, it is a difficult bike to overlook. 7.18.14
Introducing the Scott Plasma 5
Scott Sports introduced a Plasma 5 and a Plasma 4 at the UCI headquarters in Aigle, Switzerland today and here is a closer look at the higher-end Plasma 5. 7.14.14
blueseventy Helix
blueseventy wetsuits are 20 years in the making. If today's tri wetsuit brands stand on the back of QR, it's with a big assist to this brand as well. 7.14.14
The Felt IA FRD of Tim Reed
Aussie Tim Reed won Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake with a great performance and here is our look at the Shimano equipped Felt IA FRD of this budgie smuggler. 7.10.14
WaPo columnist anti-cyclist rant
Many of you know about, and maybe have read, Courtland Milloy's anti-cycling rant in the Washington Post. What bothers me most about these all-to-frequent rants is probably not what you think. 7.10.14
Andreas Raelert's Cube Aerium
The Raelert brothers signed up with the German brand Cube this year and here is a look at the race bike of Andreas Raelert as he had it for Ironman Frankfurt. 7.08.14
T1 by De Soto
The entire wetsuit world sits on one side. De Soto sits on the other side. Can De Soto be right? Here's our analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of 2-piece wetsuits. 7.07.14
Linsey Corbin's Austria race video
Passion usually shows and that is clearly the case with the beautiful short film made about the Ironman Austria winning day of Linsey Corbin. 7.07.14
Badwater to Mt. Whitney summit
Don Bowie raced from Badwater in the Death Valley to the summit of Mt. Whitney in just over 17 hours. A very impressive feat to say the least, but Bowie is not done. 7.05.14
Smooth miles with Kona
We review a unique endurance road bike from the Kona brand. With a full line of models made for tarmac, gravel, or whatever you desire, these are not your typical road bikes. 7.03.14