2012 Eurobike - Day 3

Today was the last industry day at the 2012 Eurobike show and while the show isn't over yet, we had to get done with our work, because tomorrow the halls will be filled with thousands of consumers and that makes taking pictures quite a bit more difficult.

But we had no issues today and came across quite a few nice items.

All images © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com

Andi Böcherer came to the show today to visit some of his sponsors and we met up with him in the Felt booth. He is posing here with the Olympic Gold winning Felt DA of Kristin Armstrong.

Not every bike is black or white here at the Eurobike show and this Carrera Phibra Two is a good example of that.

Shimano recently acquired the Dutch bikefitting brand and added quite a few nice features to the fit bike.

Power is measured on both sides plus cleat pressure is also measured.

It is good to be the King, even if only by name.

This Corratec CCT is clearly also not afraid of showing color.

The Casco SPEEDair helmet has some huge vents on the backside.

The GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac and Remote festured here will soon get an app in the Apple store, that will allow the user to control the GoPro with an iPhone. But that will only work for the version 2 of the Hero.

Giant brought their new Propel aero bike to Eurobike, but this one was protected in a glass display.

The Mavic CXR wheel was displayed in a small wind tunnel.

The Birzman Zacoo Maha pump features a very nice Snap-It pump head. It works very nicely, but only with threaded valves.

This 46mm Corima MCC tubular wheel is 22.6 mm wide and the pair weighs 1080 grams.

The CPC feature on the Prologo ZeroTT feels very nice and smooth, but it is ultra sticky.

The new Cube Aerium is quite a departure from the previous version and this Ultegra Di-2 version retails in Europe for just under 4,600 Euros.

The new high-end Sidi Wire shoe is very nice indeed and features Sidi's own Techno buckle.

Colnago introduced the K.Zero at the Tour de France this year.

The Rotor booth was busy every time we stopped by.

This isn't an aero road helmet, this Cratoni one is meant for E-bike pilots.

The Power2Max power meter is quite popular in Europe.

This super cool little run along / balance bikes come from a brand called Early Rider and should allow one year old kids to get rolling. They are called Spherovelo.