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BWR, AllRoad, and the Next Big Thing

: Strip away the hype, the marketing, even the competitive element. Does the Thing (that you’re hoping is Big) solve a problem?

Litespeed T5 gravel bike

: Dan Empfield had Litespeed make him a gravel bike and he dubbed that bike Freedom. Litespeed has pushed it even further and offers it as the T5 gravel.

Litespeed Freedom

: Litespeed's Brad Devaney and I conspired on a gravel bike and here it is, my current main squeeze. I call it the Freedom because that's what it means to me.

Barry Roubaix Recap

: We follow up on our intro to gravel racing with a short video, recap, and race report from the 2014 Barry Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race. We talk tires, gearing, and more.

Gravel Bike Details

: We provide an overview of a relatively new category of bikes: Those purpose built for gravel roads and gravel racing. What makes them unique? Do you want one?

Argonaut: Best in Show

: The Argonaut Cycles gravel racer was awarded Best in Show at the 2014 Handmade Bicycle Show and it is the first bike we noticed when we walked in.