The Rockman SwimRun proved to be challenging

: With warmer summer weather in Norway the water temps at the 2018 Rockman SwimRun were relatively mild, but rain and fog made conditions tough for all starters.

Norseman called and 238 daring athletes answered

: Norwegians Allan Hovda and Mette Petterson were crowned King and Queen of Norseman, but for most other athletes it was all about this challenging course and the coveted black t-shirts.

Rainy Day in Boston

: A photo gallery showcasing why Boston Tri is good for the sport.

The Marquise of Eric Lambi

: Every now and then we feature cool age grouper bikes and the Dimond Marquise of Eric Lambi is certainly well worth a closer look.

Carolina Gliders win Atlantic City Major League Triathlon

: Chelsea Burns, Ben Kanute, Lindsey Jerdonek and Tommy Zaferes team up for $7,000 winners take.

A Strategic Approach to Non Draft Races

: With Boston Tri on Ben Kanute's racing schedule this weekend, it seemed a fitting time to reflect back and share a few of the strategies he has used in other non draft events.

The man who investigates

: Derek Murphy is the man behind the site and his stories are often shared in our forum. He had a chat with us about cheaters in marathons and triathlons.

Caution - Stealth Bomber approaching

: The Stealth Bomber immediately came to mind when age grouper Vilen Rodeski shared images of his tricked out Diamondback Andean in our forum a few weeks back.

When the mountains are calling

: 175 teams from 25 different countries traveled to Switzerland to compete in the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Engadin and tackle a beautiful and difficult course on what organizers called a near perfect day.

First pics of the new and wicked Ceepo Shadow-R

: Ceepo introduced the unique Ceepo Shadow-R super bike today and we have first images of this clever aero design that will likely will bring out emotional responses.

Turning the back on depression

: Holly Benner turned professional in 2017 and recently finished 3rd at IRONMAN 70.3 Eagleman. The Pennsylvania resident has a swimming and rowing background but also has been battling depression.

Do not run away from Chad

: Many triathletes and runners wish for an opportunity to chase down a crook who is fleeing from the law, but for Chad Welford this became a reality last week.

The man who stopped during a race to save a life

: Davis Frease was in second place at the Big Bear Triathlon when he noticed a man in trouble on the ground. That man stopped breathing and Frease went into action with CPR.

Rudy Von Berg steps up his game

: Thanks in part to a legendary coach, Von Berg broke through with wins at Wildflower and Elsinore and 2nd at Mont Tremblant.

Inside the 2018 SWISSMAN Xtreme Triathlon

: The SWISSMAN Xtreme Triathlon takes athletes on their bikes over three mountain passes, and then has another majestic climb at the end of the run and here now are pics from the 2018 event.

Jan Frodeno injured in bike crash

: Jan Frodeno was involved in a high speed bike accident and now has some battle scars to deal with according to his Instagram post.

Pontus Lindberg - the man with the Golden Bib

: Swede Pontus Lindberg has an 8:11 IRONMAN to his name but he is now all in with Swimrun and he and his partner George Bjälkemo currently have a tight grip on the ÖtillÖ Golden Bib.

A stunning Celtman Extreme Scottish Triathlon gallery

: If you want to go long in triathlon you may opt to chase PRs on a fast or possibly short course, or you may select to find a hard and challenging event instead, and the Celtman Extreme Scottish ...

The Serios of Matt Russell

: Matt Russell recently brought his Diamondback Serios to the A2 Wind Tunnel in Mooresville, NC and we took a closer look at this race ready machine.

Breaking Down Kanute's Winning Escape

: A deep dive into Ben Kanute's winning effort at Escape From Alcatraz.

On the road to recovery with Matt Russell

: Matt Russell was hit by a car during the race in Kona last year, and we had a chat with him about that crash, the road to recovery, IRONMAN Texas, drafting and much more.

The road adventures of Eric and Jacki

: A year ago they barely knew each other, and this year Eric Engel and Jacki Cronin are driving the AltRed van and trailer across the country while attempting to train and race and Kona qualify.
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