More from Slowtwitch's Road Show at Tri Shop

Slowtwitch's Road Show stop at Tri Shop highlighted an all-things-triathlon weekend at the Plano, Texas based store.

Out of towners knew they had arrived to the right place!

Body work treatment awaited riders returning from one of the shop's morning group rides. Here Raul Cardenas prepares for a full day to be spent on his feet inside the store.

Others hopped right inside, skipping the body work lines, to get first pass at the breakfast table.

Throughout the day, seminars were held inside Tri Shop's dedicated "Performance Center". Here Richard Garza, Master's swimming coach at Texas Ford Aquatics, leads attendees through a series of stretches.

After stretching, Garza put Tri Shop's Endless Pool to good use and showcased bad habits swimmers should look to avoid in the water.

'nuff said.

A constant stream of cyclists wheeled bikes in throughout the day for fits and service.

There were a seemingly endless supply of go-getter employees at Tri Shop willing to lend a helping hand.

Cobb Cycling's Rachel Olson kicked off the day of seminars with a talk designed to better prepare and educate women on what to look for in a bike saddle.

Following her presentation, the fleet-footed Olson, who is a top amateur triathlete with aspirations in the sport, met one of the sport's legends, Michellie Jones, who was in town to share her triathlon experiences.

During her talk, Jones' Olympic silver medal, was passed around for attendees to inspect and admire. Thanks to Martha for showcasing it here.

In a studio separate from the Performance Studio bike fits took place throughout the day. Slowman himself presided over many of these.

Various tables were set up throughout the store offering samples, including Generation UCAN's shown here.

George and Barrett from Allied Cycle Works showed off their Alfa. Allied was the creation of former Orbea USA's head honcho Tony Karklins and is a bicycle company made and based out of Little Rock, Arkansas.

A family cheers on Dad as he mashes his way over 600 watts in a Zwift demo station set up in the shop.

It wasn't all about the bike though.

Outside the shop ProShift had a demo showcasing their automatic gear shifting unit that works with Shimano DI2, SRAM ETAP and Campagnolo EPS systems.

A closer look at the ProShift head unit.

Back inside there were plenty of door prizes on offer to be won.

A common staple of Slowtwitch Road Shows are local pizza and beer offerings.