When you see that a company name below is linked, that means we've completed our overview of that company's entry-level road bikes (roughly $500 to $1500). Unlinked companies are those that are still being researched. These products are not necessarily road tested or reviewed in depth, they are simply presented. If there is a Slowtwitch road test on a current or prior model, we'll have provided a link from our overview to the more in-depth test.

Obviously there are lots of road bike options—there are probably 300 companies making road race bikes for sale, maybe more. We've picked less than a dozen. Why our selection below? The bikes below are what we'd term entry-level and mid-price range road race bikes, those we think might be interesting to triathletes who are either just entering the sport (and for whom we may recommend a road-geometry bike instead of a tri-specific bike) or those who are looking for a reasonably priced road race bike to augment their tri bike.

If you are a seasoned triathlete and have the means you may choose a bike above the price ranges we're covering below. For example, we won't cover Trek's OCLV series below, because they cost more than the bikes on the list below.

To see what kind of bike we recommend for particular riders, visit our Bike Picker.