New Cervelo not yet 'round the Hot Corner

Last October, Cervélo announced that in 140.6 days it would launch its new premium triathlon bike, setting an industry benchmark, and making its riders faster.

Its riders are going to need to slow down (their ambitions and anticipation) in order to eventually get faster. Cervélo announced today that, "we’ve decided to delay the launch."

The highly anticipated new bike was to be presented to the world on the 23rd of February. The company is still at work on the bike and the launch, and, "A public announcement regarding the bike's status will be coming shortly, and we'll be sure to provide you with updates on the launch."

Cervélo has had its hiccups since being acquired by Dutch conglomerate PON in 2012, with its top engineering and executive staff in large part turned over. But the brand continues to enjoy remarkable brand loyalty. There were 522 of its bikes ridden at the most recent Hawaiian Ironman World Championships in Kona, and that number has grown annually since the 1990s.