What follows is an overview of wetsuits for the 2005 model year. When you see this icon you'll know it's the 2005 products you're reading about. This is distinct from a product review in that this is not an in-depth look at any particular product, but a reasonably close examination of that what each manufacturer offers. Click below for other articles on the site that pertain to wetsuits:

This overview is being written by Slowtwitch publisher Dan Empfield (me) and I ought to disclose up-front a maze of criss-crossing conflicts of interest. First, I was the founder and owner of Quintana Roo, and while I've been unaffiliated with that company since 1999 I've got a fondness both for the brand and the people there whom I still know. Then there's Aquaman, an advertiser here on Slowtwitch (SWIM CENTER), and its U.S. distributor Emmanuel Millet, who is an awfully nice person and a pleasure to work with. Finally, there is T1, a division of De Soto Clothing Company, Inc. I was an original partner in De Soto, and its president Emilio De Soto is a good friend of mine. I also designed the T1 wetsuit and, in keeping with the truism "nobody works for free," it is axiomatic that there must be a fiduciary element to the deal in there somewhere. T1 is also an advertiser on this site (as you can see at the top of this page). The reader must therefore run everything I write through the money filter.