Enhanced Race Results: Ironman Hawaii and Ironman Florida 2010

Click the link to download a copy of the MSExcel file Ironman Florida 2010 Enhanced Results.

Also, finally, here is the MSExcel file Kona 2010 Enhanced Results.

The good news is this now done by a robot so results should be more accurate and consistent. The bad news is I programmed the robot so it may be consistently inaccurate - let me know if you see any problems.

I used this as an opportunity to revise the enhanced race results template so that it includes a bit (ok, a lot) more information, including:
-Gender rank for all categories (thanks to Suzy for this suggestion - appparently Men really are from Mars and Women really are from Venus because this had not occured to me until she mentioned it).
-Age Group and Gender rank for each timing point (including ones I calculate)

And before anyone comments, yes, I realize this is getting completely overwhelming in terms of the number of columns that are now available
- I tried to mitigate this a bit with some formatting.

I'm working on a few additional features and will be "open sourcing" this soon (i.e. releasing my formulas/macros/processes) so that you'll be able to generate results for any race on your own. I'll still be doing the big races and posting them on Slowtwitch, but this way I won't be the bottleneck for other races you're interested in.

As always, comments, corrections, suggestions, cheques, etc. to craigdharris@slowtwitch.com are welcome.

[Editor's Note: we all owe a big thank you to Slowtwitch forum regular CHarris, who was kind enough to let me rope him into this project. Thanks Craig!]