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The Dimond of Maik Twelsiek
German Maik Twelsiek had the race best 4:25:10 bike split in Kona aboard this black and yellow Dimond, plus we have his power file in our hands too. 10.13.15
IM Kona 2015 - women bike pics
Here now is the female bike gallery from the 2015 GoPro Ironman World Championships. A perfect perspective to see positions, gear and much more. 10.12.15
IM Kona 2015 - finish line
While $120,000 is at stake for the men's and women's winners, whatever the result, the feeling of joy at the Kona finish line is often priceless. 10.12.15
IM Kona 2015 - men bike pics
Enjoy this gallery of bike images from the men's race at the 2015 GoPro Ironman World Championships where German Jan Frodeno triumphed. 10.11.15
First-time winners prevail at Kona
On a hot and brutal day, Jan Frodeno and Daniela Ryf took the victory in this year's Kona classic, and neither was seriously challenged. 10.10.15
Who is Tim Van Berkel? Part 3
Tim Van Berkel is ready for the big day tomorrow, and in this 3rd video by Korupt Vision we get to see a glimpse of what he has been up to on the Big Island. 10.09.15
IM Kona 2015 - bike check-in
We captured a large gallery from the bike check-in at the 2015 GoPro Ironman World Championship, and you will find lots of interesting items within. 10.09.15
Breakfast with Bob - Kona day 5
Bob Babbitt chats with Hector Picard, Cameron Wurf and Jürgen Zäck on this final day of Breakfast with Bob interviews. But don't worry, after the race there will be a champion edition. 10.09.15
IM Kona 2015 - day 3 images
The big race day is almost upon us, but we still had time in and around Kona to see people and check out new gear and bikes. So come on in and check it out. 10.08.15
IM Kona 2015 - Underpants Run
Triathlon's version of Mardi Gras is the Kona Underpants Run, which began as a quasi-outlaw dash down Ali'i Drive in outrageous outfits and now has drifted into a mainstream tradition. 10.08.15
Breakfast with Bob - Kona day 4
On this edition of Breakfast with Bob in Kona we share interviews with Carlos Moleda, Mary Beth Ellis and Meredith Kessler and and it is good stuff once again. 10.08.15
2015 Slowtwitch Kona Party
From all corners of the triathlon world, members of the Slowtwitch tribe gathered Wednesday at the seaside Bonk Breaker headquarters on Ali'i Drive in Kona. 10.08.15
Lionel Sanders before IM Kona
Canadian Lionel Sanders has already spent over two weeks in Kona to get used to the heat and winds, and we had a few words with him about the big day. 10.07.15
IM Kona 2015 - day 2 images
We noticed cool gear, interesting people, and even a few things we wish we hadn't seen, on our second day at the Ironman Worlds in Kona. 10.07.15
Breakfast with Bob - Kona day 3
On this third day of Breakfast with Bob in Kona, we get to enjoy interviews with Tim Don, Heather Wurtele and Jeff Symonds. Basically a British/Canadian edition. 10.07.15
Kona kids races and parade
The formal festivities of Ironman week begin Tuesday with the splash and dash kids races, followed by the parade of nations and the opening of the expo. 10.07.15
IM Kona 2015 - day 1 images
Our first day on the ground at the Ironman World Championships in Kona is behind us and here is a gallery of people, gear and bikes we noticed on this windy day. 10.06.15
Breakfast with Bob - Kona day 2
On the second day of Breakfast with Bob in Kona we get to enjoy interviews with Luke McKenzie, Beth Gerdes, Jodie Swallow and Jan Frodeno. 10.06.15
2015 Kona Preview - Men
Will there be another German Kona triumph? Or will a member of the Spanish or the Belgian commandos prevail? What about a North American man? 10.05.15
Ohio has a new 70.3
The IronCowboy's goal was 50 Ironmans in 50 states. The Ironman Corp is catching up, with a full or a half in roughly half of all U.S. states. 10.05.15

Slowtwitch Circulation Drive
We're going to stop your circulation when you see all the stuff we're giving away to those who sign up to receive our weekly newsletter. 10.12.15
New Sheriff in Irontown
Want to know what Ironman's new owners are going to do with the brand? Ask, I figured, maybe they'll tell me. So I did. And they did. 10.11.15
With a Culprit Legend at IM Kona
Joshua Colp of Culprit Bicycles brought a new triathlon bike to Kona, but this Legend model is only in the very early prototype stage and was 3d printed. 10.11.15
Giant unveils new tri bike in Kona
Triathlon is the focus of this new Giant Trinity Advanced series, and that is positive step for the brand. We checked out the Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 0 in Kona. 10.07.15
A Koster SwimRun report
The SwimRun season ended with 7km of swimming and 16km of running on the Koster Islands in Sweden, and here is a visual report from that race with no less than 26 transitions. 10.06.15
Magnolia Swim Camp
Here is an inside look at how a group of professional triathletes prepare in Texas under the guidance of Tim Floyd to up their game in the swim. 10.05.15
The super light 2016 Fuji SL
Fuji introduced a new super light road bike in mid-August and we took a look at this 10.91 pound SL 1.1 machine with SRAM, Reynolds, and EE components. 10.01.15
Lynskey returns with a tri bike
Lynskey Performance is known for skilled crafting in titanium, and they showed up at Interbike with a titanium late stage prototype tri bike. 9.30.15
When the shoe simply does not fit
Diana Riesler has unique feet and that makes getting correct cycling shoes a tricky enterprise, but a long trial and error process brought her to the right path. 9.28.15
An Orca SwimRun wetsuit review
Orca has a storied history in triathlon and now they also want to be known in the SwimRun world. Our Markus Rössel reviewed the Orca SwimRun offering. 9.25.15
What Happened at Weihai?
A case can be made that Julie Miller’s WC Weihai win was righteous, but for those who want to draw that conclusion contrary data and testimony stand in the way. 9.24.15
New triathlon products from XLAB
At the 2015 Interbike trade show in Las Vegas we noticed various new triathlon products in the XLAB booth, and here is what we found and liked. 9.22.15
106° West Triathlon
Clearly, Europe has out-sceneried North America in triathlon. At least one race just announced is putting up a fight. 9.21.15
Saddle models renamed at ISM
Last year ISM introduced a new saddle that did not have the Adamo label but instead featured the PN1.1 name, and this year all saddles follow that path. 9.21.15
New ti frames from Litespeed
Although carbon is the dominant frame choice these days, titanium is still a coveted material and Litespeed showed a few new offerings at Interbike. 9.15.15
Wahoo launches ELEMNT
Wahoo is proud of this new powerful yet simple GPS bike computer they call ELEMNT. It is on display at the Interbike show in Las Vegas and we took a closer look. 9.15.15