We Noticed: Ryders, Specialized...

This week we noticed antiFOG shades from Ryders Eyewear in Canada, the Specialized going Dutch promotion, the American Farm to Feet socks, the Koster SwimRun in Sweden, the German ALB-GOLD cycling pasta, and a stunning bike path in Korea.

Ryders Eyewear antiFOG technology

Every year at Interbike I look forward to see the Ryders Eyewear booth as they usually do something clever and surprising, but this Canadian brand is not only about putting on a show in Las Vegas. They are very proud of their glasses and now are offering some new antiFOG technology that is permanently embedded onto the back of the lens, and according to Ryders won’t wash off or wear out over time. The front of the lens features a hydrophobic coating that is meant to repel water and grime, plus those shades are pretty good looking and not crazy expensive. The Thorn model shown below comes in either Matte Black or White/Orange and comes stock with the yellow lens.
MSRP: $139.99 as shown / $129.99 Matte Black

Specialized is going Dutch

Well that tag line is not mine, or at least not one I came up with, but starting Friday, April 3rd Specialized will offer a buy one, get one deal on all S-Works Turbo, Turbo Pro, Roubaix Pro, and the All Condition Armadillo Elite tires. Now what is not to like about that? So you better start stocking up on your favorite tires from the big S brand, as long of course as they are one of those four models. Had I posted this a day earlier you would have called me out for an April Fool's joke, but this certainly isn't. So go Dutch with Specialized.
MSRP: varies

Farm to Feet compression socks

Farm to feet is an American sock brand that prides themselves to get it all done in the USA, so basically truly from the farm to your feet. The Blue Ridge adventure running socks here feature US Merino Wool and US friction free Nylon in a graduated compression of 12.5—22.5 mmHg. But there is more, plus compression is not what they are really all about. It is all about great socks that sourced with fantastic locally grown materials and then manufactured in various places in North Carolina and one location in South Carolina. Top making is done in Jamestown, SC, spinning in Raeford, NC, knitting in Mount Airy, NC and printing in Concord, NC. The sad part however, despite living in North Carolina not very far from Mount Airy also known as Mayberry, I just learned about this operation a few days again through Jan Kriska, a man of many talents and interests. Man have I missed out, but you do not have to now.
Sizes: S-XL
MSRP: $30

Koster SwimRun

The folks who have lovingly brought us ÖTILLÖ, have now teamed up with Swedish rapper Petter to create the Koster SwimRun event. Koster Swimrun will take place on October 3rd in Koster, a unique marine national park with a spectacular archipelago. It is located on the Swedish western coast, just south of the Norwegian border, and you have to take a ferry from Strömstad to get there. But only 50 teams will be able to start this event and organizers promised to distribute the spots evenly between men and women, apparently to make sure the closing party at the end isn't just another sausage fest. The course is said to be very challenging and 25km in total length, and they clearly stated that it is not a beginner event. Roughly 30% of it is swimming in 11-13 degree waters. Brrrr. How do you get in? You need to send an email to michaela@kosterswimrun.se with details about team member 1 & 2, the category (men, women or mixed), the team name and why you should be selected.
Deadline for entry submission: May 10th
MSRP: Who Cares

Alb Gold cycling pasta

ALB-GOLD is a German pasta manufacturer in Trochtelfingen and if you are ever in Southern Germany it is well worth a trip to check out the facility and the adjacent restaurant. I always make sure I stop by and buy a few bags of Spätzle when I am there, and obviously you can get them in other places too. During the last trip I also grabbed a few boxes of noodles shaped like dinosaurs, and farm animals. The pigs, cows, chickens etc were actually enjoyed by my twin boys today. I however completely missed the cyclist pasta that they were also selling. I am still puzzled how that happened. Rumor though has it that Profile Design Europe just ordered some of these for a promotion. Ah, good times in Europe.
MSRP: 1,20 €

A stunning covered bike path

The video below shows a truly stunning bike path between Daejeon and Sejong, about 2-3 hours south of Seoul and it is covered with solar panels. In addition to generating power it also offers cyclists protection from the sun and other elements. A drone shot this video for governmental agency Sejong, and that is why we can now watch this and be envious. Very envious.