We Noticed: Kask, TrainingMask...

This week we are thankful to have noticed the Kask Infinity aero road helmet, the TrainingMask on the face of Leanda Cave, the limited 3T Illumina line, the very clever Fontus self filling water bottle system, MOs and gators for the Men of Triathlon Movember fundraiser, and just like Dan Empfield - now Iroman Word Champion Sebastian Kienle has made it onto a quiz show.

Kask Infinity aero helmet

With cooler temperatures arriving in the Northern hemisphere an aero road helmet can be an especially welcome companion. We just got our hands on a Kask Infinity aero road helmet and it features in integrated aero control system. Keep it closed when you need better aero numbers or the temperatures are cooler, and slide it open when it gets hot. You likely have seen the Kask Infinity on the heads of the Sky team folks, and I have surely noticed it at a few triathlons in Europe. It is available in variety of colors, but only sizes M and L. And here is a special trick when it comes to trying one on for size. The inner harness can actually be pulled down outside helmet and then adjusted even more and slid up or down as required.
MSRP: $369.95

Here is a look at the Kask Infinity with the Aero Control System slid back and the big vents fully exposed.

The TrainingMask on Leanda Cave

2 days ago Leanda Cave posted a picture on Instagram of herself running on a beach at Miami South Beach with the TrainingMask on her face and the caption - Week 3 of training at 6000ft from sea level with @TrainingMask. There were of course some smart ass comments, but it intrigued me too. The link to the actual system is above in the main intro and the system has been around for while. But this is the first time I have seen a triathlete wearing one of these masks. Is Leanda a trailblazer?
MSRP: $79.99

3T Illumina

Illumina is not a new model series in the 3T line, but rather a limited treatment option for selected current models. Illumia comes from the Italian word illuminare, which means glare. And in this specific case that means that specific Ergonova, Arx, and Ionic 25 components will glow in the dark when Illumina treated. During the day they will not stand out as very different, but they should stand out and shine as it gets dark. So this should make a rider feel safer. The components are white with color highlights in blue (featured), yellow, orange, light blue, pink or green, so one of those should match your bike paint scheme.
MSRP: $335 ARX Ltd stem

Fontus - a self filling water bottle

How nice would it be if you could just ride along and not have to stop for water because your water on board gets refilled as you go? That is the premise of the Fontus self filling water bottle system of Austrian designer Kristóf Retezár. It collects humid air, condenses it and then stores it as safe drinking water. The thought currently is that in humid conditions Fontus could pull about .5 liters of water out of the air in about an hour, so that would make it not so practical or interesting for racing. But as we all know, the world does not evolve around racing. Just imagine riding your bike in areas where finding clean drinking water is not so simple, and that is actually an issue for a large percentage of the earth's population. According to Retezár by 2030 almost 47% of the world population will be living in areas where water access will be an issue. So we all need to think more along those lines. This is a very smart idea and hopefully something that will move forward. It is currently in the running for a James Dyson award.
MSRP: n/a

The diagram below illustrates how the Fontus works and uses humid air to make water as you go.

Mark Miller and Brach Myers seemingly ready for calendar duty

We have featured the Men Of Triathlon Movember fundraising effort a few times already and we have just noticed that Mark Miller and Brach Myers seemingly have been working very hard on both their mustaches and their fundraising. Plus the fantastic gator image of these Louisiana residents suggests that they might be featured in some shape or form in the Men Of Triathlon calendar too. But you have to order one to find out - so please click the link in the header.
MSRP: priceless

Sebastian Kienle on German TV

The 2014 GoPro Ironman World Champion Sebastian Kienle of course made the German news and was featured on various sport shows on German TV, but he recently also was featured on a German quiz show. Not he in person, but his name and time had to be connected with the correct response. Someone from the Sebastian Kienle Fanclub on Facebook snagged this little gem, and the D response seems to be the funniest one. Our publisher Dan Empfield was featured a similar way on the American quiz show Jeopardy a few years back, but the alternatives answers were nowhere close as funny. A big thanks to Andres from Beyond Aero for the tip.