This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: More Miles, More Smiles

2019 was a banner year for our Slowtwitch Indoors stable of Zwift events -- we've seen rapid expansion to encompass 4 weekly rides and 4 weekly runs. We see consistent ridership across all of our events and love hearing about our riders successes back out on the roads in races.

In 2020, we'll keep pushing the boat out across all of Zwift's worlds. What that will hold will be determined. But at the very least, it'll start with a full slate of events to kick things off.

100/100 Challenge Support Runs

This week's runs have all been extended out to "33" minutes. The number is in quotes as, I think everyone has noticed, the stated time does not necessarily match the total run time. Because we want to be sure that every Slowtwitch Indoors run will count for the purposes of the event it is serving, we added a little bonus time to make sure your miles make it into the Training Log leaderboard.

As always, our runs are at:
Monday, 7 AM Eastern
Monday, 7 PM Eastern
Wednesday, 7 AM Eastern
Wednesday, 7 PM Eastern

Slowtwitch Indoors Rides

Ride of the Valkyries
Our women's only structured training workout this week takes a lap around Watopia's Sand and Sequioas circuit. All of this month's structured training workouts will feature some type of musical inspiration, as the song sets the mood as I write the workout. For this ride, "Strange Part of Our Town" comes from an old single from The Strokes.

Tuesday Structured Training
Our original ride heads to the Jungle Circuit. Although you won't be going anywhere fast (either in-life or in-game due to the rolling resistance update), the group should stick together for 2 trips around the circuit. The workout is dubbed "Highs and Lows," with plenty of work avoiding the so-called Muddy Middle.

Rise & Grind
Our bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bunch of ride leaders eagerly await taking you through London on a thankfully flat-ish route this week. Don't take that as a signal the pedaling will be easy, though, as flat rides will frequently see groups coming apart at the midway point. Work together to use the draft as much as you can! Fences are active with the exception of sprints and the final five minutes.

Hilly Vanilli
The chase will be on early this week. With the Richmond UCI course, we'll see the Bs and Cs make moves each lap on the hillier second half to try and chase down the early-starting Ds. That said, though, if you make a break you'll want to bring company -- the flat sections see pack riding get significant benefit. Work together and have fun!