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The 2017 SwimRun USA Casco Bay

: Beautiful images of the 2017 SwimRun USA Casco Bay by gifted photographer Aaron Palaian. Athletes from all over the country tackled this spectacular and tough island to island course in Maine.

Madness in Montreal

: Pro triathlete Eric Lagerstrom shares behind the scenes commentary from WTS Montreal.

Norseman Images

: No race is quite like the Norseman Xtreme Tri. Here are images of the race just concluded from taken by Kyle Meyr, courtesy NXTRI

Wilderman: A Love Story

: The Wilderman touts itself as "harder, better, wilder, and a heck of a lot less expensive than... [fill in the blank]." It is as advertised.

Harder, shorter and colder

: Our editor-at-large Herbert Krabel competed in the 2017 ÖtillÖ Swimrun Engadin with new partner Carson Christen on a harder, shorter and colder course and here is his report.

Making The Perfect Triathlon

: Pro triathlete Eric Lagerstrom took his partners at Red Bull along to showcase what his perfect triathlon would look like.

A minute with the dad who picked up his kid from school in a Speedo

: Here's an interview with the triathlon father whose epic parenting prank was memorialized on video.

BWR, AllRoad, and the Next Big Thing

: Strip away the hype, the marketing, even the competitive element. Does the Thing (that you’re hoping is Big) solve a problem?

Viking Life Tour of St. George

: The latest episode of Viking Life finds Eric Lagerstrom trading in his touring van for a motorhome.

The VERO Watch Story

: The story of how journeyman pro Chris Boudreaux found his way from triathlon to watchmaking.

Is Skechers for Real?

: Kurt Stockbridge is the VP Development for Skechers Performance. Is this brand a bunch of nothing? Or something? It might be for real.

The Nine Hour Per Week Ironman Training Experiment

: Inspired by former age group world champion Sami Inkinen's 12-hour per week Ironman training plan, one Slowtwitcher staffer experimented with less.

Having Fun with The Wurteles

: After reshuffling his early season plans, Eric Lagerstrom sells his beloved van, buys a motorhome and pitstops in St. George, Utah to visit Team Wurtele.

Nordenskiöldsloppet - 220km on skis in Sweden

: The Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet is the worlds longest classical cross country ski competition and it is based on a historical race from 1884 - and Jonas Colting loves such challenges.

Triathlon in Bulgaria

: Did you know there is a Black Sea Riviera? Bulgaria and Romania each have great beaches there. And triathlons. Here's Bulgaria's Lion Heart Tri.

Greece, Anyone?

: Is there a triathlon culture in Greece? You bet.

A Rocklin Good Time!

: Road Shows at Sports Basement in San Francisco and Rocklin Endurance north of Sacramento were bigger than last year's shows.

Breca Wanaka Swimrun impressions

: This past weekend athletes from the Southern Hemisphere experienced the inaugural Breca Wanaka Swimrun in New Zealand and here are first impressions from the event.

Pics from Dallas and San Diego Road Shows

: Michellie Jones, Lesley Paterson, John Cobb and others made appearances at Road Shows over the weekend.

When a Chain Jam Strikes!

: Find out how Eric Lagerstrom reacted when a chain jam threatened his race.

Road Shows in March!

: Here are some images from a Road Show just ended (in metro Detroit) with a preview of what's upcoming this weekend and next.

Hack an Ironman

: Inspired by Finnish entrepreneur Sami Inkinen, a Slowtwitch staffer attempts to hack-an-Ironman.

First Road Show of 2017

: We just held our first Slowtwitch of the year, outside of Raleigh, NC. We'll hold 11 in the U.S. in 2017, along with some outside the U.S.

The Åsnes Expedition Amundsen

: This past weekend 200 athletes took part in the 2017 Åsnes Expedition Amundsen, a 100 km self supported ski race in the region of Norway where Norseman takes place.

Mission Bay birthplace of triathlon, and swimrun too

: San Diego's Mission Bay was the birthplace of triathlon and over 40 years later hosted the first swimrun event in the country.

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