Dan Empfield is publisher of this site. He (me) is (was) the founder of Quintana Roo bicycles/wetsuits, and his (my) last respectable position was as head of the bicycle division for Saucony, Inc., which included running Quintana Roo, which he (I) sold to Saucony in 1995, Real Design, Merlin Metalworks, and the United States Triathlon Series.

Jim Riccitello has a stream-of-consciousness writing style and a dog-eared passport that makes him sort of the Kerouack of triathlon. This comparison does not exactly stop at literary exploits. Anyone who's viewed the sport from the inside for any period of time will have stories about the wilder days, invariably involving Scott Molina, Kenny Souza, Paul Huddle, or Scott Tinley, often accompanied by Jimmy. He is the guy you want at your party, and his writing, fortunately, translates the spirit to print.

Scott Molina, aka "The Terminator." There are more stories about Molina than any other triathlete, simply because Scott has done more. If you who is the most fearless of them all, Molina is the unanimous choice. He's still, though in his 40s and no longer a top pro athlete, engaged in legend-making, as with his Epic Camp series as evidence.

Amy White writes a regular column, which you'll find under the heading Lanterne Rouge. She is the one voice of reason on Slowtwitch.

Mark Montgomery, aka Monty, began his multisport career in the early 70's as a lifeguard working the beaches of Los Angeles County. His forte was the "Lifeguard Ironman" which included swimming, running paddling, rowing, and kayaking. In 1978 he began training for his first triathlon and won his first 3 races. Since then Mark has over 60 multisport wins in over 400 races during a 15 year pro career as a triathlete and bike racer.