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Emma vs. Gwen – so far it’s a tie
Gwen Jorgensen won the 2014 ITU World Triathlon Series world title with runs that left rivals in the dust; recently retired Emma Snowsill’s run performances compare well with the American. 12.18.14
Riccitello on draft enforcement
Ironman head referee and former pro Jimmy Riccitello brings a fierce opposition to drafting to the job; now he is the top sheriff at Ironman and non-drafting perfection remains elusive. 12.17.14
Up close with JC Albuixech
Juan Carlos Albuixech is the general manager of the Sands Beach Resort in Lanzarote and we had a few words with the man simply known as JC. 12.17.14
17 excellent gifts of joy
It is the time of the year when we think about gifts for loved ones or ourselves and our editor-in-chief has a few thoughts along those lines. 12.16.14
A chat with Snowy the Great
Emma Snowsill retired on July 11 and by almost all measures was the greatest woman Olympic distance triathlete ever; here Snowy recalls the highs and lows of a brilliant career and looks to the future. 12.16.14
Random AG Cecil Wheeler
Cecil Wheeler's distinctive bib number in Kona caught our eye and we thus selected him for a random age grouper interview. Meet the man who resides in Switzerland. 12.15.14
Welcoming home a champion
Sebastian Kienle made many people happy when he won Kona this year, but likely non more than his family and friends from Tri-Team Heuchelberg. 12.14.14
Passion, grit and determination
For André Kajlich the world changed when he lost his legs in a terrible accident, but it has not stopped him. He just conquered the 2014 Ultraman. 12.12.14
Melissa Hauschildt regroups
After a near-perfect 2013 season and a strong 2014, Melissa Hauschildt was primed for a third Ironman 70.3 title at Mt. Tremblant and a strong Kona debut. But a very bad massage derailed her. 12.12.14
Bowstead, Williams take Taupo
New Zealand Pros Mark Bowstead and Ashleigh Williams took home country elite overall titles at the Kellogg Nutri-Grain Taupo Half by comfortable margins. 12.12.14
Peter Henning takes on Challenge
Peter Henning, one of the greatest sports documentarians and an award-winning Ironman cameraman and producer, has taken on the reins at Challenge as their TV consultant. 12.11.14
The man who came & conquered
Tobias Winnemöller has qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona several times, but tried his luck at Ultraman instead this year - and won. 12.09.14
The Running Man Alan Webb
American mile record holder Alan Webb has found triathlon as his new love and passion and now has spent about a year in the sport and we talked to him. 12.07.14
Raelert, Frederiksen rule Bahrain
Michael Raelert captured the inaugural Challenge Bahrain and hefty part of the $500,000 purse with a time of 3:36:04. Helle Frederiksen took the women's title in 3:55:50. 12.06.14
$1,000,000 purse announced
Challenge Family announced a Triple Crown series and very impressive $1,000,000 prize purse during the awards ceremony of the inaugural Challenge Bahrein. 12.06.14
Chevrot, Martin win Busselton
Denis Chevrot of France and New Zealand resident Britta Martin won the elite titles by comfortable margins on a hot day at Ironman Western Australia in Busselton. 12.06.14
Jürgen Zäck in Thailand
The original überbiker had found a home as the Senior Triathlon Coach at the extraordinary sports facilities of the Thanyapura Phuket triathlon academy in Laguna Phuket, Thailand. 12.04.14
The fast man with the Lederhosen
German age grouper Lukas Krämer won the M30-34 age group at the 2014 GoPro Ironman Worlds and he surely had the coolest race kit on the Big Island. 12.02.14
2014 Challenge Laguna Phuket
Catching images of the brave souls who competed in 107 degrees heat and survived the rugged hills at Challenge Laguna Phuket. Photo Gallery by Timothy Carlson. 12.01.14
The top 23 Movember triathletes
Throughout November around 40 men of triathlon grew mustaches to raise awareness and money for Movember. Here now are the top 23 fundraisers of the bunch. 12.01.14

Concrete or Asphalt?
