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Bontrager RXXXL Brake Lever

: This is the fruit of an 'Aha!' moment that I admire, and that drives me crazy because I didn't think of it. This is so simple. It already exists in MTB levers. I could not make the mental leap. ...

3T Brezza II Nano

: It's an integrated aerobar system with pursuits 30cm apart on center, rather than the typical 40cm or 42cm. This bar is crazy narrow. The importance of the Brezza Nano is less what it is than the ...

The Speedplay Zero (2012)

: Slowman is Keo Man by nature. But I mounted the Speedplay Zero cleats on a set of Sidi T3 tri-specific cycling shoes. There was a reason for this. Speedplays have one virtue that is almost ...

Garmin Vector arriving in March

: Garmin announced today the fruition of a project ardently anticipated by Slowtwitchers: the pedal-based power measuring system it bought when it acquired MetriGear last year.

Look Keo

: Any circa-1984 cyclist who saw the original Look pedal, and who was a snow skier, recognized the genius, and the simplicity, of the design. Twenty-five years later, Look has not squandered its first-t ...

Tour de Force

: In timed racing, SRAM's Force has been the forgotten gruppo. Sandwiched between Shimano's Ultegra and SRAM's own well received Red group, Force is the homecoming queen that nobody thought to ask to ...

Shimano electronic shifting for tri

: Is Di2, Shimano's electronic shift system, ready for prime time, ready for tri, ready for you and your bike? Answers: yes, yes, maybe and maybe. Here's what you need to know about Di2.

Campagnolo and TT

: We can quibble over the 20-year wait, or we can celebrate the fact that iconic component maker Campagnolo has at long last introduced the necessary elements of its gruppo specific to timed racing.