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Lionel Sanders wants more

: Although ecstatic with his 2017 battle with Patrick Lange, Sanders aims for the top step.

A most anticipated Kona debut

: Javier Gomez is just a Kona rookie - looking for his 9th World Championship

And Sebastian Kienle is ready for a rumble

: Sebastian Kienle has had many eyes on him, but maybe more so now as the 2018 IRONMAN World Championships are almost upon us. He chatted with us about what can be expected.

No challengers in sight

: Daniela Ryf may find it lonely at the rarefied level of her achievements.

First Ironman Champion

: On the 40th anniversary of his 1978 triumph, Gordon Haller will be returning to Kona with a race number.

Mr. Brown goes back to Kona town

: Cameron Brown finished five times in the top 5 at the IRONMAN World Championships in Hawaii, and that includes two runner-up spots. He returns to Kona again this year but with a new mindset.

Ed Baker's Newest Startup

: Ed Baker sold his startup to Facebook and became a Silicon Valley workaholic. All that changed 18 months ago.

On base with the salty Matt Miller

: Matt Miller of BASE Performance will be racing in 2 IRONMAN events in one weekend and this is all for a worthy cause - and he is not alone on that quest.

Up close with Scott DeFilippis

: This summer Scott DeFilippis raced Ventouxman, IRONMAN Nice, the Alpe D'Huez Triathlon and the legendary Embrunman and we chatted with him about these races, swimming, doping and much more.

The man who investigates

: Derek Murphy is the man behind the site and his stories are often shared in our forum. He had a chat with us about cheaters in marathons and triathlons.

State of the Business with Chris Wiggins

: We interview Chris Wiggins of A1 Cyclery, an industry vet and shop owner. We cover their time in the cycling boom, and why they ultimately left the triathlon space.

Turning the back on depression

: Holly Benner turned professional in 2017 and recently finished 3rd at IRONMAN 70.3 Eagleman. The Pennsylvania resident has a swimming and rowing background but also has been battling depression.

Do not run away from Chad

: Many triathletes and runners wish for an opportunity to chase down a crook who is fleeing from the law, but for Chad Welford this became a reality last week.

The man who stopped during a race to save a life

: Davis Frease was in second place at the Big Bear Triathlon when he noticed a man in trouble on the ground. That man stopped breathing and Frease went into action with CPR.

Rudy Von Berg steps up his game

: Thanks in part to a legendary coach, Von Berg broke through with wins at Wildflower and Elsinore and 2nd at Mont Tremblant.

Pontus Lindberg - the man with the Golden Bib

: Swede Pontus Lindberg has an 8:11 IRONMAN to his name but he is now all in with Swimrun and he and his partner George Bjälkemo currently have a tight grip on the ÖtillÖ Golden Bib.

Sam Gyde and His VASA: Shut My Mouth

: Swimming 1:05 for an Ironman? Without pool swimming? I wouldn't have thought it possible. But Sam Gyde does it.

On the road to recovery with Matt Russell

: Matt Russell was hit by a car during the race in Kona last year, and we had a chat with him about that crash, the road to recovery, IRONMAN Texas, drafting and much more.

The road adventures of Eric and Jacki

: A year ago they barely knew each other, and this year Eric Engel and Jacki Cronin are driving the AltRed van and trailer across the country while attempting to train and race and Kona qualify.

Leanda Cave drops the mic

: After 17 years of elite triathlon, a rare Ironman-70.3 Worlds double, a Commonwealth gold, Leanda has the last word.

The Epic adventures of Ben Hoffman

: Ben Hoffman won IRONMAN South Africa in 2016 and 2017 but in 2018 he struggled to finish that race after he injured himself a couple weeks earlier in the Absa Cape Epic MTB stage race in South Africa. ...

Outspoken Women in Triathlon schedules Summit

: Sara Gross and Lisa Ingarfield have partnered with Triathlete Magazine to host a Fall summit on women in triathlon.

Matt Hanson - Ironman brand record breaker

: His Ironman brand fastest time was controversial, but Matt Hanson values his epic duel with Ivan Tutukin the most.

On the road with Ryan Giuliano

: Ryan Giuliano was the top age grouper in Texas with a a time of 8:17:24 and 19th place overall. Giuliano started in the sport in 2004 and has improved vastly since.

Up close with Jen Annett

: Canadian Jen Annett finished 7th at the IRONMAN North American Championships in Texas, but her 4:25:10 bike split ranks now as the top record IRONMAN female bike split.

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