Multisport as a Lifestyle

If you're wondering about the "Editorial Stand" of SlowTwitch, we're happy to tell you right here about a particular bee in our bonnet. Triathlon has been considered, by any and all triathlon media from time immemorial (that's 20 years), as a competitive phenomenon only--which is inaccurate, small-minded, uncreative, and downright offensive to some (including ourselves).

To wit, our friend Stephen Fleck has done a 9:04 Ironman and recently reflected that, although this executive for Sugoi clothing still swims, bikes, and runs, he sometimes feels shy about calling himself a triathlete, since he no longer races.

Why is it that surfers don't train, they simply surf? Likewise rock climbers, mountain bikers, tennis players, really everyone besides triathletes. We don't swim, bike, and run, we train. The implication is that we aren't particularly enjoying the fruits of our labor now, we are enduring the drudgery for a payoff that will occur down the line.

Celebrating the notion that multisport can be its own reward separate from the race, SlowTwitch has instituted a section herein where multisport achievements, excursions, adventures and get-togethers are described and recounted. None involve waivers, entry fees, awards. But they do qualify you for something (more on that below).

We'll also delve into other issues here which are peripheral to triathlon, but central to the enjoyment of the outdoors as multisport athletes.