The hard 2019 ÖtillÖ Swimrun Hvar

127 teams from 23 countries started the 2019 ÖtillÖ Swimrun Hvar in Croatia but tough conditions forced organizers to change the course slightly and only 111 teams managed to reached the finish. The water temperature was in the high 50s and that was truly felt in the long swim - especially by those athletes with lighter builds. That long swim of 2,950 meters was shortened to 2,700 meters because of currents, but to make up for that loss the organizers added 400 meters of running. 31.6km of trail running now was 32km and 8.8km of swimming became 8.55km - spread out over 9 swims and 10 runs.

This region of Croatia is very beautiful and rugged and the ÖtillÖ folks created a magnificent tough course on it. 142 teams had registered but only 127 teams started the race, and that is a fairly normal no show number in this sport.

The sky looked ominous and rain was coming down as the teams lined up for the start. But hey, they would be wet sooner than later anyhow.

There are always different techniques of water entry to be spotted and also different states of readiness.

With 127 teams in the water it is busy but not really super crowded, especially when compared to an Ironman start

The views around Hvar are truly stunning but athletes had to take in the scenery before and after the race, while the event was going on the focus was on the task at hand.

And it does not take very long for teams to spread out nicely.

The mixed team Jellyfish Terror with Swede Robin Nordgren and Ukrainian Maria Basova high above the town.

Plenty of raw nature to conquer and lots of time to really learn much about your team mate.

On the way to the next swimming session and running past watering holes.

Brits Steven Lord and Andrew Bruce in full swim paddle action

This bird's eye view gives you an idea of the terrain the athletes had to deal with.

Racing hard makes athletes hungry and the ÖtillÖ aid stations are usually well stocked.

The day before during the Sprint race the weather was stunning and the water very blue.

A true paradise captured by the amazing Pierre Mangez

Results ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Hvar
Hvar, Croatia / April 7, 2019

Male Teams

1. Jonas Ekman Fischer and Lars Ekman (SWE) Sailfish Team Bröderna Bäver
2. Julien Pousson and Nicolas Remires (FRA) Team Envol
3. Franck Martin and Guillaume Heneman (FRA) HEAD - GRAVELINES TRI

Mixed Teams

1. Martin Flinta (SWE) and Helena Karaskova Erbenova (CZE) Thule Crew/Wolffwear Head SR team
2. Sampo Hyppölä and Saara Grönholm (FIN) Kuopio Swimrun Team
3. Andre Hook and Dörte Zimmermann (GER) Team Envol_Head powered by Campz

Female Teams

1. Fanny Danckwardt and Desirée Andersson (SWE) Team Envol Fanny/Desirée
2. Anna Hellström and Susie Moonan (SWE) Team Envol Susie Anna
3. Helen Wikmar and Isabella Hedberg (SWE) Team ARKsouls

All images © Pierre Mangez/ ÖTILLÖ