This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: And Now We Run

With the start of our annual 100/100 Run Challenge, we've decided to take to the virtual streets of Watopia. Our 100/100 Challenge Support Runs help you check the box: 30 minutes of running -- no more, no less. These runs have pace bots coded in and we'll be rotating through a variety of courses and Slowtwitchers helping out along the way.

These runs, dubbed the Slowtwitch Indoors 100/100 Challenge Support Runs, will be held weekly at:

Monday, 7 AM Eastern
Monday, 7 PM Eastern
Wednesday, 7 AM Eastern
Wednesday, 7 PM Eastern

Slowtwitch Indoors Rides

After a few weeks of hills, we're headed to some flatter terrain for our Slowtwitch Indoors series. The work won't be any easier, though -- these workouts will continue to give you some serious bang for your training time buck.

Ride of the Valkyries
Our women's only workout will be on the Jungle Circuit -- the rolling resistance changes in-game shouldn't make much difference for our structured training events. This week's workout is dubbed "Keep It Together," which will be easier said than done. Be sure to have your FTP properly input into the game, and it might be a good time to do a calibration on that trainer.

Tuesday Structured Training
Sand and Sequoias will be our course this week, giving some good visual variety to what's going to be a bit of a leg burner. The workout name is "Go Go Go," and you'll be feeling it by the middle of this one. I tested it myself late last week -- get those fans going and make sure you've got an extra towel or two handy.

Rise and Grind
It's always full-tilt from the gun on our East Coast bracer, and this week will be no exception given the leader and sweeper combinations. This week, R&G will also be hosted on Sand and Sequoias. All groups will be using the fence in order to keep proper category segmentation, so be sure to register for the right group!

Hilly Vanilli
Our weekly chase ride will also now be activating the leader fence for the C and D groups -- we're looking to keep these groups together for the majority of the ride. Given the double-draft, this will also be advantageous as you try to stay away from the killer B's. This week will be on Tick Tock -- the draft will be more important than ever given how flat the ride is. Good luck!