Arizona State Repeats as NCAA Women's Natl Champs

It's not that easy for a university to win a national team championship. Arizona State has won 25 of them prior to yesterday, mostly in golf, baseball and track & field. Now it adds a 26th, as the most dominant of all its teams repeated as national champions.

Hannah Henry lead a podium sweep as the Sun Devils totaled a perfect score of 6 (combined places of the top-3 finishers, lowest score wins as in cross country running). A team consists of 7 athletes, and the racing is done ITU style, draft-legal.

Ms. Henry is a freshman and had a solid race in all 3 disciplines, 4th out of the water, 2nd best bike split and 3rd fastest run. She’s an up-and-coming competitor on the ITU Junior Circuit, representing Canada.

There were 81 athletes racing, representing 11 NCAA programs and 10 club teams.

It is likely that Arizona State will continue to be a juggernaut in this sport, as all 7 of their team members return next year.

NCAA National Women’s Triathlon Championships
Tempe, Arizona
November 5, 2017
S 750m / B 20k / R 5k

1. Hannah Henry (ASU): 1:03.34
2. Charlotte Ahrens (ASU): 1:03.56
3. Kyla Roy (ASU): 1:04.40
4. Anabel Knoll (Queens/club program): 1:04.47
5. Kaitlyn Kramer (NC State/club program): 1:05.01
6. Tereza Zimavjanova (Queens/club program): 1:05:56
7. Ali Brauer (Colorado): 1:06:03
8. Sarah Quintero (ASU): 1:06:25
9. Caitlin Roper (Queens/club program): 1:06:31
10. Emily Cameron (Georgia/unattached): 1:06:52

1. Arizona State (6 points)
2. Queens University of Charlotte (club program) (17 points)
3. Cal (club program) (39 points)
4. Colorado (club program) (48 points)
5. North Central College (86 points)