Zwift Route Maps: Richmond

Updated 5/7/2020 to improve the route information table and provide updated information on each route.

Zwift includes a wide variety of routes in several worlds, and this gallery provides a collection of maps for the different routes in the Richmond world.

Modeled after the real city of Richmond, Virginia, USA, which hosted the 2015 UCI Worlds, Richmond was the first Zwift world outside of Watopia. In February 2020, Richmond got an extensive facelift, including new names for the routes. Richmond includes 3 routes, all based on the 2015 UCI Worlds course.

The following table and gallery provide more details on each route. Many of the routes in Zwift include a lead-in. The lead-in is the ride to the beginning of the circuit, so don't be surprised when it takes a bit longer than you thought it would to cover the expected distance.

Once you complete a route, you will get an Achievement Badge for the route and earn bonus Experience Points (XP), in addition to the XP you earn for covering the distance of the route. Earn your route badge and the next level up by finishing each route!

Richmond Routes


(miles / km)
(feet / m)


2015 UCI Worlds Course10.1 / 16.2515 / 1570.97%320
Cobbled Climbs5.7 / 9.2436 / 1331.45%180
The Fan Flats3.1 / 5.162 / 190.38%100

Richmond World Hack

If you want to ride Richmond whenever you like, there is a hack that is described in the main article in this series. For Richmond, use world code 2:


Richmond Maps

2015 UCI Worlds Course

Length: 10.1 miles / 16.2 km
Elevation Gain: 515 feet / 157 m
Average Grade: 0.97%
Bonus XP (Experience Points): 320

Modeled after the 2015 UCI Worlds course, this route takes you through the heart of Richmond, Virginia.

The Fan Flats

Length: 3.1 miles / 5.1 km
Elevation Gain: 62 feet / 19 m
Average Grade: 0.38%
Bonus XP (Experience Points): 100

Formerly known as "Prefer Flat Roads", this route covers the flatter portion of the Richmond 2015 UCI Worlds course.

Cobbled Climbs

Length: 5.7 miles / 9.2 km
Elevation Gain: 436 feet / 133 m
Average Grade: 1.45%
Bonus XP (Experience Points): 180

This route, formerly known as "Prefer Hilly Roads", covers the hillier portion of the 2015 UCI Worlds course.