Today's Plan

An Australian based company has been gaining recognition for its development of a virtual coaching platform for cyclists that also features easy to understand data analysis. Today's Plan web based software and its mobile application do an excellent job of interpreting cycling data (e.g. Di2 shifting analysis, ride comparison, Sm02, etc.) that can otherwise be overwhelming.

It is also integrated with most indoor trainers and power meters on the market, and it is one of the few software programs to include Sm02 analysis for BSX users.

Unlike most online template training programs that give you a ‘one size fits all' approach, Today's Plan virtual coaching software, created with cycling coach Mark Fenner of FTP Training, is a structured, custom-tailored program that uses a variety of criteria. It analyzes your riding history, course profiles, hours of training, etc., and also has the ability to periodize your training for either an A, B, or C race.

Further, depending upon the data you upload, the training plan can adjust to meet your fitness level. Currently it features primarily Australian cycling events and corresponding customized training programs, but Today's Plan is making a strong push in the North American market and will soon add more events to the database. Indeed, Today's Plan is often spoken of alongside Training Peaks as go-to, full-service online training management software.

At this time, it is focused on cycling races only but in the future it may expand to include triathlon and other events. If you have a coach, he or she can also be linked to your account.

Although the virtual plans may not be ideal for triathletes or other multisport athletes, its analytics are impressive and worthy of a test. It is also the training and analytics platform being used in 2016 by the UCI Trek Factory Racing team. Today's Plan is available for both Windows and Mac users, along with iOS and Android apps. There is a 14 day free trial and users can choose between analytics-only pricing ($79.95/month) or unlimited analytics and training plans ($149.95/year).