Watts Up in Watopia: Three Days of Yumezi

This week marks a prime opportunity to spend time in Yumezi, Makuri Islands earning route badges and XP. You can spend three days in a row this week (Oct 5-7) and another three days in a row coming in two weeks (Oct 18-20) in Zwift’s latest world.

It’s no secret that a fast way to level up in the game is to pick up route badges and the bonus XP. With a total of 2,520 XP on offer in Makuri Island for route badges and another 2,616 XP (miles) or 2,804 XP (km) for the distance you will cover, you can put a serious dent in reaching the next level. Most of the routes are flat, and only three of the routes feature lead ins, making for an efficient use of your time gaining XP.

Yumezi Route Details

New Routes (August 19)
Valley To Mountaintop: 5km (3.1 miles) | 130.5m (427’) | 100 XP
Farmland Loop: 7.8 km (4.8 miles) | 57m (187’) | 155 XP

New Routes (July 14)
Kappa Quest Reverse: 14.2km (8.8 miles) | 273m (896’) | 180 XP
Suki’s Playground: 18km (11.5 miles) 150m (492’) | 365 XP

Original Routes (May 2021)
Chain Chomper: 13.6km (8.5 miles) | 184m (604’) | 270 XP
Countryside Tour: 15.8km (9.8 miles) | 185m (607’) | 310 XP
Flatland Loop: 13.0km (8.1 miles | 99m (325’) | 260 XP
Kappa Quest: 9km (5.6 miles) | 139m (456’) | 180 XP
Sea to Tree: 3.2km (2.0 miles) | 107m (351’) | 65 XP
Spirit Forest: 8.4km (5.2 miles) | 134m (440’) | 170 XP
Three Village Loop: 10.5km (6.5 miles) | 92m (302’) | 210 XP
Two Village Loop: 12.8km (8 miles) | 88m (289’) | 255 XP

Check out what we have planned this week on Zwift.

Guest World Schedule

Here’s this week’s guest worlds, so you can plan to earn some of the route badges you are missing:

Monday: France & Paris
Tuesday: Makuri Islands & New York
Wednesday: Makuri Islands & New York
Thursday: Makuri Islands & New York
Friday: London & Yorkshire

Slowtwich Indoors Event Preview (All Times Eastern)

Go to Zwift Events to sign up for these rides and runs.

Monday Group Run, 7:00 AM & 7:00 PM
Join us for a group run on the virtual track of May Field that will kick start your week.

Tuesday Ride of the Valkryies Workout (Women Only), 6:00 AM
This event is by and for women. It’s an almost no-drop, rubber-banded Structured Training workout, featuring a warm-up, set of intervals, and a cool-down. This week’s workout is Who Wants a Rest Week?

Tuesday Structured Training, 7:00 PM
Our Tuesday ride features triathlon-focused cycling workouts written by coaches and pro athletes affiliated with Slowtwitch. The workouts last 60 minutes and will help add variety and interest to your weekly training schedule. This week’s workout is Sweet Spot + Some VO2.

Wednesday Group Run, 7:00 AM & 7:00 PM
A more scenic group run on the Quatch Quest course.

Thursday Rise & Grind, 5:35 AM
This workout is a 55-minute early morning bracer for the East Coast crowd. Be sure to get a warm-up in and enter the staging area at least 5 minutes before the start. The groups will be fenced with the exception of designated KOMs and sprints, as well as the last 10 minutes of the ride. This ride is double-drafted, so don’t let gaps open up, or you’ll be off the back quickly!

Thursday Hilly Vanilli Chase, 6:55 PM
This double-drafted ride uses a chase format with the D group getting a 5-minute head start on the C group, which will get a further 5-minute head start on the B group. The goal is to have all three groups complete roughly the same amount of distance by the end of the ride. The D and C groups will utilize the fence until they are caught by the group behind. Teamwork is key to the groups catching or staying away. Gather some friends and get them organized to chase!

Friday Festina Lente, 9:00 AM
This structured training workout is designed to get you geared up for the weekend. Roughly translated as “make haste, slowly,” Festina Lente features a workout that will get your engine running but still leave some in the tank for the big rides and races you have planned for the weekend. This ride is led by members of the Kanberra Cycling Team as lead beacon. August will feature a progression of four workouts designed by Craig Polston of EVOQ.BIKE. This week’s workout is Threshold + Bursts.

Other Events to Watch For

Black Celebration Series
Zwift is committed to celebrating and highlighting the vibrance and joy that the Black community brings to the game. The series often features rides and runs with inspirational athletes, local leaders, and friends during special group events through the month of October (Black History month in UK, Ireland, and Netherlands) and beyond. On Tuesday morning at 7:30 AM, you can run 5k with Olympic gold medalist, Mo Farah. Across his career, Farah has had incredible range as a distance athlete with PRs as fast as 1:48 in the 800m and 2:05 in the marathon.

Workout of the Week
The Zwift workout of the week features a substantial amount of time at VO2 and Threshold fit within an hour. This workout hits hard in the beginning with some 15 and 30 second efforts and then settles in to some over/under intervals with some sweet spot. The workout culminates with a 1-minute ramp into the upper reaches of your VO2 before relaxing into a cooldown. Throw this one into your mix on Wednesday.