Böcherer, Sym rule Cancun

European 70.3 Champion Andreas Böcherer took the win in Cancun with a hard charge on the bike and a nice closing run. Aussie Christie Sym had taken 70.3 Racine 2 months ago and now ruled again in Cancun.

Kiwi Bryan Rhodes led the men out of the water in 24:46 and showed that he still has the great swimming prowess.

Once on the bikes though Andreas Böcherer took charge and quickly moved into the lead. His 2:07:44 bike split would prove to be the fastest on the day and allowed the fast German to reach the bike-run transition first. Andres Castillo and Timothy Reed also had quick bike times and were next to arrive in T2.

Böcherer though showed that it is not only his cycling speed that helps him win races. His 1:18:34 run split was tops too and allowed Böcherer to add another win to his resume in 3:55:19. Daniel Fontana charged into second place with a 1:19:25 run and Reed held on to the final podium spot.

Italian Carla Stampfli was first out of the water for the women, but just like in the men's race, a hard charging cyclist took over the lead in no time.

70.3 Racine Champion Christie Sym had just finished 9th in Las Vegas but didn't show any fatigue in Cancun. The Aussie had the fastest bike split in 2:28:49, over 3 minutes quicker than Heather Gollnick who reached transition next.

Sym finished her day with a solid run and took the title in Cancun in 4:30:31. Gollnick took an easy second in 4:45:51 despite not showing up on the tracker all day. Melody Ramirez finished third thanks in part to her race best 1:34:13 run.

Ironman 70.3 Cancun
Cancun, Mexico / September 18, 2011
1.2m swim / 56m bike / 13.1m run

Top men

1. Andi Böcherer (GER) 3:55:19
2. Daniel Fontana (ITA) 4:02:05
3. Timothy Reed (AUS) 4:04:23
4. Balazs Csoke (HUN) 4:05:05
5. Andres Castillo (COL) 4:05:37
6. Domenico Passuello (ITA) 4:06:12
7. James Hadley (GBR) 4:06:34
8. Ivan Risti (ITA) 4:11:22
9. Bryan Rhodes (NZL) 4:15:15
10. Rodrigo Acevedo (COL) 4:17:34

Top women

1. Christie Sym (AUS) 4:40:31
2. Heather Gollnick (USA) 4:45:51
3. Melody Ramirez (MEX) 4:51:22
4. Carla Stampfli (ITA) 4:52:36
5. Dunia Gomez Tirado (MEX) 4:52:41
6. Mariana Andrade (BRA) 4:54:00
7. Ana Paula Guerrero (MEX) 4:57:06 * AG W30-34
8. Maria Lopez (MEX) 5:00:23 * AG W18-24
9. Ana Lidia Borba (BRA) 5:03:36
10. Karine Grandmaison (CAN) 5:06:07 * AG W30-34