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Israman Negev Eilat Gallery
Esteemed photographer Larry Rosa captured the beauty and the beastliness of the rugged 226 and 113 kilometer Israman courses down at the southernmost tip of Israel. 1.30.15
Ironman adds GPS Pro tracking
Starting with the Ironman Asia-Pacific Championships in Melbourne, fans will be able to follow the Pros via a new digital athlete tracking platform labeled IRONFAN. 1.30.15
SwimRun Scotland - Loch Gu Loch
The crew at Celtman Xtreme Triathlon are now offering a Swim Run event that was inspired by the unique ÖTILLÖ event in Sweden. Are you ready to step outside the box? 1.30.15
On the move with Damon Rinard
Damon Rinard is a very passionate and smart engineer who recently started a new job with Cannondale - Cycling Sports Group. Learn more about this humble man. 1.29.15
Up close with Non Stanford
The 2013 ITU World Triathlon Series champion Non Stanford was out most of 2014 with various injuries but is now looking forward to return. Meet this fast running Brit. 1.28.15
The road to a $200,000 year
Helle Frederiksen recounts the long, crash and malady ridden path to her spectacular 2014 season - topped by $100,000 wins at Challenge Bahrain and Hy-Vee. 1.27.15
South Africa gets 70.3 Durban
Hot on the heels of the race won by Jodie Swallow and Matt Trautman, Ironman now announced a second 70.3 race in South Africa - in Durban. 1.27.15
High altitude maven Don Bowie
High altitude climber & endurance athlete Don Bowie seeks out new challenges constantly. The Badwater Ultramarathon is likely among the safest and mellow ones of those. 1.26.15
We Noticed: SwimSpray...
This week we noticed the chlorine fighting SwimSpray, the Sansego coaching site and videos, the Lazer Wasp Air helmet, the Spring Chicken book and more. 1.26.15
Trautman, Swallow rule 70.3 SA
South African Matt Trautman turned Pro in 2014 and now scored a big win at home. Jodie Swallow on the other hand recorded her 5th title at 70.3 South Africa. 1.25.15
Weiss, Griffioen win Buffelspoort
Bradley Weiss and Nicolette Griffioen took home country victories at South Africa’s rugged XTERRA Buffelspoort off road triathlon; Conrad Stoltz missed a turn late in the run. 1.25.15
Gonzalez, Tomlin top Havana
Rodrigo Gonzalez of Mexico and Renee Tomlin of the United States win elite titles at the Havana CAMTRI Sprint Triathlon for the American Cup and Iberoamerican Championship. 1.24.15
2015 impressions from Playitas
Sports resorts like Playitas are very popular with European triathletes who want to escape the harsh grip of the winter at home and try to get wind hardened. 1.22.15
Amy Marsh begins cancer fight
On December 23, 4-time Ironman winner Amy Marsh was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a cancer of the blood which requires extensive chemotherapy and for some, a stem cell transplant. 1.22.15
Chatting with Liz Blatchford
Liz Blatchford wasn't too happy with her 2014 season and is ready to return in 2015 with passion and a plan that has worked before. She chatted with us at length. 1.21.15
Orca launches 2015 wetsuits
Orca showed the 2015 range of wetsuits and apparel in Fuerteventura, and we were there to learn about the changes and additions of this brand. 1.19.15
The Weekend Box Jan 18 2014
In the third week of January, we bring you news of three new members of the USA Triathlon Board of Directors, a lightly punished anti-doping violation, and two ecstatically joyful triathlon marriages. 1.18.15
Reed, Kessler win Auckland 70.3
Australians Tim Reed and Leon Griffin went 1-2 and Meredith Kessler of the U.S. topped New Zealander Gina Crawford to win the Asia-Pacific 70.3 Championship titles in Auckland. 1.17.15
Docherty bids adieu to pro career
Bevan Docherty calls it a career at age 37 after ITU World Championship gold and silver, Olympic silver and bronze, Commonwealth Games silver, Ironman 70.3 Worlds bronze. 1.16.15
Slowtwitch/TBI 50 Announced
Here are the top-50 specialty stores in the U.S. serving the community of triathletes during 2014, according to Slowtwitch's polling of vendors and customers. 1.16.15

RD Takeaways at TBI '15
One of our TBI Conference panelists scared the living Jeebus out of listeners and rightly so. Here's a smattering of what race directors heard at TBI '15. 1.30.15
The stunning Ledesma Shiv
Ricardo Ledesma is an architect who loves bikes and that passion shows on the S-Works Shiv he modified with a variety of custom crafted components. 1.30.15
What's the deal between Ironman and Life Time Fitness?
Ironman realizes its brand leverages down to 70.3. Life Time admits its brand leverages up to Olympic distance. But it's much more than that. 1.29.15
Felix's Grand Opening
Imagine a big heart, with a head, leg and arms protruding. Valerie Silk was all heart and Felix Walchshöfer is the male version; he's what makes it a fair fight between Challenge and Ironman. 1.29.15
At the TDU with Jack Bobridge
Jack Bobridge of Team Budget Forklifts raced in the Santos TDU for Team UniSA and here is your chance to listen in on a post stage chat with the fast Aussie. 1.27.15
Giant introduces new helmets
German ace sprinter Marcel Kittel of Team Giant-Alpecin stormed to a big win at the 2015 Santos Tour Down Under wearing a new aero road helmet from Giant. 1.23.15
Hoka Bondi 4
Waiting for the Bondi 4 was like crossing a desert. My canteens were filled with the Bondi 2, bought at closeout. Is the Bondi 4 the oasis I hoped to find? 1.19.15
Javier Gomez' S-Works Tarmac
World Champion Javier Gomez is currently on Fuerteventura to get ready for the 2015 race season. We looked closer at the Specialized Tarmac he has with him. 1.19.15
Stationary Bike Apps
If you're aboard your bike and going nowhere fast that doesn't mean progress can't be made. Here's our overview of structured training apps (e.g., Sufferfest, VirtualTraining, TrainerRoad). 1.16.15
Coming clean seems really hard
Another doper has been caught in the dragnet of the WTC but somehow I am left wanting to see and hear more. But is it too hard to come really clean? 1.15.15
Yvonne van Vlerken's Simplon
The flying Dutch woman won the Lanzarote International Duathlon aboard her Enve and SRAM equipped Austrian brand Simplon Nexio, and we took a closer look. 1.12.15
The BMC of Ronnie Schildknecht
Ronnie Schildknecht is the only Swiss Pro on the Uplace-BMC squad that is currently training in Lanzarote and we looked closer at his BMC TM01 race bike. 1.09.15
Real Men Ride the Rollers
Before stationary trainers were rollers. Wyatt Earp rode the rollers. As did Jeremiah Johnson. Are you man enough to ride the rollers? 1.08.15
Dumb Trainers
We call them dumb not to disparage but to differentiate them from smart trainers. To any offended trainers, we apologize. And we also explain how to smarten them up. 1.06.15
Treadmill or Elliptical?
You can't always run outside. What are the benefits of treadmills and elliptical machines when you need to do your running indoors? 1.04.15
Hunting up a Treadmill?
On cold, dark Winter days an indoor treadmill workout is practically the equal of a soak in warm tub. Here are Slowtwitch tips for those with a treadmill on their minds. 1.04.15