2018 IRONMAN Kona bike images – Women

The most striking example of the extraordinarily perfect conditions and the resulting speed breakthrough on the bike at Kona in 2018 comes from Daniela Ryf’s 4:26:07 split. Certainly the ideal weather – cooler than usual temps including zero wind on the climb to Hawi and newly paved smooth roads made a huge difference. As did the inadequate 12-meter minimum distance to remain legal and free of drafting penalties.

As a result, Ryf’s bike split surpasses many of the top pro men’s bike splits in the past decade. Her bike time was faster than these notables: 2008 winner Craig Alexander and men’s fastest rider Eneko Llanos; 2010 winner Chris McCormack and the year’s fastest rider Timo Bracht; 2012 winner Pete Jacobs and the year’s fastest rider, Sebastian Kienle; and 2016 men’s winner Jan Frodeno.

While 32 women broke 5 hours on the bike leg at Kona this year, no woman broke 5 hours until Natascha Badmann rode 4:53:47 in 1996.

All photographs © Timothy Carlson

Daniela Ryf (SUI)
Felt FRD IA Disc

Ryf smashed the Kona women's bike record with a 4:26:07 split that was 18:12 better than the previous mark set in 2011 by fellow Swiss and Olympic cycling medalist Karin Thürig.

Lucy Charles (GBR)
Specialized S-Works Shiv Disc

Charles rode the women's second-fastest 4:38:10 bike split on her way to an 8:36:34 second place overall finish.

Anne Haug (GER)

Haug rode the women’s 13th-fastest 4:47:45 split to get 3rd overall in 8:41:58. This year she scored 3rd place finishes at the Ironman 70.3 and Ironman World Championships.

Sarah True (USA)
Specialized S-Works Shiv Disc

True rode the women’s 16th- best 4:49:19 bike split to get 4th overall in 8:43:43.

Mirinda Carfrae (AUS)
Felt FRD IA Disc

Carfrae rode the women's 12th–best 4:46:05 bike split to finish in 5th place in 8:50:45.

Sarah Crowley (AUS)
Canyon Speedmax CF SLX

Crowley rode the women’s 5th-quickest 4:43:09 split on her way to 6th place in 8:52:30.

Kaisa Sali (FIN)

Sali rode the women’s 7th-best 4:44:31 split on her way to 7th overall in 8:54:28.

Angela Naeth (CAN)
Scott Plasma 5

Naeth rode the women’s 4th-fastest 4:42:25 split to earn 8th overall in 8:57:36.

Corinne Abraham (GBR)
Scott Plasma 5

Abraham rode the women’s 3rd-best 4:38:16 bike split to finish 9th in 8:57:55.

Linsey Corbin (USA)
Trek Concept

Corbin rode the women’s 15th-fastest 4:48:29 bike split on her way to 10th overall in 8:58:58.

Top bike splits for women outside the Top 10 overall

Mareen Hufe (GER)

Hufe rode the women's 6th-best 4:43:50 bike split on her way to 13th overall in 9:06:35.

Heather Jackson (USA)
Argon 18 E-119 TRI+

Jackson rode the women’s 8th-best 4:44:45 split on her way to 14th overall in 9:09:16.

Lisa Hütthaler (AUT)

Hütthaler rode the women’s 9th-fastest 4:44:59 bike split but fell back to 38th place woman in 9:46:50.

Carrie Lester (AUS)
Canyon Speedmax SLX

Lester rode the women’s 11th-best 4:46:02 split but did not finish.

Rachel McBride (CAN)
Diamondback Andean

McBride rode the women’s 14th-quickest 4:48:15 bike split before fading to 31st woman in 9:34:09.