Swimrunning Around Mackinac Island

: The island without cars (only bikes and horses) is an amphibious athletes' paradise.

Being Taller Than Most

: Chad McRae grew up in Brooklyn, NY but now calls California home. This 6'7" tall athlete is a passionate triathlete, but when you are really tall that brings some unique challenges.

Once Bitten Not Shy Matt Gervais

: Matt Gervais recently had an encounter with a Muskie while open water swimming, but this fast Canadian is not stopping his adventurous lifestyle.

The Island Hopping Adventure through Maine’s Casco Bay Islands

: The adventure of swimrun makes it’s return to Maine’s charming chain of islands.

555 Athletes Came to ÖtillÖ Swimrun Gothenburg

: The ÖtillÖ crew added a new race race to their lineup of events and 555 athletes heard the call and accepted the challenge in 3 unique race distances on the West Coast of Sweden.

New Champions in Harsh Conditions at NXTRI

: Very strong winds made for tough racing conditions at the 2021 Norseman Xtreme Triathlon, but Julie Aspesletten and Jon Breivold took charge and kept former champions at bay.

The Newly Built Specialized S-Works Shiv of Bradley Weiss

: Meet the new ride of two-time XTERRA World Champion Braley Weiss.

Up Close with Trista Francis

: Trista Francis is a fast athlete and a busy coach, but she's had some brain injury setbacks. We had a chat with her about family, racing, TBI and much more.

The Man with Mustache, Mullet, Timex and Speed

: Craig Engels narrowly missed going to Tokyo to race the 1,500 meters, and he thus went home to North Carolina to reset and plan what is next.

Scenes of IRONMAN Lake Placid

: The long-standing event didn't disappoint in its return from COVID-19 hiatus.

The Lever Running Device

: The Lever Running device allows an athlete to run with reduced weight on a treadmill, and we took a closer look at this portable body weight support technology system.

Lauren Brandon's New Ventum One

: It's an early preview of the new Ventum One prior to Brandon tackling IRONMAN Lake Placid.

The Endless One More Lap of Matt Blackburn

: At the recent Suffolk Back Yard Ultra Matt Blackburn and John Stocker ran and walked 333.34 and 337.51 miles respectively to crush the previous Backyard Ultra record held by Belgian Karel Sabbe.

A 2021 ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Utö Gallery

: With COVID19 restrictions eased in Sweden the ÖTILLÖ organization made some adaptions and pulled off a successful race weekend with teams from 24 countries.

The Running Man Taggart VanEtten

: Taggart VanEtten is a teacher who recently broke the 100 mile treadmill record in 11:32:05, and his next target is going sub 11 for 100 miles during a 24 race inside a dome.

The Fight of Sebastian Kienle

: The 2014 IRONMAN World Champion Sebastian Kienle has been battling various injuries and setbacks recently but he is determined to push forward.

Czech Chick's Tulsa Rig

: A scintillating bike split spurred Jana Richtrova to the overall women's age group title at IRONMAN Tulsa.

The Return of the Czech Chick

: A very full day in the life of Jana Richtrova as she prepares for a return to racing at IRONMAN Tulsa.

Ready and Excited to Represent

: Morgan Pearson had a great race at the recent WTS Yokohama race and will now represent the USA in the Olympic Games thanks to that performance.

Scenes From St. George's IRONMAN 70.3 Women's Race

: Stunning racing and scenery combine for these images.

IRONMAN 70.3 St. George Men's Race Gallery

: The race came down to a final mile duel between Sam Long and Lionel Sanders.

The Zwift Running League Experience

: Our Herbert Krabel has jumped in hard and shares his experience after the first event of the 6 week series.
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