This Week's SlowZwift Events

Ride of the Valkyries, women’s only ride, Kelly Burns Gallagher leads this week. I tweaked last week’s Tuesday Structured Training workout just for this week’s Valkyries. I call it "Rainbow Grotto," because it’s so pretty when you look at the workout profile from inside the Game.

I just finished my Tuesday Structured training workout for this week, which is called, "The Sea, the Sea, the Sea." It will become apparent why, if you ride it with me Tuesday.

Could someone win a literary award for the Zwift workouts he or she writes? I don’t know why not. If rap or rock lyrics qualify, why not insightful prose inside of a structured training workout? I’ve begun to write mine with this in mind, and I promise that if you ride these workouts with me, I'll take you through all sorts of emotions.

Here are the profiles of this week’s structured training events…

Last week, I didn’t think I could finish the whole 70 minutes of the Hilly Vanilli. One of our group took off early on a solo ride, and stayed away the whole time. The C group caught us (the D group) at 55 minutes. Great ride.

I got a call from Ian Murray this afternoon. He just rode his first three Zwift rides. He doesn’t know why it took him this long to start Zwifting. (Nobody ever listens to me.) Here are our Zwift events this week, and each lasts just around an hour:

Tuesday, 6am Eastern: Ride of the Valkyries
Tuesday, 4pm Pacific: Tuesday Structured Training
Thursday, 5:30am Eastern: Slowtwitch Rise & Grind
Thursday, 3:55pm (D), 4:00pm (C) and 4:05pm (B) Pacific: Hilly Vanilli

What I do, I go right away, click the link, enter the event, done. Then I don't have to remember if I entered. So, right there. Above. Click... the... link. Enter. Hit back button. Click the next link. Rinse and repeat.