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Beers with Starky
You can depend on Andrew Starkyowicz for two things: to throw down hard on the bike and to throw down hard in an interview. Here's Starky, throwing down hard. 6.27.16
Mirinda, Marino at IM Austria
Mirinda Carfrae broke the women’s race record with an 8:41:17 mark and Marino Vanhoenacker won his 8th men’s title in 8:04:18 at Ironman Austria-Kärnten. 6.26.16
Jackson, Potts win Coeur d’Alene
Jackson smashed the women’s field on the bike and Andy Potts dueled Josh Amberger and Mark Bowstead before running away to win Coeur d’Alene 70.3. 6.26.16
McNamee, Bilham win Galway
David McNamee tops fellow Briton Joe Skipper and Emma Bilham of Switzerland edges Lucy Gossage of Great Britain at the Challenge Galway half. 6.26.16
Luis, Hall prevail at ETU Sprint
Vincent Luis held off Rostislav Pevtsov and Lucy Hall outsprinted fellow Brit Jessica Learmonth to win the ETU Sprint Triathlon European Championship. 6.26.16
Sanders, Lawrence top Tremblant
Lionel Sanders crushed it on the bike and warded off all challengers with a race-best run while Holly Lawrence did the same to the women's field at IM 70.3 Mt. Tremblant. 6.26.16
Dunn, Sass win Du Nationals
Jesse Dunn and Kirsten Sass won the overall age group titles and Matt Lieto and Alycia Hill topped the elite fields at the USA Triathlon standard distance Duathlon Nationals. 6.25.16
Ruzafa, Flipo win XTERRA Swiss
Ruben Ruzafa was the master of a rain-swollen muddy course and Michelle Flipo won her first ever European Series XTERRA over veteran stars at Valle de Joux. 6.25.16
A new SwimRun event in the USA
The Hanging Rock State Park in North Carolina will be home to the newest SwimRun event in the USA, and it promises to be very tough and scenic. 6.22.16
Cliff Rigsbee R.I.P.
Cliff Rigsbee won six age group titles at Ironman Hawaii topping a 35-year triathlon career; he died from injuries suffered in a Honolulu Fire Dept. watercraft rescue training accident. 6.21.16
ÖTILLÖ Isles of Scilly images
First impressions are important and the brand new ÖTILLÖ Isles of Scilly SwimRun had it all, a challenging course and unique fast changing scenery. 6.20.16
Stein, Schmitt take Luxembourg
Boris Stein won it with a dominating bike leg and Natascha Schmitt edged Svenja Thoes with a better bike and final run at Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg. 6.19.16
Trautman, Watkinson win Durban
Matt Trautman topped the men with a dominating bike split and Annah Watkinson beat Parys Edwards with a superior swim at Ironman 70.3 Durban. 6.19.16
Böcherer, Philipp take Heilbronn
Andi Böcherer’s dominating bike split crushed the men’s field and Laura Philipp did the same to the women's field to take the elite titles at Challenge Heilbronn. 6.19.16
U.S. Juniors score a win and two runner-up finishes at Kitzbühel
U.S. Junior women Taylor Knibb and Audrey Ernst finish 1-2 and U.S. Junior man Seth Rider finished 2nd at the Kitzbühel ETU Junior European Cup. 6.19.16
Collington, Watkinson top Busan
Kevin Collington led on the swim and bike and held off Rodrigo Acevedo on the run while Amelia Watkinson smashed the women’s field to win Busan 70.3. 6.18.16
IM Cairns 2016 Swim and Bike
Ironman Cairns boasts one of the most spectacular venues in the world, in beautiful TNQ (Tropical North Queensland). A selection of swim and bike photos by Eric Wynn from this oceanfront rainforest paradise. 6.17.16
IM Cairns 2016 Run
The run in Cairns takes athletes along the boardwalk and through oceanfront Fogarty Park. With lots of bars and restaurants along the course, and three loops of running, athletes have lots of company and support. 6.17.16
A Cairns Gallery
Tim Berkel and Jodie Swallow won the Cairns Airport Ironman Cairns, the Asia-Pacific Ironman Championship. Here's a gallery of photos from Eric Wynn. 6.13.16
It's Jorgensen, A. Brownlee at Leeds WTS
Jorgensen pulls back 1:34 on the run to win, Brownlees in Olympic form with a 1-2 in Leeds. 6.12.16

What is Pad Y/X?
Everybody’s talking about Pad X and Y, or Pad Stack and Reach, in regard to bike fit and selection. What is it? How do you measure it? How is it used? 6.28.16
A Swissman Gallery
There is comfort in numbers. Xtreme isn't interested in numbers, or comfort. Only 238 took part, though almost 1000 hoped for a spot in the race. 6.27.16
A stunning Isles of Scilly video
Sometime drone footage can be overdone but that is not true with this ÖTILLÖ Isles of Scilly #SwimRun video by Skyhawx. Sit back, enjoy and get inspired. 6.23.16
Challenge Aruba
Is this the Challenge race North Americans always should have been going to? Maybe so. You decide. It's first edition will take place on October 23rd upcoming. 6.23.16
Bike Solutions for Aliens
There is hope for Aliens, and by these I mean the freaks of nature who contort into pretzels to ride long and low positions. Aliens, here are your tri bikes. 6.21.16
Real World Yaw Angles
We routinely see wind tunnel data through a "sweep," that is, from a positive to negative yaw. But what yaws do we actually see in the real world of racing? 6.21.16
Fat Bike should be your next bike
You're thinking, "I'm a triathlete. Why do I need a fat bike?" After a winter spent riding outside in all conditions, the Fast Big Dog gives the skinny on this great training tool. 6.21.16
A Bike for Davos
A Pad Y/X of 630mm/505mm is a typical position for somebody between 6'0" and 6'3" who rides pretty steep, with a fair bit of armrest elevation drop from the saddle. 6.20.16
Ben Kanute's Trek Speed Concept
Olympian Ben Kanute tested himself at one of the world's premier non-draft races. His Trek Speed Concept carried him to the 2nd top bike of the day. 6.17.16
Tri Bikes are Too Tall
Top tri brands make tri bikes that fit marvelously. Today's tri bikes are very good, but they're very uniform, and the lack of variant geometries leaves many riders out. 6.16.16
A Bike for Ramsey
The first in a series, prescribing bikes to match the profiles of various kinds of riders. The rider here is 5'9", rides pretty steep, pretty aggressive. What's his bike? 6.15.16
The Difference A Front-End Makes
Frame metrics are real, they matter, they tell the truth - stack and reach tell the truth - but they don’t tell the entire truth about fit. 6.11.16
Wheel Torque
First published 16 years ago, this article by John Cobb on wheel (steering) torque is even more topical today, with the increased use of deep wheels since its first publication. 6.09.16
Steering Torque and CG
Steering torque and center-of-gravity have become competing imperatives in bike geometry, with front-center caught in the middle. What's caused this tension? Deep front wheels. 6.09.16
Finding a new path forward
After Eric Lagerstrom failed in his Olympic quest he was faced with the question, what's next? Find out in this episode of Eric's video series entitled Viking Life. 6.09.16
Saying goodbye to Carl Knutsson
Sarasota, FL resident Carl Knutsson had a wonderful attitude, an infectious smile and more, but this passionate triathlete is sadly no longer among us. 6.08.16