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Cupcakes with Mirinda Carfrae
Callum Millward chatted with 2-time Ironman World Champion Mirinda Carfrae about basketball, Kona prep, validation, nutrition and much more. 9.02.14
Dominique Piché of Mt Tremblant
This coming weekend the Ironman 70.3 World Championships will take place in Mont Tremblant, Canada and we had a chat with race director Dominique Piché. 9.02.14
Random AG Graeme Buscke
We bumped into Graeme Buscke during the bike check-in at the 2014 Datev Challenge Roth and we selected him for a random age group interview. 9.02.14
Meet the not so average milk man
Several Pros sport the Alaska Milk logo, and Fred Uytengsu is the man behind that brand. He also runs the 70.3 and 5i50 events in the Philippines and much more. 9.01.14
Alistair wins GF, Gomez the WTS
Alistair Brownlee used a bike breakaway and a run to take the Grand Final win while Javier Gomez took 3rd place to win his record-tying 4th ITU Elite Men’s World Championship at Edmonton 8.31.14
Saller tops Under 23 Women
Sophie Saller of Germany ran away from Gillian Backhouse of Australia to grab the gold in the Under 23 Elite Women’s race at the Grand Final; USA’s Erin Jones took the bronze. 8.31.14
Weekend Box Aug 31 2014
In addition to high-profile action at ITU Worlds and the Hy-Vee 5i50 Championship , we bring you triathlon affairs in Brazil, Austria, Denmark, France and Canada. 8.31.14
Kemper, Frederiksen win Hy-Vee
Hunter Kemper came back with a 2nd-fastest run to top Ruedi Wild by 18 seconds and Helle Frederiksen bested Alicia Kaye to capture the $100,000 top prizes at Hy-Vee. 8.31.14
Jorgensen rules the World
Gwen Jorgensen of the U.S. came back from a 1:09 deficit and 20th place off the bike with a sizzling 33:23 run to win the Grand Final and take the WTS World Championship title by over 1,000 points. 8.30.14
Coninx tops Under 23 Men
Dorian Coninx of France unleashed a race-best 31:19 10k to outrun Marc Austin of Great Britain by 14 seconds to win the Under 23 Men’s gold at the Grand Final World Championship at Edmonton. 8.30.14
Bahrain's Shaikh of Tri
Saqer Al Khalifa is a member of Bahrain's extended royal family. He holds a PhD in political science, and is a triathlon junkie. Here's what he had to say about his country's new, big triathlon. 8.30.14
Lindemann, Montoya win close battles at the 2014 Junior Worlds
Laura Lindemann edged Cassandre Beaugrand by 3 seconds and Raphael Montoya eked out a one second margin over Jacob Birtwhistle in Edmonton. 8.29.14
2014 Eurobike - day 3
Tomorrow is consumer day at Eurobike and we thus spent an extra long time perusing the halls for gears, goodies, gadgets and more on this final industry day. 8.29.14
Edmonton by the numbers
Gwen Jorgensen is a prohibitive favorite to take home the women’s world title and slightly less favorable odds point to men's WTS leader Javier Gomez, the Edmonton Grand Final offers numerical permutations galore. 8.29.14
2014 Eurobike - day 2
More bikes, people and gadgets caught the eyes of our editor-in-chief on the second day of the 2014 Eurobike trade show in Friedrichshafen, Germany. 8.28.14
Eurobike 2014 - day 1
New bikes, helmets, tires, wheels, accessories, gadgets and tons of people filled the Eurobike halls in Friedrichshafen today and we were among them. 8.27.14
Swimming Across Sweden
Jonas Colting is a Swedish endurance athlete with a penchant for unique challenges which he transforms into a living and a fount for worthy charities. This one was a 640k swim from Stockholm to Gothenburg 8.27.14
Cupcakes with Callum Millward
This week Callum Millward spends time with New Zealand triathlon Pro Callum Millward to discuss training, life, proper language and much more. 8.27.14
Paula Findlay - a new day
In 2010 and 2011, Paula Findlay of Canada hit the ITU Olympic distance world like lightning before she halted by career-threatening injuries. Recently, she began a promising comeback and will race at Edmonton. 8.27.14
Eurobike Demo Day 2014
