Watts Up in Watopia: Tour of Watopia

The 2023 Tour of Watopia kicks off on Monday, March 6th with cycling and running options.

The theme for the tour this season is DOUBLE. You can earn double XP, and PowerUps during the stages have double duration. Additionally, you can complete the stages as many times as you want, earning double XP each time. Add this to any route badges that you pick up along the way, and you will accelerate your leveling through mid-April.

Check out the leveling guides for cycling and running to chart your progress and see what unlocks await you at each level. Remember if you are already at the level cap of 60 for cycling or 30 for running, you continue to accumulate XP that will be applied gradually after the next raise of the level caps.

Stage 1 The Flats: March 6 – 12
Stage 2 Long Haul: March 13 – 20
Stage 3 Queen Stage: March 20 – 26
Stage 4 Jungle Love: March 27 – April 2
Stage 5 Vicory Lane: April 3 - 9
Makeup Week: April 10 – 16

As before, the cycling tour has three routes and a women’s only option to choose from for each stage.

Completing stages in the tour will unlock the Tour of Watopia 2023 cap (1 stage), shoes (3 stages), and kit (5 stages).

Stage 1 Splash and Dash: March 6 – 12
Stage 2 Two Bridges Loop: March 13 – 20
Stage 3 Dust in the Wind: March 20 – 26
Stage 4 Jungle Circuit: March 27 – April 2
Stage 5 Volcano Circuit: April 3 - 9
Makeup Week: April 10 – 16

Completing stages in the Tour will unlock the Tour of Watopia 2023 hat (1 stage), shoes (3 stages), and run shirt and shorts (5 stages)

March is Dedicated to Women

Throughout the month of March, celebrate Women’s History Month with women’s only rides sponsored by a number of clubs and groups. On International Women’s Day on March 8th, ride with women leaders who represent many different domains focused on women’s equality, including:

Holly Woodford, Sammy Perry, Dora Sari, Karla Williams, Catrina Weiss, Lexi Brown, Elly Sykes, Charlotte Backus, Ashleigh Moolman Pasio, Neve Bradbury, Ricarda Bauernfeind, Louise Vardeman, Katie Kookaburra, Ayesha McGowan, Monica Schlange, Sharon Leeming, Devin Cowens, Chantale Burke, Monilee Keller, Gracie Elvin, Michelle Crick, Jenn Arnold, Carlee Taylor, Letti Melbz, and Lena Meissner.

There are also Women’s Celebration Runs offered at regular intervals through the day on March 8th.

Here’s what we at Slowtwitch have planned for the rest of the month.

Slowtwich Indoors Event Preview (All Times Eastern)

Go to Zwift Events to sign up for these rides and runs.

Monday 100/100 Group Run, 7:00 AM & 7:00 PM
Join us for a group run on the virtual track of May Field that will kick start your week. Don’t forget that each of the five ride workouts and five run workouts have a short and long option. Rather than canceling a workout when you are crunched for time, you can complete the short version and still reap the benefits of the program.

Tuesday Ride of the Valkryies Workout (Women Only), 6:00 AM
This event is by and for women. It’s an almost no-drop, rubber-banded Structured Training workout, featuring a warm-up, set of intervals, and a cool-down.

Tuesday Structured Training, 7:00 PM
Our Tuesday ride features triathlon-focused cycling workouts written by coaches and pro athletes affiliated with Slowtwitch. The workouts last 60 minutes and will help add variety and interest to your weekly training schedule.

Wednesday Group Run, 7:00 AM & 7:00 PM
A more scenic group run on the Quatch Quest course.

Thursday Rise & Grind, 5:35 AM
This workout is an early morning bracer for the East Coast crowd. Get your work done before heading off to work.

Thursday SWIFT Ride, 6:55 PM
The newest ride to the Slowtwitch Indoors family, Slowtwitch SWIFT (Strong Women, It's Fun Together!) is here to bring another women's only ride to a slightly friendlier time slot. This ride will focus slightly more on strength-based work so bring those climbing legs. But even if you're feeling more like Mark Cavendish in the mountains of the Tour de France, so long as you keep the pedals moving, you'll stay with our group.

Friday Festina Lente, 9:00 AM
This structured training workout is designed to get you geared up for the weekend. Roughly translated as “make haste, slowly,” Festina Lente features a workout that will get your engine running but still leave some in the tank for the big rides and races you have planned for the weekend. This ride is led by members of the Kanberra Cycling Team as lead beacon.