Zwift Route Maps: Watopia (Part 1)

Zwift includes a wide variety of routes in several worlds, and this gallery provides a collection of maps for the different routes in the Watopia world. Because there are so many routes in Watopia, we’ve broken the routes up into two galleries, and you can find Watopia Part 2 here.

The following table and gallery provide more details on each route. For each map listed in the table below, we include the lead-in distance and elevation gain, if we know it (we’re in the process of riding all of these routes, so check back for updates). The lead-in is the ride to the beginning of the circuit, so you're not surprised when it takes a bit longer than you thought it would to cover the expected distance.

Once you complete a route, you will get an Achievement Badge for the route and earn Experience Points (XP), in addition to the XP you earn for each mile of the route.

Watopia Routes (Part 1)





Big Foot HillsTBDTBD41.92312TBD
Big LoopTBDTBD26.32162TBD
Bigger LoopTBDTBD33.02267TBD
Dust In The WindTBDTBD32.31902TBD
Figure 8TBDTBD18.4826TBD
Figure 8 ReverseTBDTBD18.4830TBD
Flat Route0.466.3196200
Four HorsemenTBDTBD55.56925TBD
Hilly Route0.145.7354180
Jungle Circuit3.8744.9269260
Mountain 8TBDTBD20.02263TBD
Mountain RouteTBDTBD18.32234TBD
Muir And The MountainTBDTBD21.12595TBD
Out And Back AgainTBDTBD24.81072TBD
Quatch QuestTBDTBD28.75600TBD

Watopia World Hack

Watopia is always available for riding, so there isn’t any need to hack it in order to ride any of these routes.

Big Foot Hills

Length (miles): 41.9
Elevation Gain (feet): 2312
XP (Experience Points) Earned: TBD

Big Loop

Length (miles): 26.3
Elevation Gain (feet): 2162
XP (Experience Points) Earned: TBD

Bigger Loop

Length (miles): 33.0
Elevation Gain (feet): 2267
XP (Experience Points) Earned: TBD

Dust In The Wind

Length (miles): 32.3
Elevation Gain (feet): 1902
XP (Experience Points) Earned: TBD

Figure 8

Length (miles): 18.4
Elevation Gain (feet): 826
XP (Experience Points) Earned: TBD

Figure 8 Reverse

Length (miles): 18.4
Elevation Gain (feet): 830
XP (Experience Points) Earned: TBD

Flat Route

Length (miles): 6.3
Elevation Gain (feet): 196
XP (Experience Points) Earned: 200

Four Horsemen

Length (miles): 55.5
Elevation Gain (feet): 6925
XP (Experience Points) Earned: TBD

Hilly Route

Length (miles): 5.7
Elevation Gain (feet): 354
XP (Experience Points) Earned: 180

Jungle Circuit

Length (miles): 4.9
Elevation Gain (feet): 269
XP (Experience Points) Earned: 260

Mountain 8

Length (miles): 20.0
Elevation Gain (feet): 2263
XP (Experience Points) Earned: TBD

Mountain Route

Length (miles): 18.3
Elevation Gain (feet): 2234
XP (Experience Points) Earned: TBD

Muir And The Mountain

Length (miles): 21.1
Elevation Gain (feet): 2595
XP (Experience Points) Earned: TBD

Out And Back Again

Length (miles): 24.8
Elevation Gain (feet): 1072
XP (Experience Points) Earned: TBD

Quatch Quest

Length (miles): 28.7
Elevation Gain (feet): 5600
XP (Experience Points) Earned: TBD