Rappstar's 2nd Annual Ironman Arizona World Bicycle Relief Charity Challenge

Hello again. It's hard to believe a year has passed since the first ever Rappstar Charity Challenge. For those that don't know me, my name is Jordan Rapp. I'm a professional triathlete from the USA. Since I spend most of my time training, I don't get out much, so you might know me online, where I spend most of my non-training time, as "Rappstar" on Slowtwitch.com, Twitter, and elsewhere. But I'm not important. What is important is this organization, World Bicycle Relief.

On November 21, 2010, I will be racing at Ironman Arizona in Tempe. Every day that I’m out training, I know I’m making a difference in my own chances for winning the race. I am fortunate enough to be able to “make my own luck.” But, for many kids in Africa, that is not the case so I’m hoping that I can change their luck. Last year, I held this raffle and raised $22,675 for WBR. So this year the goal is to beat last year's total, so I've set a goal of $25,000.

$25,000 will change an entire community’s luck in rural Zambia by bringing bikes to almost 200 secondary school children who face extremely long commutes – some of them walking close to 4 hours just to reach school – and also provide the supplies and training of 2 new field mechanics to care for those bikes. Just think, in the same time you complete your marathon portion of the Ironman, these kids are just getting to school. But, unlike you and I, who have a place to rest our feet after the hard day, they’ll have to do it all over again at the end of the day. So, why not take the step and provide a bike by joining World Bicycle Relief and my raffle and help give back through the power of bicycles.

Many of my sponsors have been very generous in providing prizes for a raffle that we will be doing starting the day after the Ironman, Monday November 23rd. The raffle will be done electronically, so you don't have to be there. We will do the raffle on a roll-down system. So the first winner will get first pick of prizes, second place gets second choice, etc.

You can donate ANY amount, but ONLY donations of $134 (the cost of one bicycle) will get you a raffle "ticket." For every multiple of $134 that you donate, you get another entry into the raffle. $268 buys you two tickets, $402 buys you three, $536 buys you four, etc.

To enter the raffle, you can donate online at:

If you want to snail-mail, you can do that to:
World Bicycle Relief
Attn: Katie Bolling (Rappstar Raffle)
1333 Kingsbury Street
4th floor
Chicago, IL 60642

Raffle tickets will be assigned automatically from the donations, so please make sure to give us an email or phone number (or both) that we can reach you at.

You can donate ANY amount, but ONLY donations of $134 (the cost of one bicycle) will get you a raffle "ticket." For every multiple of $134 that you donate, you get another entry into the raffle. $268 buys you two tickets, $402 buys you three, $536 buys you four, etc.

For my part, I will be donating 10% of my prize money from the race, rounded up to the nearest whole bicycle amount. For example, last year when I won, the prize money for that was $8,500. Ten percent of that is $850. $850 divided by $134 is 6.3, so in that case, I rounded up and donated seven bicycles - $938. This year, I'm again gunning for first place, which yields a prize of $12,500, so even more bicycles!

You can help me change the world through simple sustainable transportation!

Thanks for your support!

Jordan "Rappstar" Rapp


Now, what are the prizes? They are good! Below I've listed each company and what they have provided. I will be updating this list as I collect more prizes, so please check back often.

1st Endurance prize packs: *TWO* "Fuel Like A Pro" Prize Packs. Complete FirstEndurance system with enough product to fuel an athlete for three months of hard training. Comes with an initial consult to determine best breakdown of products (bars, gels, etc.). (MSRP $500+, total contribution $1000+)

First Endurance integrates the latest clinical research with the input from the best cyclists, runners and triathletes in the world to provide the ultimate endurance-specific sports nutrition.


Speedplay prize pack: set of chrome-moly Zero pedals, a Speedplay hat or beanie, t-shirt, and socks

The performance features of the Speedplay Zero Pedal System read like a pro racer’s wish list. No other pedal system comes close to offering the superior adjustability or cutting-edge performance features of the Zero. By thinking "outside the box", we created and patented the most technically advanced pedal system ever, featuring your choice of either a fixed position or up to 15 degrees of micro-adjustable float. Once you compare the features of Zero pedals to any other brand, you'll find that other pedals systems are no match.


PersonalBestNutrition.com prize pack: Complete nutritional evaluation ($500 value) AND $134 product Gift Certificate

Personal Best Nutrition (PBN) has been servicing the unique needs of endurance athletes for over 15 years providing detailed nutritional analysis on every aspect of your training and racing. PBN also carries a full array of nutrition products such as Gatorade Endurance, CarboPro, EFS, Cytomax, Optygen, GU, Endurox R4, Accelerade, Salt Caps, etc.... virtually EVERYTHING you need from a nutritional perspective to race at your BEST this season.


Kiwami USA prize packs: *TWO* $150 gift certificates (two separate prizes, total contribution $300)

KiWAMi was created in 2003 by triathletes Craig & Hélène Watson (nee Salomon). After ten years of international competition, and nearing the end of their own careers, Hélène and Craig decided to embark on providing future generations of triathletes with something that had not been readily unavailable in top quality during their racing careers: quality garments that are purposely designed and produced for triathlon competition.


