LOOK Aergo: Another New Generation Aerobar

It’s starting…! The next great revolution in cycling is finally threatening to arrive. LOOK has introduced its Aergo, an aerobar which, among other things, extends forward the armrest, thereby spreading the rider’s body weight across a greater surface area.

This is the thing. The big thing. We saw it with the Speedbar, and the Aergo – which might, but who knows? – work as well as the Speedbar, cuts the price by more than half, and is not bespoke.

I’m not going to go into detail here, because LOOK’s Track and Triathlon Product Manager is doing a great job explaining the bar on a thread on our Reader Forum. He’s including a lot of schematics that were not in the press kit I was sent – mechanical drawings reproduced in the thread.

The bar will sell, in Euros, for €1,099. That calcs to a pretty reasonable – for LOOK – US$1,230. However, sometimes products don’t hold their price when they move away from their countries of origin. We’ll see. I’ll let Pierre-Yves Facomprez answer all the tech, price and availability questions on our Reader Forum.

Here’s more from LOOK itself about the Aergo bars.