Ironman World Championship Gallery

: Perfect weather led to record-smashing galore in the 40th anniversary race.

An Alohaman Extreme Tour

: Alohaman Extreme delivers a Big Island course for those craving more than the Queen K.

The King of Kona's Canyon

: German Patrick Lange's Canyon Speedmax CF SLX 9.0 LTD armed and ready for action.

And Sebastian Kienle is ready for a rumble

: Sebastian Kienle has had many eyes on him, but maybe more so now as the 2018 IRONMAN World Championships are almost upon us. He chatted with us about what can be expected.

An Aloha Challenge

: A new challenge presented to non racing athletes on the Big Island during race week, a first row seat to the new Alohaman Extreme Triathlon.

Cody Beals' Winning Ride

: Canadian Cody Beals is two wins in two attempts in IRONMAN races aboard his Ventum One.

The Land of Fire and Ice

: Extreme endurance events, like the new Ísland Extreme, embrace challenging conditions and courses.

Big money, and an American on the podium at ÖtillÖ 1000 Lakes

: A mixed team earned the Golden Bib after 6 consecutive wins, plus it was the first time for an American athlete to earn an ÖtillÖ Swimrun World Series race podium podium spot.

The Trials and Tribulations of Richard Murray

: South Africa's Richard Murray is a familiar face on the international triathlon circuit and he talks about his past and future in this film.

Mr. Brown goes back to Kona town

: Cameron Brown finished five times in the top 5 at the IRONMAN World Championships in Hawaii, and that includes two runner-up spots. He returns to Kona again this year but with a new mindset.

The unique and beloved Lobsterman Triathlon

: It’s Angela Naeth’s favorite race. In its 15th year, 800 tris came for the lobster bake and unique Maine atmosphere.

No Kona 2018 for Jan Frodeno

: German triathlon superstar Jan Frodeno announced on Instagram that he won't be competing in the 2018 IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii because of a hip stress fracture.

On base with the salty Matt Miller

: Matt Miller of BASE Performance will be racing in 2 IRONMAN events in one weekend and this is all for a worthy cause - and he is not alone on that quest.

Records crushed at 2018 ÖtillÖ World Championships

: On a near perfect and beautiful day on the Stockholm archipelago, teams in all 3 division managed to crush all existing records and we have amazing images from that day.

The distinctive Ventum One of Greg Close

: Greg Close is a professional triathlete and coach who races on this very distinctive checkerboard Ventum One, and as it should be - he also has a matching helmet.

SwimRun To The World's End

: There is a very tough race in Norway called SwimRun To The World's End and we have some beautiful images from the 5th edition of the race near Oslo.

Rest In Peace Alistair Eeckman

: Alistair Eeckman was out on an easy training ride the day after racing Powerman Austria, and after colliding with a bus he died at the scene according to

Up close with Scott DeFilippis

: This summer Scott DeFilippis raced Ventouxman, IRONMAN Nice, the Alpe D'Huez Triathlon and the legendary Embrunman and we chatted with him about these races, swimming, doping and much more.

Launching with confidence at Casco Bay

: Cooler temps and rain made for ideal SwimRun conditions on the coast of Maine for the third edition of this race that will be called Cole Classic moving forward.

The inaugural Swedeman Xtreme Triathlon

: This new XTRI World Tour event started in Åre, Sweden at 5am and from that point on the 185 starters got to experience strong winds, a challenging course and stunning views.

Stunning pics from Öloppet

: The Öloppet SwimRun in Sweden was first run in 2011 and then had 100 teams, but this year apparently over 700 teams challenged themselves in this fast growing sport.

The Rockman SwimRun proved to be challenging

: With warmer summer weather in Norway the water temps at the 2018 Rockman SwimRun were relatively mild, but rain and fog made conditions tough for all starters.
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