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What We Have Noticed: inGAMBA, Osmo ...

Written by: Herbert Krabel
Date: Fri May 11 2012

This week we introduce you to inGAMBA tours, the new Osmo Nutrition brand, a book about swim speed secrets by Sheila Taormina, the very cool Pebble Watch and the Amazing Man of Iron t-shirt.


What: There are all kinds cycling tours you can sign up for, but it seems that very few are like inGAMBA where the passion is about riding, food, drink and culture. You may have the opportunity to ride with Pros like Ted King and Laurens Ten Dam, but more importantly, the inGAMBA crew seems to really know the local culture. So no Big Macs for you while on one of their trips, well, at least not during all the European excursions. And most certainly not when Joao Correia is watching.
Trips: many
Dates: lots
MSRP: n/a

Osmo Nutrition

What: There is a new player in the hydration and recovery field called Osmo Nutrition and they unveiled 4 powdered drink products today. The four varieties are PreLoad Hydration, Active Hydration, Acute Recovery and Good Night Recovery and according to Osmo, the science behind the product is deep. There my even be the opportunity for folks in the forum to be product testers, so stay tuned.
Availability: now
MSRP: $24.99 to $39.99 depending on the product

Swim Speed Secrets

What: Sheila Taormina is a 4-time Olympian and knows a thing or two about swimming. Her new book Swim Speed Secrets covers exactly that and much more. If you are a swimmer or a triathlete, and think you could use a bit more speed in the water, have a closer look at this book.
MSRP: $18.95

Pebble Watch

What: We are not asking you to watch pebbles, but rather encourage you to have a closer look at the Pebble Watch, a very nifty E-Paper watch for either your iPhone or Android phone. Unlike other kickstarter projects we have featured here, this one has already exceeded the backer goal of $100,000. Well, with over $10,000,000 raised you could say they blew it out of the water. Customize this watch for cycling, to play music, receive emails or simply upload different faces depending on your mood. Very, very cool, and yes, I am a backer too. But you’ll have to wait until it officially becomes available.
MSRP: $115 (we think)

Amazing Man of Iron

What: You may know an Amazing Man of Iron, fancy yourself as one, or aspire to be one. Either way, this is a very cool t-shirt from the crew at Endurance Conspiracy and one that is surely a conversation piece. Made from organic cotton, it also feels quite cozy.
Sizes: S-XXL
MSRP: $30


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