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F.I.S.T. BASIC Bike Fit Workshop Deposit

F.I.S.T. BASIC Bike Fit Workshop Deposit
Price: $495.00

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Fit Institute Slowtwitch (F.I.S.T.) produces affordable, 5-day workshops that equip bike shop professionals with every knowledge-based tool required execute a perfect fit for each customer.

All of our BASIC workshops are now 5-day, and consist of road fit training (Mon/Tue), 1 day of pedal/shoe interface with Paul Swift (Wed) and tri bike fit (Thur/Fri).

1. F.I.S.T. Workshops are described in detail here.

2. The location of the workshops, directions, and so forth, can be found here.

3. Each 5-day workshop costs $1495, not including room and board. When you register here, you'll be charged $495 as a deposit. You'll pay the balance on the second day of the two-day workshop.

4. We do not provide transportation to and from airports. It’s by far preferable to rent a car, and cheaper than a shuttle.

5. Most attendees stay next door at a B&B run by ex pro triathlete Mark Montgomery. This is not mandatory, just typical. There is always room at the B&B for all attendees, but you must make a separate reservation for accommodations. You may reach Mark Montgomery at 310-990-1400 or via email:

2018 Workshop schedule:

November 6 - November 10, 2017: F.I.S.T. BASIC: Full
February 12 - February 16, 2018: F.I.S.T. BASIC: Available
Further 2018 Workshop Schedule TBD

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