This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: Second Verse, Same as the First

We're fast approaching the midway marker of the 100/100 Challenge. I have fallen off the wagon long ago, but our faithful participants continue to log dutifully. Over 250 runners have at least 25 runs to their name so far, and nearly 100 are yet to miss a day.

Our weekday Challenge support runs continue to traverse the run-specific tracks of Watopia. Be on the lookout for a potential Slowman sighting during the evening sessions.

100/100 Challenge Support Run Schedule
Monday, 7 PM Eastern
Wednesday, 7 AM Eastern
Wednesday, 7 PM Eastern

Slowtwitch Indoors Rides

Similar to the run schedule, we're spending a lot of time in Watopia this week. The only exception is our Tuesday Structured Training event, which will be headed to London.

Ride of the Valkyries
Our women's only ride gets to experience last week's Structured Training workout, Highs and Lows. This one will scorch the legs in more ways than one -- you'll be pedaling the Whole Lotta Lava course. Be sure to get the coffee on board before riding!

Tuesday Structured Training
Off to London with you! Our Tuesday night group event will trundle along the flat roads in London. For a workout, you get to experience the Strange Part of Our Town. (Although, I suppose, if I were being correct to the source material, this ride should be in New York. I digress...)

Rise and Grind
Our early morning East Coast barnburner heads to Dust in the Wind this week. Be very smart to stay in the draft, or else you will be the dust in the wind and left far, far behind. As always, we please ask that you register for the correct group -- flyers will be fenced out. Pedal hard and often!

Hilly Vanilli
Last but not least, this week's Hilly Vanilli will also take a trip up and around the Volcano on Whole Lotta Lava. This should let users who get dropped the ability to latch back on as the groups head back around for another trip. This one is definitely going to favor the climbers in the group -- good luck and have fun!