The 2014 Eurobike show opened today with a demo day, but it for the first time was right next to the exhibit halls. And it appears that the visitors embraced it. 8.26.14

Images from the 2014 ÖTILLÖ
65 km of trail running and 10 km of open water swimming with 10-15 degrees Celsius water temps makes up the unique ÖTILLÖ race in Sweden. 9.02.14
Thoughts on science & perception
During a recent forum discussion about bike sizes, stem length and test rides, Josh Poertner of Silca added a few thoughts on science and perception. 9.01.14
A look at the Ridley Dean Fast
The Ridley Dean Fast is not brand new, but it has not been seen or touched by many. We thus used the opportunity at Eurobike to snap a few images. 8.30.14
Introducing the Parlee Altum R
While we perused the many halls of the 2014 Eurobike show we stumbled upon the very beautiful blue Parlee Altum R bike and decided to look closer. 8.28.14
The new Cervelo S5 is here
The Cervelo S5 is a popular and proven aero road bike, but it is not good to rest on laurels and thus the crew at Cervelo worked hard on this new design. 8.27.14
A detailed look at the Ueberbike
We uploaded initial pictures of the new Rafael Ueberbike last week, and today we had a chance to look closer and fondle this very attractive new TT machine. 8.26.14
Prize Money
I propose we look at pro triathletes, and the prize money offered them, in a different light. My thesis is that the chief beneficiary of the prize money is not the pro. It's you and me. 8.25.14
The Pivot Mach 4 Carbon
In case you are lusting for a new fast XTERRA bike, you may need to look no further than at this Pivot Mach 4 Carbon - a fun ride even if you don't race. 8.23.14
Meet the Rafael Ueberbike
At the 2014 Eurobike trade show German Rafael Hoffleit will present a bike to the world that has neither a fork leg, nor a chainstay or seatstay on the non-drive side. 8.23.14
Swim nomenclature
The community of swimmers brings its own lingo to the pool. Here's your guide to swimming nomenclature along with a bit of etiquette throw in, no charge. 8.22.14
Luke McKenzie's Scott Plasma 5
Luke McKenzie got his hands on the new Scott Plasma a few weeks before the 2014 Datev Challenge Roth and here is a look at his race bike. 8.18.14
The Big Loop - Angeles Crest Century
There is no better way to spend a Sunday than doing a long ride. And if you happen to live proximate to the San Gabriel Mountains of Los Angeles, there's no better way to spend a Sunday than by doing this ride. 8.18.14
The James Cunnama Cervelo P5-6
South African James Cunnama finished 5th at the 2014 Datev Challenge Roth and here is a look at his Shimano and Enve Composites equipped Cervelo P5. 8.15.14
The S-Works of Conrad Stoltz
Just ahead of the 2014 ITU Cross World Championships we looked closer at the Specialized S-Works Epic 29er of defending champ Conrad Stoltz. 8.15.14
Giro Synthe questions answered
Our readers had many questions about the new Giro Synthe aero road helmet and Giro Sport Design R&D director Rob Wesson responded in detail. 8.14.14
Litespeed Freedom
Litespeed's Brad Devaney and I conspired on a gravel bike and here it is, my current main squeeze. I call it the Freedom because that's what it means to me. 8.11.14
Continuing our look on the impact of private equity, I consider the way durable brands in endurance sport are built, versus the typical business style of private equity. Are these compatible? 8.11.14
Is a 70.3 in Poland the start of something big?
Today Ironman welcomes Poland to the family. It's Herbalife Ironman 70.3 Gdynia. This is the first Ironman race in a former East Bloc country not counting tri-crazy Hungary, and it may be the first of many. 8.09.14
Ironman's Recapitalization
A couple of months ago Ironman took out a pretty big loan, $220 million, along with a $20 million revolver. This raised eyebrows and I thought it worth an explanation. 8.07.14
Newton Fate and Kismet
Newton has taken a step toward market trends, as shoe companies tend to do, but more importantly a step toward the best-in-market through improved processes and materials. 8.04.14