The hardness difference between concrete and asphalt is insignificant when running in shoes, because the cushioning afforded by shoes far exceeds any cushioning provided by those surfaces. 12.15.14
 NormaTec Pumps Up the Rappstar Charity Challenge
The NormaTec MVP is the recovery tool of choice for the best endurance athletes on the planet. Train Harder. Recover Faster. Perform Better. And change lives while you're at it. Your chance to get one of these amazing systems thanks to the Power of Bicycles! 12.15.14
100/100 Starts Today
Today is the day we begin crowd-pressuring you into running as close as practicable to 100 times in 100 days. It's the 9th year of the "100/100," our most popular Slowtwitch Challenge. 12.15.14
 Jackpot! Recapping the Amazing Prizes for the 6th Annual World Bicycle Relief Charity Challenge
What can $134 do? It can change the world for someone in Africa by giving them a Buffalo bicycle from World Bicycle Relief. And it can earn you a chance to get one of these amazing prizes donated by some of the biggest and best companies in the industry. Check it out and donate now! 12.12.14
 SRAMtastic! Zipp, SRAM, and Quarq gear up for World Bicycle Relief
The teams at SRAM, Zipp, & Quarq have come together in a big way to support the 6th annual Rappstar Charity Challenge for World Bicycle Relief. Get dirty with a CX1 groupset. Own the road with RED22. Power up with an Elsa power meter. Or fly on Zipp Firecrest. 12.08.14
The Lucky 100. BOCO Heads Up the 6th Annual Rappstar Charity Challenge.
As in past years, the first 100 donors to Jordan Rapp's World Bicycle Relief Charity Challenge will get a special prize. This year, it's a limited edition World Bicycle Relief trucker hat from BOCO Gear. 12.06.14
Pioneer Power System
Are these the most advanced cycling metrics produced by a power meter? This crank-based unit measures power every 30 degrees during a complete pedal rotation on both the left and right side. 12.04.14
Lake CX402
This review was almost a year in the making, but for a shoe of this price I thought it prudent to make sure it would stand up to everything I could throw at it. 12.01.14
 Specialized Blows Away Giving Tuesday for World Bicycle Relief
Aero. Is. Everything. So goes the mantra for Specialized's aerodynamic product development engineering team. They believe in it so much they built their own wind tunnel. Now you can win a once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend a day with them seeing just how much faster they can make you. 12.01.14
 First Endurance Fuels the 6th Annual Rappstar Charity Challenge
For the sixth consecutive year, First Endurance comes on board in a big way to help fuel the 6th Annual Rappstar Charity Challenge for World Bicycle Relief. Get a chance to win one of two $600 gift certificates. 11.28.14
 Compex Puts Some Muscle Behind the 6th Annual Rappstar Charity Challenge
The next awesome prize up in the 6th Annual Rappstar Charity Challenge is the top-of-the-line Compex Sport Elite muscle stimulator. Simply put, it's the best training and recovery tool on the market. Get a chance to win one while making a difference with World Bicycle Relief 11.26.14
The Steve Hed I Knew
Steve Hed eagerly shared time with the geeks, the bicycle engineers, executives heading other brands; and a steady stream of pros. But it was the geeks and engineers he most loved. 11.26.14
The gift or burden of a manager
Some Pros manage themselves while many use an agent or manager to sort through the business end so they can focus on racing and training. But what makes an agent an asset? 11.24.14
 Michellie Jones Backs Rappstar’s 6th Annual World Bicycle Relief Charity Challenge
The legendary Michellie Jones talks about her continued support of World Bicycle Relief, where she's been a great supporter of both the organization on its own and Jordan Rapp's annual fundraiser. 11.21.14
 Rappstar’s 6th Annual World Bicycle Relief Charity Challenge - Silca SuperPista
Josh Poertner & the team at Silca talk about supporting this years fundraiser with their beautiful SuperPista pump & Hiro chuck. 11.19.14
Why I chose the Gulf Coast Tri
With so many races out there it is getting harder for athletes to pick where to go and tough for races to survive. Here is why I signed up for the Gulf Coast Tri in May. 11.14.14