Road Shows in March!

If you wanted to learn about products, purchase products at a discount, or just be a triathlete on a very non-triathlon (25°F) day, Fraser Bikes was the place to be this past Sunday.

No rest for the wicked! We'll stage Road Shows both Saturday and Sunday upcoming. On Saturday it's Trishop in Plano, TX. Michellie Jones will be there representing Felt Bicycles, as will representatives from Orca, UCAN Nutrition, ProShift and others. I (Dan Empfield) will be there, as will my good friend John Cobb. Here's the itinerary for this Road Show. This is the place, and this is the day, if you're in Texas and you want to get ready for the tri season.

Then I'll hop a freight to San Diego and see you on Sunday, where it's more of the sort of things we've been doing: a size run of P5X bikes, along with size runs from Giant, Parlee and Felt at Moment Cycle Sport.

Lesley Paterson will be at Moment as well, speaking in her sweet Scottish lilt just like a latter day John Muir (and sometimes with language even more colorful than Muir's!). Pro athletes Matt McElroy (reigning U23 world duathlon champ and 2020 Olympic hopeful) and Eric Lagerstrom will also be on hand. Go to Moment's Road Show web page for this, or the Facebook Event Page.

Just as with this past weekend's show at Fraser Bikes, and the weekend before at Inside Out Sports, there are incentives to purchase at the show.

Let me be clear! It's not a Slowtwitch Road Show unless there's a keg and a tap! (Image above.) All Road Shows feature "hospitality."

The Cervelo crew drove down from Toronto with a size run of P5Xs. A pair of P5Xs were sold on Sunday. (Neener neener to the P5X naysayers.)

Slowtwitch was represented by lead F.I.S.T. bike fit instructor (and GURU instructor, and USAT coaching instructor, and Slowtwitch Coaching instructor) Ian Murray (pictured pontificating) and Karen Sing (my "right hand man" for all my ventures since 1989).

Here are a pair of Ameo Powerbreather tryer-outers. I've been writing about symmetric snorkels for some months now. The Ameo Powerbreather is Jan Frodeno's snorkel (and mine). You'll see this product at Oceanside 70.3, and at certain other Road Shows.

Fraser Bicycle's Canton, MI, store has an Endless Pool, where you can try out a symmetric snorkel before you buy it. Likewise wetsuits, goggles or any swim product.

This Saturday I'll be TriShop in Plano, TX, and they also have an Endless Pool. Orca will be there. Maybe I'll bring my Powerbreather along and you can give it a whirl in Trishop's pool.

If you're a Michigan person and you haven't been to the Canton store, it's quite a place. Nicely merchandised; more so than the typical bike shop.

A fixture at Slowtwitch Road Shows is Infinit Nutrition. These guys really know what they're doing and they have the tiger by the tail with their new Tripwire formula.

Everybody wants to get their pictures taken with Ian.

I'm going to list the rest of the schedule below. Bear in mind that there's a change from last year's Road Show schedule: We won't be putting on any Road Shows that do not have full, fully-modern, fully-compliant, bike fit studios. I'll be doing a lot of fitting at every show. If you have a bike fit issue or question, or a question about which bikes well match your position, those are the kinds of questions we try to answer for each attendee at these shows.

March 18, Saturday: Tri Shop Dallas
Mar 19, Sunday: San Diego, CA: Moment Cycle Sports
Mar 25, Saturday: San Francisco CA: Sports Basement Presidio
Mar 26, Sunday: Rocklin, CA: Rocklin Endurance
Apr 1, Saturday: Washington DC Bonzai
Apr 29, Stamford, CT: Pacific Cycling & Multisport
Apr 30, Jersey Shore, NJ: Asbury Park Cyclery
May 6, Saturday: Santa Barbara, CA: Hazards
May 13, Saturday: Chicago: Live Grit