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2009 Wildflower Long Course

: Cool temps and the deepest quality field in the 27 years of Wildflower promised record times. A photo gallery by Timothy Carlson

70.3 St. Croix 2009 images

: Passionate photographer Ramon Serrano captured a bunch of great images of the 2009 Ironman 70.3 St. Croix.

Ode to Joy

: The thrill of victory comes in many flavors and goes not only to the triathlete who crosses the line first.

The Agony of Victory

: The first of a series of finish line photos by Timothy Carlson captures the apparent agony of extreme triathletic effort.

West Point Triathlon Photo Gallery 2: A Day in the Life

: A photographic look at a day in the life of West Point Triathlon Team cadets.

Pro triathlete pooches

: In this gallery we introduce you to the "best friends" of various Pro triathletes.

West Point - Monuments & Lore

: Everywhere they turn, West Point triathletes are drenched in legendary heroes and stirring history that goes far back in time.

The pool of Conrad Stoltz

: 3-time XTERRA World Champion Conrad Stoltz recently completed his "swimming pool in the backyard" project.

Swimming Photo Gallery 3

: Third in a series of Timothy Carlson’s swimming photo galleries, with images of the triathlon mid-swim, late in the game, and swim exit.

Swimming Photo Gallery 2

: Slowtwitch senior correspondent and photographer Timothy Carlson offers the second of three photo galleries devoted to swimming.

Swimming Photo Gallery 1

: Slowtwitch senior correspondent and photographer Timothy Carlson offers the first of three photo galleries devoted to swimming.

The New Wave Hits Ironman Hawaii 2006-2008

: Timothy Carlson’s pictures chronicle the clash of generations in part 3 of Ironman Hawaii Photo Galleries of the winners, movers and shakers 2006-2008.

Ironman Hawaii enters the 21st Century 2001-2005

: More Ironman Hawaii winner images ranging from Tim DeBoom in 2001 to Faris Al Sultan in 2005, bookending Natascha Badmann's last four Kona wins.

Ironman Hawaii winners, movers and shakers 1993-2000

: An exceptional image selection of Ironman Hawaii winners dating back to 1993.

Best tri images of 2008 part 3

: The final set of Timothy Carlson's favorite images of 2008.

Best tri images of 2008 part 2

: The second part of Timothy Carlson's favorite triathlon pictures of 2008.

Best tri images of 2008 part 1

: Timothy Carlson picked out his favorite triathlon images of 2008 and divided them into 3 galleries. Part 2 of "Best of 2008" right here. Part 3 of "Best of 2008" click here. All ...

Ultraman 08 impressions

: Timothy Carlson captured the spirit of the 2008 Ultraman World Championships. Part 1 of 2.

More Ultraman 08 impressions

: Part 2 of Timothy Carlson's 2008 Ultraman World Championship images.

Bike positions of pro triathletes

: Ex pro duathlete, and Kuota sales guru, Paul Thomas apprised me of a very interesting experiment he undertook at the most recent Hawaiian Ironman. "I sat on the Queen K Highway as the riders were ...

TC in Clearwater, part 1

: Our senior editor and hot shot photographer Timothy Carlson captured lots of stunning images during the 70.3 Clearwater event and we encourage you to look at them closer. Part 2 of Timothy ...

TC in Clearwater, part 2

: Part 2 of Timothy Carlson's race day images of the 70.3 Clearwater event. Timothy captured determination and power hard at work at these final triathlon World Championships of 2008. Part 1 of ...

Clearwater 08 race day gallery

: Race day images of the 2008 Ironman 70.3 World Championships as seen through the lens of Ramon Serrano. Part 1 of Timothy Carlson's Clearwater gallery is right here. Part 2 of Tim Carlson' ...

Clearwater 08 impressions

: A day before the 2008 Ironman 70.3 Word Championships, Ramon Serrano sent us a nice selection of images of the activities surrounding the big event.

70.3 World Champs revisited

: Ramon Serrano sent us a nice selection of images from the 2007 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater, FL to get us all pumped for the upcoming 2008 event.
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