This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: Slowtwitch Staff Thursday

Slowtwitch has long been an evangelist for Zwift. One doesn't need to look much further than the birth of Zwift in our Reader Forum to know that we really, really like Zwift.

Although you can frequently find us in riding and running around in Zwift via the Companion App, it's rare to find a dedicated time where you can run into some of the familiar faces and names from here at Slowtwitch. We thought we might change that a little bit. So, at least for this week, you can choose one of our two Thursday rides and just about be guaranteed a hello from one of us here at Slowtwitch, in addition to our ever-present ride leaders. Let's get down to business: here's what to expect if you join us in one of our events this week.

Ride of the Valkyries
Queue up the Guns n Roses, ladies: we're going to welcome you to the Jungle Circuit this week. We should likely get in two laps of the circuit during our hour-long workout this week, despite the slower surface that gravel provides in-game. Our workout this week is "Happy Hour," a bit less aggressive of a ride than the last few iterations of this ride. As always, if the workout is a bit too spicy for your taste, just turn ERG mode off or dial the bias down in the Companion App -- so long as you remain pedaling, you'll stay with the group.

Tuesday Structured Training
The original Slowtwitch Indoors event, and still one that you can frequently find Slowman himself on, Tuesday Structured Training will be heading to Richmond this week for The Fan Flats. It's a circuit that's easy to overlook if you're trying to earn your route badges in game, so we figured we'd get some strong laps in and check that off your completion checklist. This workout is another Dan classic: In Place of Motorpace.

Rise and Grind
My personal favorite ride of the week, the East Coast early morning sufferfest heads to an old favorite of the ride leading team: the Innsbruckring. This ride will feature yours truly, hanging out in the C group this week with the red sweeper beacon. Alex, Mark, and Shaun are your respective ride leaders across the B, C, and D categories. As always, we'll run a neutral first lap before contesting the sprint on each subsequent lap. We'll run category maxes on the legsnapper climb shortly before the run into the sprint: 4.0 for Bs, 3.2 for Cs, and 2.5 for Ds. Work together and have fun!

Hilly Vanilli
You'll find Slowtwitch contributors across all of our groups this week, so no matter if you're a B, C, or D cyclist, you'll find someone from Slowtwitch there! This week we head to London for the Keith Hill After Party. This event-only loop should keep respective groups together until the final climb. Work together, everyone!

Casual Fridays
Our newest ride, partnered with our friends at Every Man Jack, it's all designed to have a good chat with a few efforts sprinkled in to prep you for a long weekend of training or racing. Sean Hale is both your fearless ride leader and author of this week's workout. We'll be lapping the Watopia Flat course -- another route that's easy to overlook on your quest to check off all the route badges in Zwift.

Slowtwitch Indoors Runs

Speaking of places that it's easy to find Slowtwitchers on Zwift, the most popular place in all of Watopia to run is May Field. That's where you can find us every Monday and Wednesday, 7 AM and 7 PM Eastern, putting out some miles for 30 to 35 minutes at a time. Pace is as conversational or speedy as you'd like to make it, and we'll be there to provide some positive vibes as you're getting your miles in. You'll never know who might make a guest appearance on the track at the same time.

We'll see you on Zwift!