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Gravel Bikes and Tire Radius

: When shopping for a gravel bike, there are 3 imperatives for me: cockpit geometry; tire clearance; and intended tire radius.

SRAM Expands its Expansive Gearing From Force to RED

: A poem should not Mean, but Be. It's sort of like that with the RED eTAP AXS 36T Max.

A Former Pro Triathlete Hits the Gravel

: After a foot injury ended Barrett Brandon’s pro triathlon career, the Texas native pounced on a job at Utah's Ventum.

Paula Findlay Comes Full Circle with Specialized

: Specialized proves it's doubling down on long-course athlete support, signing the reigning PTO Champion.

Zwift Duathlon Racing is Here

: For those fortunate enough to have both a cycling and running Zwift set-up, multisport racing will commence Wednesday, February 17th.

What is Zwift Steering Like?

: There are now two really good ways to steer in Zwift: Elite STERZO Smart and the Wahoo KICKR Bike. Here's what it looks like.

The Determined Zwift Badge Hunter

: Josh Hageman currently has 143 known Zwift badges to his name and is ready for any new ones to come, but he finds challenges in many other places too.

Lucy Charles-Barclay Moves to CUBE Bicycles

: Fan favorite and three-time Kona runner-up Lucy Charles-Barclay moves to CUBE, and to DT Swiss and Schwalbe

Formula SpeedLock

: How we all, in triathlon, don't know about this product is a mystery. But I know about it now, and so now will you.

F3 FormMount: One Mount to Rule Them All?

: If there is one computer/light/camera mounting system that can do it all, this is probably it.

Slowtwitch Aerobic Points

: This simple, perhaps simplistic, way of measuring training volume has stood the test of time.

Slowman's Year End Listicle

: I hate listicles. So here's mine. The products and tech that changed my everyday training experience in 2020.

What to Expect When Traveling During COVID-19

: The pandemic isn't going away. Planning on a train-cation or a destination race in 2021? This is what you should expect.

Catching Up with Superstar Klodian Mitri

: The best thing about our sport? The people.

Sam Appleton's Giant Trinity Advanced Pro

: Giant might've had the best bang for athlete buck at Challenge Daytona with a 1st and 6th in the men's race. Here's one of the bikes.

ROKA Announces Progressive Lenses

: I use progressive lenses for driving, cycling and running, in and outdoor. Getting them in a sport lens is now one-stop shopping.

Paula Findlay Joins Us for Some Downtime

: We sit down with the inaugural PTO Champion, and you've got the chance to ask her questions.

Giro Helios Spherical

: Apparently, I've got a head problem. This translates into a helmet problem: finding helmets that work.

The Biggest Race of 2020

: As 2020 is winding down, racing heated up with the PTO Championships at Challenge Daytona.

Cervelo Caledonia Long Term Review

: Here is what I like and don't like about this bike. Spoiler alert: take a hard look at the most affordable bikes in the series.

Every Scar Has a Story; This Story is Adelaide Perr's

: Adelaide Perr is a coach, former professional triathlete, and a recently published author.

Zipp QuickView (It’s About Time)

: Yes it’s about time, but also about distance, power, vision, safety, data.

Catching Up with Eric Zaltas and the Re-birth of PowerBar

: PowerBar is a brand that has lived through a lot over the last 20+ years. Eric Zaltas has been right alongside for most of it.

Tri Bike Brands You Like

: Here are the 7 tri bike brands you'll buy next, along with why we think you chose as you did.

QR's PRfive Disc: Easy to Buy, and Easy to Live With

: Quintana Roo makes the case that, once you know your fit numbers, direct-to-consumer is a great purchasing option.
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