SRAMtastic! Zipp, SRAM, and Quarq gear up for World Bicycle Relief

We continue to move closer to our goal of $100,000 thanks to generosity and support of amazing folks like you! We're now sitting at almost $57,000 so far. That's another $26,000 on top of where we started following the kick-off dinner. Wow. That's a lot of bikes! But we're not done yet. As the company behind World Bicycle Relief, SRAM has brought together several prizes from various companies under the SRAM umbrella to really put some oomph towards getting us closer to the goal. The teams at SRAM, Zipp, and Quarq have all donated something amazing. So whether you're looking to own the road with a RED22 groupset, get dirty with a CX1 cyclocross groupset, fly on Zipp Firecrest wheels, or power up your ride with a Quarq Elsa power meter, now is the time to donate!

To enter the challenge, you can donate online at the URL below. Like last year, the Ironman Foundation has been very generous in hosting and handling the donation site for us (Thanks, IMF!!!).


As in past years, you can donate ANY amount, but ONLY donations of $134 or more (the cost of one bicycle) will make you eligible for prizes. For every multiple of $134 that you donate, you get another entry. $268 earns you double eligibility, $402 earns triple, etc. Donations of 5 bikes ($670) get you an extra spot. And donations of 10 bikes ($1340) get you an extra three spots. For more details, read the first article at the link below. Award drawing tickets will be assigned automatically from the donations, so please make sure to give us an email or phone number (or both) where we can reach you.

And now, onto the incredible offerings from SRAM, Zipp, and Quarq, a SRAM RED22 groupset (road or tri), a SRAM CX1 cyclocross groupset (also great for gravel bikes), a Zipp 606 (404 front and 808 rear) Firecrest wheelset (tubular or clincher), and a Quarq Elsa powermeter . MSRP - $1,725 + $844 + $2,865 + $1,650 = $7,070. (Four separate prizes.) WOW! The goal for this week is to exceed the value of SRAM's donations in donations. $1,000 a day will get us there. Please share. Please donate. You can change the world through the Power of Bicycles!

World Bicycle Relief was founded in early 2005 by FK Day, one of the executive vice-presidents of SRAM and brother of SRAM president Stan Day, after the December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that devastated much of Sri Lanka. FK and his wife, a documentary photographer, traveled to Sri Lanka and witnessed the devestation to Sri Lanka's infrastructure firsthand. Recognizing that transportation was a major limiter to the recovery of this small nation, FK founded World Bicycle Relief to put purpose-built bikes in the hands of the people who needed them most. Bicycles were able to navigate trails, battered roads, and more, transporting food, aid, water, and other supplies to those who needed it. And, as the country began to recover, it allowed people to rebuild the economy by allowing them to transport fish, goods, and more for trade and sale.

Seeing the clear impact of the power of bicycles, the World Bicycle Relief team made it their mission to, "mobilize people through the Power of Bicycles. We envision a world where distance is no longer a barrier to education, healthcare and economic opportunity." In that first year (2005), WBR distributed 6,100 bicycles. Last year, they distributed 47,200 bikes. So far, there are 211,441 bicycles in the field thanks to World Bicycle Relief. This incredible growth has landed WBR on the top-25 list of Barron's Most Effective Philanthropies, alongside the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Oprah's Angel Network, and more of the most prestigious charities in the world. All this without a major name or major financial backer behind. This was grassroots change, built quickly and powerfully by people donating their time and expertise, and by the recipients of these bicycles using them to make a difference in their own communities. It's an incredible organization and one that I'm hugely proud to be a part of.

Here, in a special video done just for all of you reading this and taking time to care, WBR founder FK Day and his brother Stan talk about the impact of this fundraiser on World Bicycle Relief and it's amazing mission.

Simple, sustainable bicycle transportation multiplies an individual's efficiency. Compared to walking, bikes improve access to education, healthcare and economic opportunity. They increase carrying capacity and accessible travel distance while decreasing the time it takes to commute to schools, clinics and markets. Student attendance increases by up to 28%; grades increase by up to 59%. Healthcare workers reach 40% more patients more often. Entrepreneurs travel 4X further, carrying 5X more goods, increasing profits by up to 50%.

HEALTHCARE Bicycles help Volunteer HIV/AIDS healthcare workers in rural Africa reach their clients more quickly and more often.

MICROFINANCE On a bike, entrepreneurs travel 4X further in ⅓ the time carrying 5X more goods, multiplying profits and opportunities.

EDUCATION With a bike, school attendance increases up to 28% and grades improve up to 59%, allowing students to pursue their dreams.

FIELD MECHANICS Skilled workers in rural Africa receive a bike, spare parts, tools and training to launch their own local bike businesses.

ENVIRONMENT South African families earn bikes in exchange for nurturing native saplings and collecting recyclable trash.

With six assembly facilities, World Bicycle Relief is empowering people across Africa. So far, they’ve provided bikes in Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Where will you take them next with your donation?

As a reminder, 100% of your contributions are tax deductible and will be directed back to World Bicycle Relief.

For those interested, you can also submit donations via traditional mail at this address:

World Bicycle Relief
Attn: Development
1333 N. Kingsbury Street
4th Floor
Chicago, IL 60642

Thanks for your support and commitment to WBR!