Prepping For an Alcatraz Escape

A head-to-head sprint victory against 6-time Escape From Alcatraz winner Andy Potts in 2015 put Eric Lagerstrom on the map. No longer flying under the radar when he toes the line at the iconic race, Lagerstrom takes us behind the scenes of his final training prep. But, let's hear it straight from the former winner himself:

“I wanted to share my process and thinking leading up to my favorite race of the year. Alcatraz requires a specific frame of mind, in addition to some specific training and skills. It stands for everything that triathlon should be about, in my opinion. Adventure, fun, and enough of a challenge that you’re scared you might not finish. I seem to have had setbacks leading into this race every year since 2015, and as hard as I’ve tried, I haven’t been able to grab the tape again. I’m coming off a very strong early season and I’m hopeful that this year I have what it takes.

Filming the project with my Dad, in his first official shoot as part of TransitionFour, my budding production company, and video hosting site, was really special. It’s always been my dream to be in business with my Dad, and our favorite conversations have always been over coffee, scheming about how we could run this or that business better, and do what we love for work. I feel more than ever that I’m living that dream, and we’re just getting started.”

You can follow Eric on Instagram at @eric_lagerstrom and more of his videos at TransitionFour TV.