Zwift Routes: The Runners Only Club

A few months ago, we took an inventory of all of the official cycling routes in Zwift. As a runner, you can lace up your shoes and run any of those routes, but Zwift offers a nice selection of run-only routes in addition to the routes you can share with our two-wheeled friends. If you’re new to running in Zwift, check out our primer on how to get started, as well as our review of the Runn Smart Treadmill Sensor. Lace up your shoes, connect your sensors, and get ready to explore the virtual worlds of Zwift on foot!

Currently, there are 11 run-only routes in Zwift: 6 in Watopia and 5 in New York. From the 400m track at May Field in Watopia to the 9.2 mile Flat Irons course in New York's Central Park, the Zwift run-only routes offer a nice variety of sights and sounds for your entertrainment pleasure. The following table and gallery provide more details on each route.

Running Routes



(miles / km)
(feet / meters)

New YorkCouch to Sky K4.2 / 6.8219 / 67260
New YorkFlat Irons9.2 / 14.9479 / 146590
New YorkHudson Roll5.6 / 9.0262 / 80360
New YorkPark to Peak2.8 / 4.6410 / 125180
New YorkShuman Trail Loop1.6 / 2.529 / 9TBD
Watopia11.1 Ocean Blvd6.5 / 10.5154 / 47440
Watopia5K Loop3.1 / 5.098 / 30200
WatopiaChili Pepper4.9 / 8.0154 / 47320
WatopiaJon’s Route7.8 / 12.5190 / 58500
WatopiaMay Field.3 / .40 / 0TBD
WatopiaThat’s Amore4.0 / 6.4177 / 54225

Just like the cycling routes, you can earn Achievement Badges and bonus Experience Points (XP) for completing each of these routes. Your run profile is separate from your cycling profile, so you’ll earn XP at a different rate than you do as a cyclist, which helps you level up as a runner and earn new virtual run gear. Here’s a little tip for you, too: If you want to maximize your XP earnings, do running workouts - you’ll receive XP for covering the distance at the same rate per mile/km as you would if you weren’t doing a workout, plus you’ll earn XP for completing the segments of your workout. Zwift offers close to 50 pre-built run workouts, a run workout design tool so you can make your own, and 6 different run training plans. No matter what level of fitness you are at, you can find ways to enjoy Zwift on foot (you can walk, if you like, too!).

Of course, Zwift provides plenty of virtual social opportunities for runners, too. You’ll find that there are several running events and challenges available any day, including run festivals, races, group runs, and monthly challenges. Running in Zwift is fun, so if you’re looking for something to spice things up on the ‘ol “dreadmill”, do yourself a favor and check out what Zwift has to offer!

Couch to Sky K

World: New York
Length: 4.2 miles / 6.8 km
Elevation Gain: 219 feet / 67 m
Bonus XP (Experience Points): 260

Couch to Sky K includes a lap around the high roads of Central Park before you come back down to park level for a lap around the reservoir.

Flat Irons

World: New York
Length: 9.2 miles / 14.9 km
Elevation Gain: 479 feet / 146 m
Bonus XP (Experience Points): 590

Currently the longest run-only route in Zwift, Flat Irons consists of a trip around the Shuman Trail loop, a lap around Central Park, and one more trip around Shuman Trail.

Hudson Roll

World: New York
Length: 5.6 miles / 9.0 km
Elevation Gain: 262 feet / 80 m
Bonus XP (Experience Points): 360

This route includes a lap of the reservoir along with a trip around the Central Park inner loop.

Park to Peak

World: New York
Length: 2.8 miles / 4.6 km
Elevation Gain: 410 feet / 125 m
Bonus XP (Experience Points): 180

This relatively short route starts out in Central Park and takes you up the New York KOM. It is unique in that it is currently the only point-to-point run route in Zwift. Adjust your treadmill accordingly to maximize the effect!

Shuman Trail Loop

World: New York
Length: 1.6 miles / 2.5 km
Elevation Gain: 29 feet / 9 m
Bonus XP (Experience Points): TBD

A short, run-only loop around the reservoir in Central Park.

11.1 Ocean Blvd

World: Watopia
Length: 6.5 miles / 10.5 km
Elevation Gain: 154 feet / 47 m
Bonus XP (Experience Points): 440

As the name implies, this is 11.1 km that covers most of the run-only features of Watopia, including Run Valley, the beach path, and the ocean skyway. The advertised distance is 10.5 km when you fire up Zwift, but there is a bit of a lead-in before the start arch to get you the full 11.1 km.

5K Loop

World: Watopia
Length: 3.1 miles / 5.0 km
Elevation Gain: 98 feet / 30 m
Bonus XP (Experience Points):

This route gives you a full 5 km run-only path, starting in Run Valley, heading along the beach path, over the ocean skyway and through the hills before returning to the start.

Chili Pepper

World: Watopia
Length: 4.9 miles / 8.0 km
Elevation Gain: 154 feet / 47 m
Bonus XP (Experience Points): 320

To add just a little bit of heat to your running recipe, the Chili Pepper route starts out in Run Valley before merging onto the cycling road and taking you through the volcano.

Jon's Route

World: Watopia
Length: 7.8 miles / 12.5 km
Elevation Gain: 190 feet / 58 m
Bonus XP (Experience Points): 500

The longest route in Watopia, Jon's route covers all of the run-only features of Watopia, along with the original Flat Route. You'll get a nice tour of the beach, ocean tunnels, Italian Villas and more.

May Field

World: Watopia
Length: .3 miles / .4 km
Elevation Gain: 0 feet / 0 m
Bonus XP (Experience Points): TBD

Named in honor of the guy who started it all, May Field is a 400 m track.

That's Amore

World: Watopia
Length: 4.0 miles / 6.4 km
Elevation Gain: 177 feet / 54 m
Bonus XP (Experience Points): 225

This route starts out in Run Valley and takes you through the Italian Villas via the cycling roads.