2015 Ironman Texas images

Matt Hanson and Angela Naeth were the victors at the 2015 Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas, but there were many more actors at this North American Championship.

The Hoff hard on the throttle early on in the race after a very solid swim.

Lionel Sanders put on the pressure on the bike but he was not the first on to reach the bike-run transition.

Joe Skipper had a fantastic ride in Texas and even had time to wave to the camera man.

Faris Al-Sultan is likely no longer racing long distance events and he pulled out later on during the bike segment.

Jordan Rapp apparently ran into a boat during the swim and just did not have the legs in Texas.

Meanwhile in the women's race Rachel Joyce and Leanda Cave set the pace for a long time.

Andreas Realert takes in some nutrition during the race. It however wasn't the day Raelert had hoped for.

Angela Naeth chased hard until she caught the leaders and then started to set the pace.

Heather Wurtele came as close as 1:40 to Cave and Joyce but that was as close as she got.

Towards the end of the bike Joyce had to let Naeth and Cave go, but Joyce hung tough during the run.

Matt Russell meanwhile was stalking the bike course on this very distinctive setup.

Ben Hoffman looked very strong but struggled at the end and got nose bleeding to add to his woes.

Matt Hanson's 2:45 run was spectacular and helped this very polite young pro to break the course record.

Angela Naeth stepped hard on the throttle during the run and Cave was fighting back valiantly, but Naeth proved to be too strong.

Kelly Williamson ran hard and thus earned 4th place.

Heather Wurtele did not give up and ended up in 7th place.

Joe Skipper held on to second place and was thrilled with his day.

A very elated Anngela Naeth has a laugh with Mile Reilly - the voice of Ironman.

Leanda Cave finished second after a solid day all around.

All images © Eric Wynn / slowtwitch.com