True-Motion prize pack: T-Zero Jacket, hoodie, long sleeve t-shirt, polo shirt, t-shirt (MSRP $277)

True-Motion sportswear was founded by a group of four passionate triathletes whose vision was to create casual sportswear that people feel good about wearing. We offer cool styles and comfortable fabrics to embrace the active lifestyle. There are numerous offerings of technical apparel available to today’s athlete, but what do you wear when you are done training and racing? That is how True-Motion was born. We want to be the after race, after training, or just hanging out on a Saturday afternoon brand of choice. So whether you are a fierce competitor, a promising novice, or simply a passionate spectator, off the field/court/roads you’ll look like all three. Be True.


SaltStick prize packs: *TWO* winner's choice of SaltStick dispensers and capsules up to $100 in total value. (MSRP $100, Total Contribution $200)

Electrolyte capsules and dispensers powering World Champions. SaltStick Caps are the most comprehensive solid electrolyte source with sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and chloride to minimize muscle cramping and heat stress during training and endurance events. The only electrolyte capsule formulated to closely resemble the electrolyte profile lost in sweat, with a buffered salt composition that helps digestion and absorption. The unique SaltStick capsule dispenser fits inside aerobars, bicycle bars, and on running belts: Keeps capsules clean and dry.


Zipp prize pack: Zipp 101 wheelset with a pair of Zipp Tangente tires. (MSRP $1449)

The 101’s centerpiece is the first fully toroidal aluminum rim, developed in the wind tunnel with a proprietary profile curve extending across the braking surfaces. With this patented design, the 30mm-deep 101 can exceed the aerodynamic performance of V-shaped rims with much deeper aero profiles. And no shallow-profile design comes close to the 101 in the wind tunnel or on the road, where the 101 can save up to 42 seconds over 40km compared to the industry's benchmark aluminum wheelset.


SRAM prize packs: *TWO* SRAM Force complete groupsets. Winner's choice road or TT. (MSRP $1499, Total Contribution $3000)

The SRAM Force groupset brought DoubleTap to the world first. Evolutionary improvements mean its focus on professionals who value innovation and thrive at the far end of the cycling spectrum is unwavering. If you want performance and affordability, then SRAM Force products are a great choice to make.

Road groupset includes DoubleTap levers and choice of 110 or 130BCD cranks. TT includes R2C shifters, plug-in brake levers, and TT rings (130BCD).


Specialized prize pack: Globe Vienna 1 (size Medium ONLY). (MSRP $420)

The multi-tool of city bikes—as versatile, efficient and economical as they come. Once you realize your college 10-speed isn't what it used to be, go for this simple, clean and reliable bike built for your everyday commute, fitness break or casual loop. The Globe Vienna 1 can be found online here.


Spider-Tech contribution: Spider-Tech will match my 10% prize money donation to WBR!

SpiderTech Inc. is a newly formed company focused on the creation of innovative and effective functional medical products designed to approach pain management and myofascial dysfunction through the use of specialized elastic tape applications called “SpiderTech”.


Rich Cruse prize pack: Signed, large-format triathlon print. (MSRP priceless)

Superstar lensman and noted triathlon photographer Rich Cruse will donate a signed, large-format print of the winner's choosing from his extensive archive of stellar triathlon photos. Rich picked the sample image from my return to racing after my March 23rd accident; if the winner likes that picture, I will gladly sign it as well.


Quarq prize pack: Quarq Cinqo powermeter (spider ONLY). (MSRP $1495)

The CinQo Saturn - the second generation is here. Five arms, each precisely instrumented in a (patent pending) arrangement and now connected by the "Ring of Saturn". Add in the ANT+ Wireless Communication with the convenience of a user replaceable CR2450 battery and you've got Quarq Power! The Quarq CinQo is a bicycle powermeter that is integrated into the crankset of the bicycle. Specifically, the CinQo is a instrumented crank "spider" that mounts on specific production cranksets.

N.B.: This prize is the Cinqo only. The winner is responsible for providing or purchasing compatbile crank-arms and chainrings.


Eric Wynn prize pack: Signed, large-format triathlon print. (MSRP priceless)

One of the official photographers and videographers for many of the best known companies in the triathlon world, Eric Wynn will donate a signed, large-format print of the winner's choosing from his extensive archive of stellar triathlon photos. Eric shot many of the images from my win at IMAZ last year. If the winner wants a picture that Eric took of me, I will gladly sign it as well. And if the winner wants a photo of another pro athlete, we'll do our best to get that signed as well.


World Bicycle Relief prize pack: complete WBR "kit of choice." (MSRP $160)

The winner can have a choice of tri top, short sleeve bike jersey, shorts or bib shorts and socks (black or white). Store link here.

More prizes ARE on the way. Just working hard to call in favors to provide great prizes for all of you!