What We Have Noticed: Kona 2012

In this special Kona edition of What We Have Noticed we look at the Kona Baby t-shirts, the 2012 Underpants Run, Nootca goggles, TRX and Yoga at the Cytomax house, and a musical evening with Paula Fuga courtesy of Endurance Conspiracy.

Kona Baby

What: You might see a bunch of these Kona Baby t-shirts in Kona, but most likely these twins won't be on them. The crew from Freespeed in the UK created the t-shirts to celebrate all UK based athletes competing at the 2012 Ironman World Championships, and the theme was inspired in part by former Norseman winner and Team Freespeed member Jenny Gowans. Jenny had qualified for the 2012 Ironman World Championship event last December, but instead of training for the big race, she carried twin babies all year and delivered them in September. Their actual due date was October 13th - Kona Babies indeed.
MSRP: Free
Website: freespeed.co.uk

Kona 2012 Underpants Run

What: The Kona Underpants run started 15 years ago as a mockery of European athletes who spent too much time in their swim suits, but has now grown into a massive event that raises money for various Hawaiian charities. VASH and Ahu'ena Heiau are the charities supported this year and you can learn more about them on the Kona Underpants Run website listed just below. So save the date, wear something unique, show some skin, have fun and most importantly - donate money to the cause.
Place: Pacific Vibrations
Date: October 11, 8am
MSRP: Free - but donations are appreciated
Website: underpantsrun.org

Nootca 5 goggles

What: Nootca is a relatively new player on the goggle market and they have a couple different models in their line. The Nootca 5 is about as Swedish as you could possibly desire, and if you think goggles along those lines are maybe not comfortable enough you may just have to harden up. For those curious about Swedish style goggles, Nootca has a nice video online with adjustment and fitting tips. Show up with these Swedish goggles in Kona at the pier and you will surely get some attention.
Colors: clear / brown / green (pictured)
MSRP: $18
Website: nootca.com

Cytomax / Muscle Milk house activities

What: From October 7 onwards you can sample Cytomax and Muscle Milk when you run, ride or walk past 76-6168 Ali'i Drive in Kailua-Kona, but should you have a bit more time you may want to stop in during certain hours as they are also offering TRX stretching and Yoga classes during the week. See the schedule below and this is your opportunity to escape from triathlon for a little while. Spaces though are limited so sign up now, and yes, that Slowtwitch gathering on October 10th is already filled to capacity.
Location: 76-6168 Ali'i Drive
Dates: various
MSRP: Free
Website: cytomax.com

An evening with Paula Fuga

What: The crew from Endurance Conspiracy is organizing a beautiful musical evening with artist Paula Fuga on Tuesday, October 9th at the Queens Palace. This folk/reggae/Hawaiian musician often plays with Jack Johnson and really knows how to handle the ukulele and the voice is magnificent. Don't miss this one.
Location: Queens Palace
Date: October 9, 6:30pm - 9:30pm
MSRP: Free
Website: enduranceconspiracy.com