Images from the 2014 ÖTILLÖ

65 km of trail running and 10 km of open water swimming with 10-15 degrees Celsius water temps makes up the unique ÖTILLÖ race in Sweden - the 2014 SwimRun World Championships. 120 teams tackled this very tough event and here are impressions from this long day where athletes switch 50 times from running to swimming.

The teams are lined up and await the start.

And they are off for 75 kilometers of trails and open water.

Time to get wet and tired.

Some of the water crossings could be run.

Aid stations were in a variety of places despite the very tough terrain.

Yes, you are allowed to use paddles and buoys here.

Getting out of the water is not easy with slippery rocks and moss under your wet running shoes.

Being tethered together is popular in such team events.

Run Forest run.

The terrain was very varied and challenged everyone.

Through the woods with a big smile on the face

Absolutely no time to take in the scenery.

Lined up to get in the water. But after the first few sections the race was spread out well.

Making sure the teammate is not falling back too far behind.

With media hovering overhead this relatively small race had a big time feel.

Running along gravel trails was a nice change. Team Milebreaker Lelle Moberg and Daniel Hansson from Sweden made quick work of this course.

Scots Stuart MacLeod and Andrew Brierley approach another run section on the way to 25th place.

Swedes Daniel Becker and Jens Samuelsson looked very relaxed as they came by here.

Some swim sections were longer than other, ranging from 100 meters to 1,780 meters.

Mike Thoren and Jesper Svensson on the way to 7th place scramble out of the water up this cliff.

Big smiles from Sanne Duvebrand and Annike Åström.

Anti Antonov and Marcus Hultgren on the way to third place overall in a time of 8:42:11.

A helping hand is always appreciated.

Without volunteers nothing would happen. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Team Puppy TS-MAD with Bibben Nordblom and Charlotta Nilsson on the way to the women's title in 10:26:31.

Here come the champions of Team Milebreaker / Öppethav