Tour of Sufferlandria - One Rider's Experience

: The 6th annual virtual tour stage race presented by The Sufferfest recently finished, raised over $172,000 for charity, and Slowtwitchers were amongst those up for the challenge.

Ark Sports - Swimrun to the core

: Swedes Daniel Hansson and Jesper Svensson broke the course record at the 2017 ÖtillÖ World Championships in a time of 7:58:06 - wearing prototype Ark Sports Swimrun wetsuits.

How a Woodway treadmill became a reality

: Our editor-at-large Herbert Krabel had been lusting for a Woodway treadmill ever since he experienced one of them at the NY Giants training center, but the $12,000 price tag was a massive hurdle.

Tales of the Hawke

: Irrepressible Canadian Ferg Hawke broke the mold of the svelte ultra endurance runner and triathlete.

A look at Israel's amateur triathlon scene

: Joshua Hantman is an enthusiastic age group triathlete with a perspective on Israeli sports.

A cool cycling kit to support the well liked Tim Don

: Tim Don still has a long way to go to full recovery and it has been an expensive journey. Apparel sponsor Endura has now designed a great looking cycling kit to help raise money for Tim Don and his ...

2018 Israman photo gallery

: The rugged 2018 Israman Triathlon was windy, cold and dramatic.

Till Schramm, Antonina Beznikov win Israman 226

: Schramm, Beznikov win the long one; Alice Hector and Diego Van Looy take the half at Israman.

The man who loves mountains and races that go up them

: Chris Stirling won Celtman XTRI and the Canadaman XTRI in 2017 and now he wants to go back to Norway to take care of some unfinished business. But it is not just about racing, he loves the mountains.

New Year, New Challenges

: A reflection on sporting lessons learned from the past year.

An Olfactory Tour of the Big Island

: Bertrand Dor is rare - a perfumer and endurance athlete. Take his tour of Big Island fragrances.

Life After - Chris Legh

: Aussie Chris Legh won 2 IRONMAN titles but is likely best remembered for his scary collapse 50 meters before the finish in Kona. But this retired professional will soon be known as race director ...

Raising Kain

: Jeremy Kain ran a world best mile for a 12-year-old last summer, carefully nurtured by his talented parents.

Under My Wing Triathlon Summit

: 16 high achieving college triathletes from around the US take part in an intensive triathlon summit produced by Angela Naeth and Red Bull.

Halo free, but a long way to go

: A terrible accident a few days before the 2017 IRONMAN World Championships took Brit Tim Don out of the race. The Halo finally came off, but he is still a long way from being fully recovered.

TC’s favorite tri pics of 2017

: For your consideration, Timothy Carlson presents his some of his favorite triathlon photographs of the 2017 season.

Tri Talk 2017

: With all the visual excitement of triathlon, sometimes the well spoken word can have a lasting impact worth a thousand pictures.

Triathlon Year in Review

: From the sublime to the absurd in 2017, records were set, hopes dashed, some arrived and others bade farewell.

Anatomy of an Ultra Duel

: Two men. Two contrasting talents. Two strategies. Three days. 321 miles. For an Ultra, razor thin margin.

In a winter training camp with Andi Böcherer

: German Pro Andi Böcherer spent two weeks in a winter training camp on Fuerteventura and here are impressions and details from those two weeks.

Group Swim Etiquette

: Masters teams are where you get faster. Here is a guide to Masters culture and behavior for the triathlete.

Be afraid of the Germans in Kona

: German Christian Haupt was the top age grouper in Kona in 2017 and he follows in the footsteps of many other Germans who have accomplished the same feat.
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